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Tacos To Go - R3DPI - Miasma

Loved every bite. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Specials board Special chicken strip club sandwich Outdoor patio A beautiful table!

Incredible place to eat! They make their ow. Sauces and dressings! Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Review of The Rotisserie Shop. The Rotisserie Shop. Improve this listing.

Ranked 2 of Restaurants in Kennesaw. Certificate of Excellence. Restaurant details. Jessica L. Reviewed August 28, Independent in a Miasma of Chains. Date of visit: August Write a review Reviews Traveler rating. After way too much ruminating and a couple of drinks I think I can break it down into a few categories. Einstein, Steven Hawking and the monkeys that fixed my roof come to mind. Most news anchors, partisan hacks, Talking heads on any subject, relatives and me after a couple of drinks.

All politicians after 3 terms. People that are capable but flat ass lazy has become the largest voter base in the country. This is the constituent that every self serving politician panders to. These people are stupid, but have just enough self interest to make them sentient. The truly dumb. We should take care of them and give them their own reality shows. Maybe Susan Sarrandon would stop screaching at me about my hideousness if Pauli and Poo-Poo were washing their privates in her Malibu pool.

Then there was a brief time when journalists actually considered themselves impartial distribution mechanisms for useful information. Pissing on your audience may not be stupid, but it sure as fuck aint smart. Some are probably decent, but far too many spend their entire lives hiding from the private sector, never holding a real job but always campaigning to get reelected.

And maybe Carl is a Nazi douchbag, but he can fix my shit for a fair price and Barney sliding under my car with a ratchet wrench is something out of a Tim Burton movie. Fuck to the yes.

It seems to be a product of western productivity. We do not need to have rows of identically dressed military goose-stepping to assert our collective identity. Strange as it seems, most of the world has always been governed by toads, their supremacy dictated by military force.

America, faulty and flawed, is an anomaly in the large picture of human existance. A republic, unlike a mass democracy is a rare jewel, perhaps never to be repeated. Are we better alone to experience hot and cold and govern our behavior accordingly when we get burnt and freeze or are we better served when an elite class moderates the universe and we feel neither hot nor cold?

Are we smart enough to survive wihout Washington DC regulating and growing? Does the individual matter, and does our ability to make individual choices that benefit us personally trump the collective good? Who is stupid and who is smart? Do we listen to the masses and behave like mooks or do we allow snot nosed pissants with advanced degrees in government dictate our lives?

Is there a way to split the difference? Should we ignore everything that gets beamed into our living room and govern ourselves the way our ma and pa taught us? Or, are they full of shit and just as confused as we are? What is the difference between ethics and morality, street-smarts and book learning, traditional morality and liberal thought? And sometimes are the dickheads that are calling everyone else stupid, the biggest morons of all? I am going to keep my powder dry.

People are entirely capable of behaving foolishly en masse. And maybe, looking to others to make you whole, whether it be the businessman down the block or the federal government, is the mother of all stupidity.

Are we a stupid country? Yes, yes and yes. All mass efforts are by definition stupid. What was that? Please that was nothing. Rainbow Dash summons at least one Eldritch God, or horror that should never be whenever she turns on the oven. And the more destruction a kitchen sustains while you cook the better you did. Sweetie Belle is so good she can turn water into ash, as well as almost burns down the house everytime she tries to cook breakfast so that means she must be a good cook.

Since it almost killed us we might as well see if it was worth it. But how in the hay did you grow random plants throughout the kitchen? Raindrops walked over and opened to the now sparkling oven a crack as she did she triggered a lingering spell in the confectionary chaos that the oven had birthed.

As it opened a mighty wail left it and a projectile vomit of life changingly delicious rainbow fudge. It hit her with such force that it forcefully lifted and plastered Raindrops and Sparkler to the wall. Hardening around them like a cocoony prison. The indescribably delicious taste of it leaving them in a daze. Scootaloo and Dinky who only got a few gallops on their face tasted it, and were delighted in that it was a flavor that seemed to shift constantly on the tongue mixed with the taste of chocolate.

Scootaloo and Dinky looked at their flanks. Still no cooking Cutie Marks, but at least Rainbow Dash will like her cake. Looking inside were four perfectly formed copies of the original cake. Making an arcane pentagram of confectionary proportions. Do you think Rainbow Dash will think this mess would be awesome enough for her cake? After that we banned Rainbow Dash from anything that requires cooking, or fire. Like Pinkie Pie. Her kitchen is sane enough not to bend the laws of nature like silly putty.

Now everypony go get cleaned off and go to bed. With that the highlight of their evening came to a close. Five delicious cakes were cooked, and the kitchen mostly survived. All the while Raindrops wondered if her house could stand the force of chaos that two Cutie Mark Crusaders were going to bring into her house. It's good, but needs a little work on it being better.

During this chapter I kept imagining Discord weeping tears of joy over at Fluttershy's Cottage. Well I hope everypony enjoyed this chapter as much as I did. C royal air training corps tonight, i will probably read it again before tomorrow though. Quickly runs back - "Great chapter by the way" - spots eldritch creature bearing down - "gottarunnowseeya! Oooooookay, so my question for the podcast appears either prescient or clueless depending on whether or not one notes that I posted it BEFORE this piece went up, honest, I did.

