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Show No Remorse - Miss Flower / The Rapist - Hellbound - The Darkside

Comments : The people of Amity have to deal with another great white shark off its' coast. Not up to the standards of the original, but has its moments. Having most of the original cast boosts this film quite a bit. As a kid, I got to see the production of this film in Navarre Beach, FL and have pictures of the actual shark in prop storage as well as many of the sailboats used.

Nostalgia factor plays a big part in my enjoyment of this one. The only real draw of this film were the 3-D effects, sadly not available on DVD. Poor visual effects and performances don't really help the silly story one bit. Universal dropped the ball with this one. Hard to believe this one made it through the pitching stage, much less into production. One of the worst cases of taking a classic and sinking the franchise to the lowest depths.

It's easy to see why the series died after this mess of a movie. Pretty over-the-top but fun film has it's moments. If you liked Re-Animator, you may enjoy this one too. I watched this for the first time last year during the challenge and re-watched it for the subset films.

Last edited by llandros; at PM. Visit llandros's homepage! Find More Posts by llandros. October 1: 1. Last edited by Ghostface; at AM. Find More Posts by Ghostface Received 11 Likes on 11 Posts. Red Dragon 4. Humanoids From The Deep 2. Fright Night 1. Frozen 2. A Perfect Getaway 3. The Blair Witch Project 3. Seven 4. High Tension 4. Isolation 3. Carriers 2. Dead Snow 3. Hard Candy 2. The Human Centipede First Sequence 3. Grindhouse: Planet Terror theatrical 3.

Grindhouse: Death Proof theatrical 3. Borderland 2. Troll 2 0. The Shining 3. Splice 3. Manhunter 3. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare 1.

Play Misty For Me 3. Silence of the Lambs 4. The Hills Have Eyes 2 1. Predators 4. Paranormal Activity 3. Saw 4. Saw II 3. Elm Street Legacy: Pt. Saw III 3. Saw IV 3. Hollywood's Top Ten: "Haunted House" movies 30m 4. Saw V 4. Saw VI 2. Supernova 2. Leviathan 2. Saw 3D theatrical 3. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Red: Werewolf Hunter SyFy 2. Shaun of the Dead 5. The Terror 3. They Live 3. The Amityville Horror 3. Halloween II 3. Hollywood's Top Ten: "Halloween Scenes" movies 30m 3. Poltergeist 4.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2. Last edited by OldBoy; at PM. Find More Posts by OldBoy. Received 15 Likes on 8 Posts. Only complaint was having the young Michael Myers portrayed more as a teenager instead of a young boy. After the film, searched thru many threads here which debated the merits of the peculiar ending. Arnie directed one of the episodes and made a cameo appearance in the introduction. October 2 4.

Instead I enjoyed this horror-comedy more than I thought I would. October 3 5. Wilson Biff from Back to the Future in this one? Couldn't figure out why the killer who had the physical strength to do inhuman things to others felt the need to use various weapons in the film.

However, I forgot that I had a few "classics" among the bunch. October 4 8. This British horror-comedy is the first to go. At least that's what I tell myself. Watching lame characters meet a violent end is the only redeeming quality.

In this film: 3 people run down some stairs and they weren't being chased at the time , they trip over each other and all 3 tumble to the bottom of the steps.

October 5 Some scary moments, but the build-up was a bit slow. The film had the feel of something from M. Night Shyamalan. I still feel that way after this remake, but I didn't hate this film as much as others have expressed. In fact, I enjoyed it. I haven't seen the original which is sometimes helpful in enjoying a movie on its own merits.

With this one, I just enjoyed the ride. Pleasantly surprised to find it carried the horror label, so I could add it to my total. This documentary rehashed a lot of footage I had seen previously, but still enjoyable. October 6 Solid film here cut from the same cloth as Open Water. October 7 October 8 Very unfamiliar with Terry O'Quinn's work until recently getting into "Lost" - a little strange now to see him in this role. Also caught child actor Jonathan Brandis and couldn't remember where I'd seen him before.

