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The Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand / Hell Be Waiting For Me

My heart does hurt a little, but this is all for the sake of the princess. I ran into a lot of problems at first, but after spending so much time together, we are practically inseparable now. Speaking of which, recently, the princess has been pestering me to give her a ride on the dragon. All I can do is feign ignorance and continue with my daily life. Even though my companions and several of the adventurers in the guild offered to pay for a room for her, she rejected all of them and joined me in the stables instead.

Having one person in this town branded as a lolicon is enough for me. After waking up Faitfore, we went to the guild only to be greeted by a strangely quiet guild hall. What is this rope? What are you planning? After wordlessly tying a harness around my waist, she stood back with a satisfied look on her face. Faitfore-chan, come over here. Ow, stop biting my hands! Stop biting me already! See, like this, you can be together with Dust, right?

Though, it might be a little heavy. Thanks, Lynn. Come on, you should say thank you too. The weight of Faitfore on my back is nothing compared to the full body heavy armour I used to wear. Leaving Keith aside, what could possibly crop up for Taylor too to break a promise? For the two of them to pull out together, maybe they are up to something?

Depending on the type of quest, it might be possible for just two people to handle it, but Lynn will definitely object on the grounds of it being too dangerous. In that case, perhaps we should just accept a little bit of risk and just send someone out alone to complete the quest? The girl who nervously gave such a stuffy greeting to us is, of course, the loner Crimson Demon, Yunyun. Browsing the notices put up on the noticeboard, I noticed that most of them tend to involve hunting down monsters.

There were almost no requests for safe chores. Luna seemed taken aback for a bit upon seeing Faitfore on my back, but she took a deep breath and composed herself. In fact, most of them have stopped coming to the guild altogether. Why are you crying!? Luna suddenly clung onto me. I quite enjoy the sensation of her breasts pushing against me, but seeing such a desperate woman is a little scary. Having men fall so easily for her is really odd! I really want her to teach me some of her techniques!

She has both bountiful breasts and hips-Grah, my neck! Stop strangling me! I get it, I get it! With our current situation, our quests are piling up and we are having a real headache over it. Thank you! Depending on what monster we are hunting, we might be able to pull it off. I picked several quests that sounded reasonable and left the guild along with Lynn and the others.

Yunyun wiped out the enemies before I could attract their attention. In the event where several monsters would attack from different directions, Lynn would blast them aside, or Loli Succubus would stop them in their tracks. Faitfore was looking at the body of the giant frog that we just defeated with a hungry look in her eyes.

I have really bad memories when it comes to gooey stuff! We did cut a few pieces off for everyone else, but it seems like most of it will be devoured by Faitfore. A large boom echoed from the distance, followed by a pillar of smoke.

Seems like that crazy girl is out on her explosion walk. So, what exactly is the relationship between you two? Lynn kept silent, probably because of what happened yesterday. If someone as young as her were to go through such an experience, it would be easy to develop some misunderstandings.

I think I understand what happened now. And you know a lot about nobility and royalty too. Did all the monsters that have been proliferating because of the lack of adventurers come charging out here? With one hand on the piggyback rope, and the other on my weapon, I tried searching for an escape route, but we were completely surrounded. Lynn, Lolisa, hold off the monsters on the left and right! If you are worried, then hurry up and take care of your end.

A small horde of goblins and kobolds are facing me. They must have bolted in the same direction after being startled by that explosion. If you have something to say, please save it for later.

After a tough fight, I managed to wipe out the monsters facing me relatively quickly, and so moved on to help Lynn and the others. I can take the rest of my life easy, right? To think the effects of the adventurers slacking on their work would show up here.

Barely forcing our exhausted bodies to move, we somehow managed to drag ourselves back to the guild. Seeing Luna over at the counter, I walked over to her with Faitfore in tow. Yes, the request has indeed been completed. Please take this with you. Checking the bag of money that Luna passed to me… I found there to be a little more than I expected.

Another troublesome matter has cropped up, so I would like to request your cooperation. Resolving this matter would also reduce the load on you, so please lend me a hand. Her words are delivered in a gentle tone, but the sounds of her fingers tightening their grip on my arm is clearly audible. I was planning to tune it out after listening for a little bit, but that does pique my curiosity.

A few of them have even been arrested and thrown into prison. Come nightfall, guys like that are a common sight around bars and taverns. And we are already short handed as it is. Oh, by the way, the one who happened to stop these people rampaging around was Vanir-san.

Lynn is as uncomfortable with Sir as ever, so she decided to wait for us back at the guild instead of coming along. According to the information I gathered, the people who have been acting strangely consists of not just adventurers, but regular residents of the town too. Perhaps it might even be a curse of some sort. The other person who came along, Loli Succubus, is well versed with mind affecting magic, so it seems like that expertise allowed her to make some kind of connection.

Plus, a devil would have some knowledge when it comes to curses. We might be on the right track here. I glanced at Yunyun, who shrank away in embarrassment as though we were talking about her herself. We should probably visit a church about that. I know full well that nothing good comes out of getting involved with the Axis Cult.

As we drew closer to the building, Loli Succubus stopped following us. That incorrigible thug has come here to repent! The moment they saw my face, she raised a scream and the other priests came at me with fist swinging. You sure have guts to assault an upstanding citizen for absolutely no reason!