So, um, never mind, I guess? I'd like to see a followup with the Puerto Rican diaspora in Florida. Not being critical here, but just sharing — a friend of mine who is African American and a progressive activist jumped all over me recently for using the term "white trash".

I was using it to describe some of the people in my home town, which is pretty much a Cletus Safari village. My friend explained to me that the term "white trash" strongly implies to black people that we call them "trash" only because they fail to live up to the standard of "good whiteness", i.

Of course his argument was much more eloquent than what I am writing here, but it was a perspective I had not really thought of before. Steve Holt! Glad to hear others encountering it.

And pondering it. The most disappointing thing to me is that the Democrats just are not letting go of the idea that they will convince Cletus to someday vote for them. So take the modifier from it and you have "trash": people who destroy their own futures through bad decisions encouraged by the rest of their culture. Mothra; I think you have it exactly backward. You need to focus all your attention on THEM". Excellently written piece with some very well thought out and articulated ideas.

Just what I've been feeling about what's happening in journalism, but haven't been able to zero in on it and express it. Thank you. I love reading your stuff. The Democratic Party needs to concern itself first and foremost with not being redistricted, gerrymandered, and vote-suppressed out of existence by PS: My Lieberman nomination is Kris Kobach, a man who knows the GOP can't win without stacking the deck, and has reacted by making himself a mortal enemy of the democratic process.

But without the Cletus Safari, I would never have found out, courtesy of the Washington Post, that there is a small town in Trump Country, Tennessee, where they never stopped saying "Merry Christmas". Them PR folks will have to GO there to collect their unemployment or other benefits—but not to vote.

They'll all be allowed to vote via absentee ballots. I'm one generation out of Appalachia myself. Most of them voted for Clinton. The ones that didn't are now starting to have a bad case of "buyer's remorse" about Trump. I don't think that a lot of those people had to be "lead" into anything.

Their hatred had only been subsumed into their outward anti-LIEbrulz idiotology. I grew up surrounded by racists. I left, I changed. I went home—a fuckton of them never left and never changed—I left again.

The white middle class overwhelmingly went fascist, as they usually do. Katydid The big problem is actually chasing those "moderate Republican" read: white, middle class votes.

That was the actual strategy the DNC used in '16 and it doesn't look like they've changed their minds. This focus on the WWC keeps missing two points: — They were not in fact Trump's biggest supporters the white, middle class was — It's pretty easy to get them back by promising actual union jobs. Many of them will still be racist, sexist dirtbags, but they also like union jobs.

I'm WWC myself, from one of those Rust Belt cities that now has half the population it did 50 years ago. Yes, I remember things from 50 years ago.

I would like to see the article explaining to Cletus why people like living in places with jobs and a little bit of culture. Rugosa: What a novel thought; the elevation and normalization of education, curiosity and volition in lieu of legitimizing ignorance and demonizing intelligence. Cletus has been re-programmed at will by the republicans since Reagan. He and Jim-Bob and Earl and all the rest aren't worth the effort. Rugosa; my spouse is from a rust belt town in Western NY; in there were , people in the town; now there's The nearest jobs are an hour away at either of two big rust belt cities that are also losing population and jobs.

Despite that, the public school is shockingly good and the people are shockingly liberal. So it can be done! Not one, but TWO Simpsons references above. As a slack-jawed yokel myself, kudos to you good sir.

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  3. Kigal says:
    Alright if you are ever in Bedford, Nova Scotia for some reason go to the mall and inside the mall is a place called Thai Ivory Express go there and get the noodle soup holy shit goddamn, I asked for it super hot and the guy behind the register laughed and the cook waved a handful of chilies at me and laughed and that shit just blew my fuckin.
  4. Mirn says:
    My only difficulty with this place is that their kitchen ventilation system is at times not up to the task, at which times an oniony miasma invades the dining area. I don't know how they stand it in the back. If you are in Willimantic and in the mood for Mexican food, I strongly encourage you to try Tacos La Rosa/5().
  5. Mazukazahn says:
    Posted in Media miasma on August 7, @AnnoyingDouche, I don’t care that the new Cantina tacos at Taco Bell “can’t compare to the authentic ones in TJ!”, nor that you believe that “Arcade Fire has yet to hit its prime!” So, what use have I? None. However, I do not live under a rock.
  6. Kirisar says:
    Fluttershy started on letting some of the miasma out of the cottage, by opening every window and door she could. She was interrupted halfway through her ordeal by a pounding against wood. She shot her head round to see none other than her own Angel impatiently tapping his foot at .
  7. Mazuktilar says:
    the first read through of the chapter was very good, i like how Scootaloo, Dinky and Sparkler are getting along well as friends, and the way that Raindrops acts as a fun sort of foal-sitter at the moment is of good nature to the story, there's no need to jump straight in with this story and go too fast, i have to say i like the chapter very much as well and i did find myself very amused about.

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