A quick check reminded me he was one of the kids in Stephen King's It. After watching this, I'm determined to check out the original.

October 9 I saw this before and hated it but gave it another chance. I like it just a little bit more, but that's the only good thing I can say about it. But there's still too many things wrong with this picture to even list them all. I'm not really seeing it. October 10 Fortunately it was the kind of "bad" that was mildly amusing and not a painful experience to sit through.

Just checked a DVDTalk review of this volume which says it's the weakest. Guess that gives me a ray of hope going forward. October 11 One thing that helped is having the same child actor Alex Vincent in the lead role. He did a good job. If Macauley Culkin had played that part, I would have been pulling for Chucky to come out ahead. Then I discovered as I was watching it, that there's no way that was possible since I remembered none of it.

I enjoyed this one, despite most of the characters' over-the-top behavior. October 12 For about half of the film, I thought I had been wrong. Then Chucky and his bride start sharing intimate moments and I realized I wasn't.

Still held my attention, but I'm really questioning my decision to check out Seed of Chucky in the near future. My kids enjoyed it, so it gets a favorable mark from me. October 13 I was bored by this one and counting the minutes until it was over. A scene with Harry Hamlin and a snake will stick in my mind for a very long time. This movie didn't do much to change that opinion. Guess my problem with this film was it seemed to put comedy first, horror second. Sure Chucky was a wisecracking killer doll from the beginning, but the comedy wasn't the main focus.

October 14 October 15 What's the deal with this hitchhiker anyway? October 16 Regardless of that, there's some intense moments in this one that make it worthwhile.

October 17 Now I don't know about a 2nd look October 18 I thought this was a decent flick, brought down a notch as soon as the kids in the film started talking. Later in the day, I saw the original movie with the same name at Big Lots and I regret that I didn't pick it up. The Cryptkeeper, on the other hand, is terrific. Woody Harrelson is superb in a leading role. October 19 After the film ended, I was still scratching my head about it.

This one did have an eye injury that would likely draw a reaction out of anyone. This viewing did include a first time listen to a commentary involving cast and crew. It was decent even though there wasn't really any new info provided by those contributing. It cuts down on the interaction between the participants which is often a highlight.

It's also been an opportunity for some actors to get behind the camera. Tom Hanks directed and appeared in the first Season 4 episode. Also notable was Sugar Ray Leonard appearing in that same show. October 20 Now I feel compelled to check this one out again in the future to see how things add up. Now there's another scene or two that I have no problem remembering. In fact, I remember them all too well. So, wild card 2 it is! How slow?

I actually nodded off part way through it and woke up having to figure out where I'd left off so I could finish it. October 21 This one qualifies as being "average" at best. For being approximately 20 years old, they don't have an outdated look about them. Gremlins 2 [ DVD ] Doesn't measure up to the original, but it's a fun sequel and pretty good on it's own.

Bonus points for using Leonard Maltin to poke fun at the franchise. Surprised to look up and see the 2nd movie was done 6 years later. Nowadays, sequels are churned out much quicker. With some "name" actors in the cast, it made it a little more difficult to predict who would fall victim and who would survive.

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That just doesn't seem like a useful metric. Why subvert expectations just to subvert expectations? Martin has already gone on record saying he wouldn't change anything if fans figured it out, and I agree it would be a mistake.

I don't think we're supposed to just take the term "the Gods flip a coin" literally, no. I no more take that phrase as being an accurate portrayal of mental health in the world of ASoIaF than I take it to be Martin's personal beliefs on the subject. Yet with the way you approach it you seem to. You say these things are "morally problematic" but it seems to me you're just trying to inject progressive ideals into a story set in a medieval world.

You seem to want Westeros to be this ideally progressive land, and I find this sort of thinking frustrating. It makes sense to me that Westeros has a more archaic view of mental health, taking offense at that seems ridiculous. Two mad queens is not a sexist plot. Here you seem to say Martin is allowed one mad queen, but two is clearly his inherent sexism showing through. In general your whole post avoids any talk about how the male characters were butchered say Jon, who was robbed of all agency , to try to force your point that sexism is at work.

