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Suspension Dub Loop 3 - Morphy & Phuture-T - Suspension Dub / Crown Ether

The action is smooth. The travel is not as long as the FC7. Whether you like it will depend on how you like the positioning. You play guitar. The easiest comparison I can make is comparing it to a Crybaby vs a Morley. I can play both but I always preferred a Morely. I need something narrower. I like it especially from a standing position.

This would be a great pedal for controlling a rack because would can swap in a longer TRS cable. Originally Posted By: Delaware Dave.

Originally Posted By: bluzeyone. I will know more about how good it really is in 2 years. Raleigh, NC. A bit of a zombie thread I need to get a second volume pedal and was deciding between this and the FC7.

One thing of note, I'm on my second FC7, the first one seems to have had a wire issue that I was unable to repair. Seems like the Moog takes that out of the equation as a possible future failure. Which would you get CEB? I don't know. I never did like the Moog better than the FC7. I got it because it is footprint issue. My board wouldn't hold 3 FC7s. I have had no trouble with the EP3. They have an universal polarity switch.

The EP-3 is more comfortable in the standing position. Once I had one of them not work at a soundcheck because the cable came partially unplugged. Password Forgot your password? Keep me logged in.

Log in. Get the BabyCenter app. You only have three phrases to build on, the screen is small, and you can only undo the last thing you did. Dub FX: Absolutely yes, the way the loopy works defines how you make your tunes. The RC gives me three separate tracks to build things onto so I structure my music into three core elements such as drums, bass, and harmonies then play around with combinations of those three tracks to give the song dynamics.

When I used the Headrush pedal I only had one track so I would first make the beat and then build bit by bit as I went through the songs. Once I had no more room frequency wise, the pedal allowed you to wipe everything off the track but keep the first thing you recorded, which in my case was the beat. This meant I could then change the bass line to something new without making a new beat.

As a result I would end up using the same beat for minutes and rinsing all the possibilities that beat allowed me to do harmonically and rhythmically. Once I was over with that beat I would try a new beat and groove on that as long as possible. Using the looper with your voice alone has undoubtedly introduced a lot of new people to loop stations, particularly due to the genre.

Do you think loopers are a good tool regardless of genre? Dub FX: I think loopers are a next generation instrument. Alphacut Dominic Ridgway Add to cart. Dominic Ridgway - Hydrocele. Out Of Fuel - Wildfire. Elemental - Step In Line. Material - 16 Tons Dub. Tim Reaper , Lynch Kingsley Tim Reaper - Stand Upright. Lynch Kingsley - Dubplate Request. Fade - Heart Of Machine. Parallel - Poison Dart.

Alpha Cutauri V. Tentacle Groove. Alpha Cutauri VI. Eleven Eleven. Vril Yo. What's New? Log in. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of What would it take to fit?? Last edited by Jukka; at PM.

It isn't as bad as you think as long as you get the cuts straight.

Can also be bought from Uiyaniv Tu`Vrozix in Abysmal Sea. Was 2pp, 6gp, 2sp, 4cp with Charisma and Indifferent (dunno if it can get any better in Abysmal) faction.

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