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Poison Ivy - Conspiracy - Sex Is The Key To Immortality

Having nothing at all to do with the first three Poison Ivy films, this is merely a slightly below average soft-core the DVD sexes up the version that debuted on television female version of "the Skulls". If you've seen that aforementioned film or any of the others of it's ilk, nothing here will catch you by a surprise, as it's simply a paint-by-numbers type of affair.

Seeing Miriam shed some clothes might be worthwhile for fans of hers, but that's all there is to recommend this movie. Slow moving porno film geoffox 21 September Sorry but this LMN waste is nothing but a porno movie and a bad one at that. At least in pornos you get to see more nudity and carrying on. In this we are subjected to these bunch of bimbos, overly made up and lip gloss up to here, go through the antics of being part of a sorority house that is bent in doing evil and murder.

The lead gal, a hick from the sticks, is played with a vacant expression throughout the film. The evil one, in a push up bra and tons of eye makeup goes around flirting with all the male losers. In one movie, I'd love to see a character like this get so far in flirting and then be told the guy was gay and she was wasting her time.

Just once. So we are forced to sit for two hours just to see them get their uppence. And it is never as exciting as all the bad deeds they do throughout the picture. Those so called sorority girls are all a bit long in the tooth to be playing young coeds. The guys look younger then they do. I wonder what the director was thinking of when he cast this. Boobs, I guess. Certainly not acting. Out of all the "Poison Ivy" I have seen, this one is like none of the three.

To me, this is like "Heathers" meets " Mean Girls" only more serious. Here you have an orphaned teen named Daisy Miriam McDonald , who lives in a small town ranch, who gets to go to s very prestigious college. Fitting in is one thing, proving your worth is another. Earlier, a student in the college died under mysterious circumstances.

She catches the attention of two people: Blake Ryan Kennedy and the clique, the Ivies. The leader Azalea Shawna Waldron , seduces Blake one afternoon to get ahead. In order to keep the scholarship for themselves, the Ivies go to every length to get it. Even make the new girl one of them. Blake would warn Daisy about Azalea and the Ivy society. Especially when Azalea killed his father, the dean of the college Greg Evigan. After the scandal in college, Daisy goes back to her boyfriend, realizing her heart belongs to him.

Keeping the situation to yourself is best, rather the blowing the lid of a college with secrets. Different from the first three, but it retained the same seductive manner as usual. So don't jump the gun on it, watch it and be the judge yourself. The first film of this series featured Drew Barrymore as Ivy, a teenage nymphet without any moral scruples using her physical attractions to destroy those who crossed her path.

Released in , it incorporated a significant amount of nudity. Two later films have featured Alyssa Milano and Jaime Pressly playing characters with different names but not dis-similar roles. All three films were essentially trashy melodramas, none achieved an IMDb viewer rating above the mid way point; but not because of poor acting, they all gave the career of their star a useful boost.

Today however they are barely remembered, most filmgoers asked about one of them would probably scratch their head in bewilderment, and Insight were certainly taking a chance when they decided to make a fourth version of this story two years ago. Unfortunately it did not come off - like its predecessors this is a trashy melodrama with a transparent and overworked story spiced up with eye candy to increase its appeal; but not sure what audience it is really trying to attract.

Ivy returns to this film in the guise of a University secret society - the Ivy Women's Society - which has established a dangerous influence on the administrative machinery of the University, and under the guidance of its current President Azalea, played by Shawna Waldron is prepared to go to any lengths, including violence if necessary, in order to maintain this.

An unsophisticated country girl Daisy, played by Miriam McDonald who has decided to seek a University education following the death of her parents, improbably proves to be her most serious obstacle. Unfortunately this is only one of many very serious flaws in the story as presented. For example PI-4 includes a totally ludicrous and unnecessary bondage sequence showing new recruits to the "Secret" Society being tattooed during their initiation.