To say that women MUST be an exception because of their womanhood and how they will be perceived by readers, is, again, ridiculous. Also, where are you seeing anyone take what happened to Dany as proof that women can't rule? In all the reading I've done here and on the forums since the finale, and in all the many people I've spoken to about it, not once have I heard this sentiment.

Also, why do you put liberal in quotation marks in reference to Martin? You really think Sansa turning out to be evil has more groundwork laid than Dany? And wouldn't this be another bad female character, further proof of the writers' sexism by your logic?

I think people have made too much out of the whole thing with Dany's reaction to Viserys' death. Yes, we know she's been abused, I don't think anyone expected her to be sad for him or try to stop Drogo, people just point to this as a big moment for her: her brother is killed violently before her eyes and she seems to have little to no reaction.

You don't think that moment has a lasting effect on her or colored her sense of justice? I don't think Dany was "equated" with Hitler at all, they just used imagery evocative of that when she addressed her people at the end. To say that this amounts to a total equivocation where everything Dany did is comparable to Hitler is really really reaching. The imagery used was just a ham-fisted way to show how authoritarian Dany had become.

She had claimed she was going to break the wheel, but she just placed herself at the top of it. By the way, Hitler had units made of "people of color," look up the Indian legion or his relationship with the Arabs, and yes the Japanese were "honorary Aryans" say that 5 times fast.

Also take into account that many Nazis fled to and were welcomed by South America. You also bring up slavery like it's an exclusively white thing, but people of color take and own and sell slaves, they still do today in areas like Libya and Mauritania. History isn't always as neat and pretty as we'd like it to be, good v evil, black v white. I think what you laid out is what many people think will happen in the books. I think Dany will maybe inadvertently commit some atrocity and be viewed as a straight up evil villain by much of Westeros.

Us, the readers, having been with Dany on her journey will see it as more of a grey issue I suspect. I don't think Dany needs to fully atone or admit her wrongs, she may very well arrive at a point where horrors she has committed are, from her perspective, inherently good because she feels her cause is just.

I think this moral ambiguity is much more compelling than she all the sudden sees the error of her ways and goes off to rule Essos. That just seems like what you want for her based on how you relate to her instead of what makes for an interesting character that fits into a larger story. I can't stand it, and can't believe this kind of thinking has pervaded in the public sphere. Female characters can't have love interests because they don't need a man, they need to put men down so we can have our "yass kween" moment, they need to be flawless because women have no flaws, they need to be brilliant and show the man how little he knows, they need to be stronger than men and able to kick their ass.

These people are literally trying to check off each of your boxes, and we're left with cold, hollow, unrelatable vessels for progressive ideals and messages about social justice.

Look at Rey in Star Wars for a perfect example. What happened to REAL relatable characters? Characters that could be written to be compelling rather than just an avatar for our ideals? This really just reads like someone upset with the ending a character received who is trying to intellectualize that into an objective fact as opposed to just the emotional reaction it is.

Daenerys wasn't mad either. But that doesn't stop her from being referred to as such in universe. Cersei is absolutely mad in the books. So the story does seem to have two "Mad Queens". Some people, I swear, have actually interpreted Dany's fall as proof that women cannot make good rulers. If a person treats a work of fiction as "proof" that women cannot make good rulers, then it's pretty much a lost cause to convince them the contrary.

Real life proves women are capable. It's not the author's job to educate these fools. Westeros was heavily inspired by our real world history. No surprise there. Historically, most soldiers are also men. It would have been nice to see more female advisors or soldiers, but the show was Dumb and Dumber's domain. Like I said, it's not the author's job to educate these fools. Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep incels. Burning your slave is not punching up.

