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Whirlpool - Stephan Oliva - Film Noir

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Get Jazz Near You A weekly events guide. Verification code. Guillaume De Chassy. Isabelle Olivier. Jean-Marc Foltz. Jimmy Rowles. Joachim Kuhn. Jowee Omicil. Jozef Dumoulin. Julien Lourau. Kevin Hays. Laurent Coq. Le Sacre Du Tympan. Leon Parker. Les Double Six. Line Kruse. Louis Sclavis. Luca Aquino. Macha Gharibian. Makiko Hirabayashi. Her pure voice, with the barest hint of vibrato, contrasts with Sharrock's more affected delivery, but both singers demonstrate the rich possibilities available within even a relatively restricted dynamic spectrum.

The balance of the disc consists of instrumental duets with drummer Joey Baron, bassist Claude Tchamitchian and clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz. He hints at an edge that, coupled with Oliva's dissonance and tendency to occupy the low end of the piano, places "Naima into uncharacteristically stark territory.

The modality of "Lonnie's Lament is more familiar; Oliva and Foltz replace overt expressionism with subtle abstraction. While Oliva leans away from literal interpretation, his version of "Moon River, accompanied by Baron, adheres the closest to the original changes of anything on the disc.

Baron's economical and textural brushwork is beautifully elegant, making him an equal partner rather than a supporting accompanist. Tchamitchia, a member of one of Oliva's earliest trios, contributes both powerful pizzicato and lush arco on Duke Ellington's "La Plus Belle Africaine, the most diverse and dramatic piece of the set.

Rather than feeling like a collection of discrete tunes, Miroirs is all the more impressive for its apt sequencing, which creates a clear arc that capitalizes on its guests' distinctive approaches and interactions with Oliva. As with that release, Brock Avery improvised drum and percussion solos.

Azure is the first of three extended play albums of compositions which will be released starting in January and followed up in April and July. Ann meets Korvo at the hotel where he lives for what she thinks are further therapy sessions, but refuses to go up to his suite and insists on talking in public in the hotel bar. Korvo distracts her and takes the martini glass with her fingerprints on it and her scarf. In a trance, Ann takes two LP records from her husband's archives and takes them to Theresa Randolph's house, where she hides them in a closet before discovering Theresa's murdered body.

The police are right behind her, and find her scarf and the glass with her fingerprints there. She cannot account for her presence, and, before coming completely out of her trance, answers Yes to the question of whether she hated Theresa because they were rivals for Korvo's love.

She is arrested for Theresa's murder, though when she is herself again she denies hating her. The police are certain she had an affair with Korvo and jealousy was her motive for murder. It is found, however, that he has a cast-iron alibi: at the time of the murder and ever since, he has been in the hospital weak and prostrate after a gall bladder operation. The police lieutenant in charge of the case, Colton Charles Bickford , is very sure this rules him out as a suspect: he knows how serious and incapacitating gall bladder removal is, having just lost his beloved wife in such an operation.

When Dr. Sutton leaves the police station, Avery and Lt. Colton persuade Ann to confess her real guilt; but what she confesses is her kleptomania, that she is "a thief". Her rich father stinted her badly on money as a child, and she stole to get back at him; when Dr. Sutton wanted her to ignore her own riches and live on his small salary at the beginning of their marriage, he triggered her childhood emotions again and she went back to shoplifting. She is happy and relieved after confessing this, and ready to be honest with her husband.

Sutton hears about this, he realizes her kleptomania made her an easy target for Korvo to get her to steal Theresa Randolph's patient records from him; and he comes up with the actual solution to the crime, which is that Korvo used self-hypnosis to make himself temporarily strong enough to rise from his hospital bed and go strangle Theresa.

Film Noir Stephan Oliva Le Sens de la Marche Marc Ducret The Voices that are Gone Matt Turner w/ Peg & Bill Carrothers Ghosts of Bernard Herrmann Stephan Oliva Civil War Diaries Bill Carrothers about (illusions) Paris, France.

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  1. Sataur says:
    Jun 20,  · Extrait de l'album "After Noir" - Label Sans Bruit - "After Noir" est le prolongement improvisé (en l'occurrence sur des portraits d'acteurs) de "Film Noir" qui est sorti simultanément sur.
  2. Nisida says:
    Parce qu'on en a tous besoin.
  3. Zologar says:
    Far too many artists retread the balding tires of the Great American Songbook. Pianist Stephan Oliva's Miroirs, a pleasant exception to this rule, shows that it's still possible to breathe fresh air into songs that have been recorded hundreds of britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfo this series of ten duets with five guest artists, Oliva's approach is understated and dark.
  4. Tulrajas says:
    A Lee Hern wrote: Replying to John's posting, it's my contention that there's no such thing as "neo-noir"; true Film Noir was made by people who had no idea that they were engaged in something that would later be given that name (by the French Cahiers du Cinéma school). Like Albert Einstein's"spooky effects at a distance," that states that the outcome of an experiment is inevitably changed by.
  5. Ket says:
    Explore releases from Stephan Oliva at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Stephan Oliva at the Discogs Marketplace.
  6. Moogurisar says:
    Jade Visions From Stephan Oliva - Enjoy all the music albums and top video tracks of Stephan Oliva here on Frogtoon Music. Video Tracks include: Rosemary'S Baby, Sables, Gene Tierney, Split Screen, Vertigo, India Song, Impromede, Touch Of Evil, Le Mépris, Wavin, and much more.

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