My TV version of PI-4 incorporated virtually no nudity but the Parent's Guide notes in this database just comprises the comment "nudity throughout". I understand the first release on television was a bowdlerised version, a number of spicy sequences intended to increase its appeal were added for a limited cinema release and later an even more spicy unrated DVD was released.

Comments such as that above are of little help to parents in such circumstances. Ideally the Parent's Guide should relate to the cinema release, but once a film has made its rounds in the movie houses most prospective fresh viewers will only see either a heavily cut TV version or a spiced up DVD, probably designed for the young married viewers who rent or buy most DVD's today.

These alternatives are as different as chalk from cheese. This wide gulf in running times between TV versions and DVD versions for many films which are no longer regularly screened can nullify the value of IMDb Parent's Guide notes even though we all recognise they are of great importance to worried parents.

Furthermore, when added sequences in DVD versions are designed to appeal to a different audience, they are often incompatible and spoil whatever appeal the original film had. The DVD of "Alice in Wonderland" included two different versions - comments on this database show that most viewers preferred the original shorter version, not because it was more suitable for children but because it ran more smoothly.

If the Parent's Guide is to continue providing harassed parents with help they feel they can trust, IMDb needs to examine this problem. Often I have wanted to contribute to these guidance notes, but found this almost impracticable because multiple versions of the film exist. Perhaps IMDb could open a blog for further discussion - it would not be relevant here.

My advice is to stay away from either version of PI-4 - the only reason to watch is if you are interested in its two young stars. Here Shawna Waldron played a part which I believe enhanced her reputation as an actress. Both had to display subtle glances and gestures showing freedom from moral scruples when with cronies, whilst appearing highly moral and demure with all other people - a difficult accomplishment. But, whilst Cruel Intentions was a very good film, Poison Ivy-4 only rates 2 stars.

I really liked Miriam on Degrassi, I think she's an excellent actress Bu this role put her in such a bad light. I didn't see all of the movie, but what I did see was way too much for TV. Martin, Nina K CineAction, Volume 56, Summer July 1, , pages 44— Karagiannidou, Aneta Aristotle University. Palmer, R. New York: Twayne, Film genres. Lists of films by genre. Categories : Erotic thriller films Thriller genres Film genres Thriller films. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references Articles that may contain original research from May All articles that may contain original research Articles with multiple maintenance issues.

Not a trace of his original Caucasian skin remained. Everything had pruned away into a sunken, bright green, his features seemingly melted from their original positions. She had smothered him in so much poison that it had literally destroyed his anatomical features, warping them into something that was beyond nightmare and surrealism.

She brushed his hair with her hand as she stood up, pulling her underwear back up and pulling her dress down. She made sure to keep the lock clicked into a bolting position once the door closed behind her. Back in the dance hall, people were slow dancing now, the lights dimmed to perfection. How beautiful. There was so much romance in the air tonight. Bruce Wayne was nowhere to be seen, but dear darling Julie Madison was saying on the spot, drinking deeply from a wine glass, and she seemed to be crying.

Frowning, wondering what the cause of it was, she moved forward, pushing her way past the slow dancers who moved around in front of the massive telescope. As she passed Julie, who was drinking deeply from her wine, she pulled the woman by the arm and drug her forcibly towards the great balcony door nearby. The balcony outside was deserted, and hidden behind a growth of very thick orchards that had been placed there for decoration.

Julie's mouth opened a bit, looking genuinely surprised at the question. If anything, it's better you tell me about it than expect some good to come out of a man, yes? Their pain doesn't really help anyone, does it? Julie bit her lip, looking away at the woman that she clashed with earlier in embarrassment. It's because he sees you as little more than a tool for public outlook, to give his stereotypically demanding role of playboy billionaire some nice credibility?

The channels love it, and they report it. When they report it, they sell good for it. And when they sell for it, they gather more initiative to pursue more enrichment in the life of the billionaire, and give him a reason to have the masses worship him with attention. It's standard, really. You don't actually mean much to him in the way of getting some of that nice worship, Julie Madison.