Executing or torturing prisoners of war is no punching up. Executing people you rule over is not punching up. Dude chill. Dany's ending was badly written but calling it "racist" or "sexist" is simply delusional. Also apparently, according to you, burning people alive is somehow more humane than feeding them to the dogs, gotcha. Talk about hypocrisy. It's morally problematic to equate a woman who frees slaves, fights to protect women and children, and has people of color on her side Well somebody seems to really like the white saviour fantasy.

First of all, people of colour and their leaders are perfectly capable and willing to genocide other people Rwandan genocide anybody. Slavery in slaver's bay was not based on racial differences. Third, Hitler was not crazy, unlike Dany. Saying that somebody is crazy partially exonerates them from the responsibility for their actions.

If Hitler was alive, he would receive the death penalty or received a life sentence, not locked up at the mental hospital. There is nothing to indicate that Hitler was mentally ill.

He was just a shithead, that's all. So women can't be evil? Dany has been doing evil things that we have overlooked for years, she sacked astapor and turned it into a ruined city. Remember freeing slaves and letting them die if starvation is arguable worse than keeping slavery. Remember her crucifying the masters of mereen without trial, even those who opposed to the nailing of children?

You can't just say they deserved it because they were masters. They didn't choose to be born into the system. There were those who saw slavery in the real world as the only way to make the rich take care of the poor and prevent starvation. Which is true in antiquity tbh. She has talked about burning down cities for years, in Qarth she says she will take what she wants with fire and blood.

After the siege of mereen she talks about burning down any city that opposes her, it's been Tyrion that's held her in check. There's also a dialogue between Hizzadr and Daenaerys, where he says the slaves believe they're dying for the right thing and she says "someone else's right thing" or along those lines , which just reeks of dictatorish thinking a monarchy does not necessarily mean a dictatorship. However yes, it was poorly done. I think if the battle was going worse and someone died perhaps if they killed the other dragon here or if they killed missandi here then it would make sense why she would go beserk, she's always been shown to be impulsive.

I think you make some good points, but I think it all comes down to 2Ds being bad writers and wanting a shocking ending that people would talk about. The whole show was built on that; on having massive surprises that people wanted to talk about at work the next day. Now the reason it was bad instead of effective is that they cut out the parts of the book that would make her downfall make sense, and didn't put a good replacement in. I think from Dany's perspective she won't seem insane until the end, if at all.

But she will turn to fire and blood at the start of TWOW, and then she will gradually increase until seeing KL in the hands of fAegon drives her wild. Something like that. I don't think she's gonna snap instantly because people in the North left her alone at a party though. Makes me wonder how much 2Ds were told. They clearly know the ending of the books, but in how much detail?

How much of the build up was told to them? Did they switch the order of events? What has happened that here in we are unfavorably comparing Game of Thrones' writing, pacing, and character development to Anakin from the prequels?

Il discount the arc for a moment and just look at those 40 mins of burning at least that how long it felt She legitimately is systematically going street by street burning it down.

I actually laughed at that shot when I saw it again, like really? It is so over the top. It felt like they needed to really remove any sense of greyness in her character and also simultaneously remove any moral dilemma for the people who had to decide to kill her. That triumph of the will style rally was so ridiculous.

I had no issues with someone who is morally grey turning over to the dark side. There have been plenty of discussions why that is a logical conclusion to her story, but like Thanos is a more complicated villain than her when it came down to it. He was out of his mind but at least you can see why what he wants to do is right in his mind. Dany is just I completely agree. I adored daenerys and I hate what 2d did to her story.

She risked so much for other people. Yet she hears some bells and goes nuts. I understand these concerns and points of Dany stans about her being evil "problematic" but I genuinely don't get this notion that this series would or has only become "sexist" now because of this development lol. Like I'm a fan I'm ready to fight people in the comments for Dany, where y'all at? Let's get ready to rumble!! This combined with their "dream project" of a TV show about slavery never ending makes you wonder, lol.

Daenerys became such a messiah and she clearly let it get to her head. In her mind she was so righteous there was no way she could ever do something wrong.