What has gotten them so angry? They were saying something about blasphemy or whatever, but I have no recollection of that at all. Or are you angry about the time I told that head priest to make me the patron of the church because I met the goddess Eris first hand? In the first place, are those real? If they are real, then strip and show me the proof right here.

Should women of the cloth really be using violence in front of a child this young? Take a good look at her innocent eyes… Yunyun? As I dragged myself up to my feet, Yunyun and Loli Succubus, who had been keeping watch from afar, came over. Yunyun seemed exasperated, Loli Succubus seemed vaguely impressed, and Faitfore got up on my back and started strapping herself in. She seems to think that is her rightful place. Anyone who is in favour of visiting the Axis Cult, raise your hand.

Moi is a little busy right now. This garbage storekeeper mistook the large quantities of mandrakes Moi ordered as potion ingredients as locally sourced wild vegetables and gave them to the neighbours for free! Having them be given away for free is painful enough as is, but there is a bigger problem.

Moi has retrieved some of them, but there are still several of them still at large. Just then, I heard a growl from behind my back.

Turning around, I came face to face with a snarling Faitfore. To think that such a creature would appear at a place like this. A snarling little girl and a smiling masked man staring at each other. To anyone passing by, this would surely be a bizarre sight. So, calm down. Moi ran across a strange man who was screaming and running wild while working to recover the mandrakes, so Moi defeated him. So he ran across him by chance, huh?

The remaining pieces are most likely with those people. However, they might prove to be a little troublesome. I was hoping that this matter would be easily resolved, but that seems increasingly unlikely.

Would you not take on the task of retrieving the mandrakes from that empty headed cult that believes in a foolish goddess?

You shall be amply compensated, of course. Loli Succubus raised a shaky hand. Hearing a smack from my side, I turned and saw Yunyun sitting on the ground, her head in her hands as she heaved a heavy sigh. Did you eat some rotten food and got yourself a stomachache? You should be wary of food that smells bad. And anything that tastes sour is right out. That person might be someone I know.

That behavior sounds very familiar… unfortunately. Then, can Moi entrust this task to you, as a friend? You are the only friend Moi can rely on during such times. In particular, parents give strict warnings to their children not to play in that area, so pretty much nobody goes over there.

This is practically a palace! A massive mansion sprawled out in front of me. She probably spends more time here than she does at the church proper.

Priests should be busy distributing food or recruiting or some other activity around this time. With that settled, I moved to the front door, but Loli Succubus instead took several large steps backwards. Well, that goes the same for me too. Following her gaze led me to a woman dressed in priestly robes. Now, are you here to join up? Or are you here to register?

Or perhaps become one of us? H-Help me! I want to help her, but seeing the face of the priest gave me pause. My worst premonitions always end up coming true. Alice-san, Megumin-san, and now a new little girl is joining our group. And, did she just say Alice just now?

Alice is the alias that the first princess of this country, Iris, uses, right? Ah, I see. There was a time where Megumin, Alice, and Yunyun were hanging out together. If I recall, they were trying to investigate if I was the rumoured Dragon Knight back then. They must have hit it off together. But this smell is…! Loli Succubus desperately screamed.

Running into the Axis Cult at Alcanretia and Elroad definitely left a deep scar on her. This might be dangerous to let continue. Onee-chan is shocked. But seeing a girl cry does make me feel a little hot and bothered. Is it really okay to leave the Axis Cult to their own devices like this? Cecily-san, did you come into a lot of vegetables recently?

Actually, if things went badly enough, Vanir and Wiz might end up getting brought in as accomplices to a crime. A woman who reeked of poverty was handing out vegetables, saying that she took in too many of them, so I loaded up on as many of them as I could carry and carted them off. What about them? So I distributed them as food aid. You know about that suspicious priest that recently appeared in this town and is rapidly gaining new followers, right? So, to fight against her influence, I decided to imitate the Eris Church a little and started handing out food just like them.

Even the members who usually have all kinds of snide remarks to make end up enjoying it so much that they jump for joy and slam their heads against the walls. Only handsome men and cute girls remain in my memory, so I completely forgot about it. This woman is only looking at my back. Why are you only kind to Faitfore? The person who interrupted was a middle aged man pulling an empty cart behind him.

The old man took the bag of tokoroten slime Cecily tried to slip into his jacket and tossed it over his shoulder without a second thought. There are a lot of problems, but we can consider the case closed. Will the guild really be satisfied?

Now that she mentions it, the quest did call to identify the cause and put a stop to it. Hey, corrupt priest over there. Did you give out food at any other place?

Or did you give the vegetables to anyone else? And no more lies. Err, can I change the swear to the name of Zesta-sama instead? Now, come on, lead the way! I need to escape! Because Cecily only had vegetables in the form of the mandrakes while cooking her stew, she traded some of it to the Eris Church in exchange for some meat.

Run as if your life depended on it! After somehow getting away and disposing of the soup, we paid a visit to the other location… and found ourselves in a flat run yet again. Vanir-san is going to be angry! If you have that little girl step all over me while giving me a scornful look, I might consider it. Those cultists just made all kinds of unreasonable requests. They only just got it from Cecily not too long ago, so where do they get off being so obstinate?

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