She was so certain of it that she never questioned her own actions. It was no longer about her performing good deeds, it became about her believing herself to be a good person - so good that she was incapable of doing wrong.

This is something that has precedent in history. Many religious figures on moral jihads and crusades have lost sight of what they were doing and got swept up in the hysteria they helped create. In the recent MeToo controversy, how many people outed as being abusive were also men who were known for their charitable works? Daenerys' heel turn was inevitable because the foundation of her personality was her thirst for power and her sense of entitlement to it.

Her "good deeds" were her way of soothing her conscience. To your Anakjn point, even that seemed disjointed and jarring to me. What they did to Dany was even worse. I've said it several times but I think my biggest problem with the change is that it's presented as a choice she makes. She talks with Jon about being together and ruling with love, and says that without him she'll have to rule by fear.

He refuses her and she says, "Fear it is. And then the next day she burns everything. She did what she said she was going to do, what she chose to do. It's one thing to go crazy but it's something completely different to have it be a character choice to go against all your ideals and beliefs. The show ending sucked on all levels, not just this one. There were some extremely untalented people handling all this, and it shows.

I highly doubt the books, if written, will be this stupid. I agree with pretty much everything besides the sexist argument. Look, women haters or whatever will always find things to reaffirm their current beliefs.

But by us talking about it and giving credence to what a handful of idiots may truly believe only lends to the problem. I think the point of the Dance is to show how stupid it is to be against women leadership just because they are women.

Targaryens pretty much lost all their power after the Dance. Can we not have a rape scene in a show like this that clearly is set in a world that reflects our darkest nature as humans? War is bad! As for it being a sexist plot?

Because people on twitter and the internet are complaining about certain men being mean and demoralizing them? Why is the real world influencing how we view a book or tv show?

Not necessarily what you expect or want. Look, I agree that Danny's turn was rushed, and not entirely logical. But come the fuck on with the "problematic" nonsense. It's not immoral to depict a character losing their shit. It's not immoral to show the hero turning bad. It isn't immoral to depict madness as an inheritable trait. Stop it. Nor is any of it sexist. Portraying a woman as a crazy is not sexist. However, I respect the idea of Buddhist Hells There is suffering and it can take a very, very long time.

But essentially existence is cyclical. Even in the wake of really awful things, time heals. Everyone will eventually rejoin the soil where we'll help bring new life to plants and animals and other humans. All is not lost. It's not going to be easy, but I think more is to be gained by you staying alive.

By that I mean, they will always be the harshest judges of their actions, perhaps even more so than their victims in many cases. Yes, you may know for certain that what you did crossed a line, and we ought to believe your sincerity on that, but we don't know exactly how much the alleged victim in all this was really harmed. That matters. In fact, it matters far more than the perception of the crime itself, because if that woman can go on with her life and not think another thought about what happened that night except fleetingly positive, light hearted thoughts of course , then you are worrying about nothing.

If, however, you can never find out what this woman really thinks of what happened, then you have to let it go. Anything else is madness. Incessant, self-torturing thoughts about past events aren't going to change them, nor are they going to tell you how much harm you actually did, so take your lessons from the past and start focusing more on the present moment.

Any remorse you do carry with you is supposed to be released, as energy, in the form of positive action, good deeds etc. It is not supposed to be swilled around in your mind or, worse, pushed into your unconscious mind. I hope you soon realise how small a part of you this event was. Regardless of what happened, it does not define who you are. It is something you did because of circumstances, brain wiring, alcohol etc.

There's a profound difference. I was so tired last night hen I read this and got the general impression that it was nothing more than a man being a bit over-persuasive with a girl who did in fact want to have sex with him anyway. Our culture is one that is sex obsessed, and I often feel that the hysteria around the issue causes more harm than good, but I do agree that if someone feels violated, then that is always real and valid. I agree totally with the last post, all that really matters is the level of harm caused.

And that is how you should respond to this. The law, while important to some degree, is often pointless and misguided. I think the OP would do best to accept what happened, do NOT identify as a 'monster' because he isn't one, and live in the present.

Learn from ones mistakes and move on. If anything happens in terms of prosecution in the future, deal with that if and when it happens although I don't think it will. And Will seems to recognize that as options go in his life, if he was only concerned about his own happiness, that might not be a bad route to go. Will's temptation to be a monster It reminds me of the Last Temptation of Christ. Some of the things she pushed aside to find the long pig were definitely fish. Will is big on fishing, and probably freezes a lot of it.

Plus he's got a lot of dogs to feed, and didn't we see him mixing up some meaty non-canned food for them in S1? I think. I still believe in Will and Jack and ice fishing secret agents! Will might be tempted, but he's still playing the long game.

My guess is that Freddie is alive, but not whole. Will would know better than to try to fool Hannibal's palate.

I hope that Will doesn't have Freddie trapped somewhere and is cutting steaks off of her body for Hannibal to eat. Somehow, I feel like that would be even more depraved than him killing her during their confrontation. I doubt it's Tier's corpse that's on the burning wheelchair, because Will has already butchered him into too many parts. Personally, I think it's likely some other killer's doing altogether, because it doesn't seem very "murder tableau" to me.

It's not like there's a shortage of corpses on this show. Argh okay. Here's my thing, okay? I think what's gonna fuck Hannibal up is his increased need for intimacy this season.

This lovecraftian hellbeast didn't even know that was a possibility for him until Will Graham showed up. I think that there's a couple of levels going on here. Fooling around with Alana? This is a support structure and ego boost for the Human Suit.

Here is this pretty intelligent person that believes in the human suit, because she helped tailor it and she wants to believe in the best possible version of him. How would that not feed his ego? To be considered worthy of affection and comfort from what seems to be the show's gatekeeper of society?

No, he's all about that, and the preservation of that, the protection of that. Of course, in my little shipper heart, I think he wants to protect her and keep her-- Alana is like.

She is his ultimate cover, the link he keeps with society. She's representative of the pretty refined human culture that he loves. He'd sacrifice her in a heartbeat, but not, I think, until the last extremity. Of course, Will is the one person that can see him whole, the monster and the refinery both. And like. That's so huge I can't even start with it. But that last conversation was just fucking everything-- I think that might be like the first time Hannibal has spoken to someone without a hint of pretense.

And of course Mikkelsen fuckin killed it, because that is what he does. I'm sorry! I should go the fuck to sleep, but. This is my idea: Will staged it to freak Freddie out.

Freddie is alive somewhere. He's the lure that will catch Hannibal. In fact, maybe it's important that the photo for this season is Will in his mask. Even though he's out of prison, he's still playing the killer. The text as a whole is the important thing. True but the thing is Corpses Will has access to without creating one Given the specific arrangement of Tier's tableau It makes sense that Will would have spare bits, but not enough to make a Wheel Chair Person to burn. He certainly has enough Tier to feed to Hannibal and claim it's Freddie, so phew But nowhere near enough for that wheel chair gag.

He certainly has enough Tier to feed to Hannibal and claim it's Freddie And, uh, himself. What's left of Tier is frozen, though. If they'd shown us a tiny bit of ice still on that meat, or even if Hannibal hadn't gone on and on about his refined palate which could obviously taste if meat was thawed rather than fresh , I would be more confident it came from Tier.

Also, if Freddie hadn't seemed so genuinely scared. She was Gideon's "surgical assistant" when he was disemboweling Chilton, and her FBI escort was shot dead in front of her while they were having a conversation by the guy killing diabetics to grow mushrooms.

Her job is to hang around crime scenes and manipulate murderers and cops into giving her information, and she's good at it. Freddie really doesn't scare easily, but she seemed terrified when she was pulling her gun, shooting, screaming, and calling for help as she tried frantically to get away from Will. It's hard for me to believe that he'd murder Freddie, and I'm inclined not to believe it, but it was hard for me to believe that he'd beat Randall to death with his bare hands, too, and he obviously did do that.

I don't know where Will's head is at nowadays. To me, he seemed bitter and angry. I think that Abigail was how Hannibal lured Will. Will not only took that bait figuratively, he also literally coughed up her ear and was on the hook for her murder. I think it pissed him off that Freddie would try to lure him in using Abigail, too. There's no way that was Freddie he fed Hannibal.

Though, wait a minute. Why did Hannibal have his murder duds on at the end? Because he was going to kill Freddie but Freddie went to Will's place to snoop around, thereby avoiding being murdered by Hannibal, who sat at her place all spiffy and patient in his murder suit. And I think that Freddie not being home is what saved Freddie's life, I hope anyway. Minor acting note.

Mason with Margo is all snarls and Gary Husey hair. Mason with Hannibal is much more put together, accent less, and combed until he gets to talk about his favorite pets. That is a great murder mirror. The hot new art murder accessory! Havent seen it yet but Is it possible that will foresaw hannibal's plans to go round to freddies house and kill her And instead he lured her to his house, kidnapped her And took her to hannibal's house, knowing he would be over at freddie's house And showed freddie hannibal's basement?

Season one has a lot of showing us how Hannibal could get away with being who he is. Showing us why a large selection of his peers and powerful people of Baltimore don't want to see him as a serial killer cannibal. Season two is more about how Will Graham is convincing Hannibal. I think the Matthew Brown thing was a legit attempt but then when Will saw how that worked out and himself got out of BSHCI he used that attempt to work his way back into Hannibal's good graces such as they are.

Hannibal was done with Will but Will was persistent and has gone real dark Tel3path, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Otherwise why have the shot of impatient murder suit Hannibal? I do think Freddie was going over to Will's house with intentions of snooping and Will knew that and used that.

I think it is more likely that Will showed Chilton to Freddie. Going to Hannibal's murder basement would be a scary and consuming thing sorry. Impatient murder suit Hannibal is the best thing. I want an entire episode of it! So, uh, the mefi deleted posts scripts has a known bug to do with post titles. And I just flipped from this thread to AskMe, only to see this. It's just a repurposed porn mirror though.

Thus my comments on how sex and murder are reversed in this show. I don't think he knew she was coming or she'd never have had a chance to go in the barn. That said, I do think he Otherwise it's game over: she blows the op against Hannibal in a way Jack can't have plausible deniability about. He gets taken down and Hannibal's still free, yeah? I really think he can't have murdered her though What's a little brief captivity between "friends," right?

It'll make for a more dramatic story when she finally writes about it. Finally watching. Glad of frequent commercial breaks. Freddie in a mix of blue and red. Blue room. That's it will, defend hannibal to someone who is convinced you're a liar and they will disbelieve everything you say.

It's finally working. I know Chilton's a character in the books but only from reading discussions. I have no clue what the wheelchair thing is. I have tried to follow things from Wikipedia, but they're a hard to follow mess. Okay, Michael Pitt is great in this role. He is reminding me of Philip Seymour Hoffman right now.

Both Red Dragon and SotL have mostly held up insanely well as novels imo. You should give them a shot if you feel like it. Alana is "Alan Bloom" in both and doesn't ever really appear "on screen" much or do anything major.

The show both gender flipped the role and gave the character more to do in a number of ways though depending on how the next few weeks go, I feel Alana's diminished from how she was in S1. Margot and Mason are from the SotL sequel also called Hannibal and While what the shows doing with it might still be problematic, I'm glad that the show is doing a less gross version of that line of things.

I'm surprised you don't remember Chilton more. He's really only in SotL, but he is to me quite memorable regardless, and if you see the movie is played even more memorably by Anthony Heald. The show's worked wonders with him as has Raul Esparza. All that said I'm really glad the show works for someone who has even less experience of past works than I did when S1 aired last year.

I had a conversation with someone last night in basically your spot who just started the show and was really liking it. I hoped, but the confirmation that it works without catching the referentiality some of us love so much is nice! They seemed sadder, but that bit more human to each other than hannibloom.

Will must realize margot doesn't want him for him. His remark made that clear. Sad puppy. Hey alana, let hannibal tempt you into breathplay! That's a really good idea! Maybe some sense of self preservation will awaken in you like it did in chilton posted by tel3path at AM on May 3, I and others have gotten a strong Heath Ledger Joker vibe off him. There are important and large differences but there's a kind of Mason just doesn't currently have the face scars to suck at.

They both feel like wild cards though. Everyone talks about Mads's subtle acting style and his brilliant micro expressions, but I just want to admire Hugh Dancy's slight pause before putting the first bite of meat in his mouth, and then the slow, deliberate chewing. Could be savoring, could be desperately hiding how much he wants to spit it out and hurl. Oh, man. I could talk about that at length.

It's really amazing to me that he has such a command of Will, and Will's ability to mirror others that he can Still be that character while very overtly starting to mirror Hannibal's mannerisms.

I'm still uneasy about where the show is going on a writing level to an extent, but holy shit have the actors been knocking it out of the park this season regardless. Okay i haven't seen batman so i don't know. Worrying that will is still in blue.

However i am starting to think that will at his worst is not actually likely to become like hannibal. Alana in red coat, patches of red, blue car. Freddie in black, the about to expose hannibal colour. I think, though i am prepared to be proved wrong, that will left the exoskeleton for freddie to find.

From the conversation at the dinner table he knew it was about time hannibal paid freddie a visit. And that freezer was just suspiciously easy to open.

Alana though, hilarious. And she gets suspicious now because she thinks hannigram are sleeping together. Because, really, it's a great plan. Bring Freddie all the way out to Wolf Trap and have her disappear.

Jack and Alana get concerned, Hannibal finds out about it. It could have been directly, from visiting TattleCrime. Make Hannibal think Will killed Freddie then have Will goes over with some familiar meat. This is the fishing we were led to expect.

Will is acting as live bait, getting swallowed by Hannibal metaphorically and hoping that when they get it to the right place Jack will take Hannibal down and there will be enough of Will left. But getting back to the barn; it might have been easier for Will to explain this plan to Freddie but a she might not go along with it - every time she has been used to bait somebody it was with her knowledge - and b yet another conversation would have been less dramatic and c we as viewers would be less concerned regarding how far down this path Will is going.

Didn't realize they were going to go there so quick! Also, alana sitting on hannibal's left like she always does. Place of honour at hannibal's right hand is given to will. Hannibal said in love we take leave of our senses. He sure is. Worrying though, he was wearing all blue at the start but now his suit has red detail?

Or is it orange? But yeah i think he is taking leave of his senses with will. There's some angles to that I hadn't really considered fully That feels a little "three dimensional chess" but not so far as to be outside what I think the show would do. While this can give you empathy towards him, it should not make you feel like his actions were justified. Examine your own contribution. In some cases, you may be perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing. For example, if you are holding onto anger against someone who inflicted a childhood trauma on you, you most likely did not contribute to the situation.

Think critically about whether this is the case for you. That doesn't mean that you are to blame. It doesn't mean that your wife is innocent. It just means that your actions contributed to the situation, and it will be important for you to recognize that before moving on. Seek help. This process is hard, and it's perfectly normal if you can't accomplish it on your own. Talk to someone you trust. This can be a friend, a family member, a therapist, or even a higher power.

If none of these options feels comfortable to you, you can write in a journal or even an anonymous online blog. This may be the hardest step of all, but in the end, you just have to let it go. Try imagining the weight of your hatred, anger, or hurt leaving your body and flying away like a bird. You may find it helpful to engage in some sort of forgiveness ritual. Recognize when you have forgiven someone. When you think about this person, is your first thought about the way they hurt you, or do you think first about other aspects of their personality?

Do you still think about seeking revenge against them?

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