Ivy was ready, however, the hidden switchblade with its poisoned end ready in her gloved hand. She struck out an arm and released the blade, Julie not able to stop in time as she walked directly into it, the blade sinking into her chest.

Julie Madison stopped in her tracks, her eyes widening. Ivy clenched her teeth, retracting the knife and stabbing the woman again through the abdomen. Julie gasped loudly, stricken in place. Earlier, Ivy had coated the knife with an incredibly fast acting paralytic. Julie could only stand there in place, staring in horror as Ivy drew the knife back again and stabbed forth once more, this time the knife entering her lower stomach. A direct hit to the large intestine. Madre de Verde slit the woman's throat with one nice, smooth crave, and gently pushed Julie against the railing.

Julie, choking, blood shooting from the open wounds, gagged, and sheathing her knife at once, Ivy calmly hoisted the dying woman by her legs and lifted her up. In the next second, Julie Madison was flipping over the other side of the railing of the balcony, and Ivy watched, quite bored, to be perfectly honest, as Julie Madison fell into the darkness below, her destination the traffic busy road that was at least seven hundred feet below.

Ivy watched her fall for the entire duration, seeing the dark shadow crash violently into a taxi that happened to be parked just beneath them… and even as alarms went off and people's screams filled the air, Poison Ivy was already slipping away, snaking her way back into the crowded room and making her way at once for the exit doors.

Bane was waiting downstairs for her in the limo. She had tied up all loose ends, and now they could make destination for the police headquarters. The final round of this long, tiring game. By the time police had arrived in the busy street below, surrounding the building by great multitudes, Poison Ivy and Bane of Humanity had long since vanished.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Batman. This is Poison Ivy's story as told through Batman and Robin, though with additional insights that were not presented in film: just how many people did truly die at her hands, how did many of the events revolving around her come to be, and just how much power and control did she truly have? Caution: extremely dark circumstances, there are scenes of highly sexual nature. Be careful. I'm waiting… "Hey there, good looking. It's good to see you again.

Ivy slipped the keys to the roof of Police Headquarters and pocketed them at once. He did not fight back, but kissed her in her private region ever more passionately… "So how do I taste?

Her eyes widened, the tears intensifying in place as she stared. So you two don't get along? That's an understatement. Can we not talk about my parents? How about we talk about you? Why do you like me, Blake? What do you mean? I mean, all the girls on campus, and you're with me, the farm girl. That's probably exactly why I like you. You're different. Trust me, it's refreshing. Lemonade is refreshing. Iced tea is refreshing. I didn't mean it like that. Then how did you mean it? Go on. Good morning, Mother.

You slept out last night. I did. Guess it's safe to assume the date went well? Gotta tell you, she's one nice girl. Anything else? She's been tapped. By you or by them? Both, actually. You won't be seeing her anymore. What if I like her? Then like her from a distance. You've reached the automated Blake.

Leave a message and the real Blake will get back to you. Hey, it's Nadia. How soon can you come into the office? What's going on? Apparently, your payments have been defaulted.

But you do have to figure this out with the bank, otherwise You're so cute! Hi, you've reached the automated Blake. My loan. I guess I didn't fill out the right forms or something Well, I'm sure it's just a mistake. You'll get it all figured out. If I lose my loan, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I can't go home. It'll be okay. Why don't you come out with me tonight?

You sure? Is anybody down here? We have gathered here today for your initiation Founded in the strength of its members, preserved in their accomplishments. Repeat after me. Work together to accomplish more. These words may not mean much to you now No longer will you be alone in the world. From this room, we have spawned senators, governors, CEOs. Thanks to each other, they have managed to break down social barriers.

All women, all Ivys. And you You have been called upon to continue this tradition. Do you accept this honor? So meek. Has the world got its grip on you already? I accept. Kneel before your new sisters. All matters are dealt with within these walls. Outside this room, we are not even a rumor. We are a whisper. You will obey your older sisters. Do not question them. Trust is everything. And if you should feel pain And when you succeed And believe me Drink and join your new sisters.

What is it? Trust in the solidarity of your sisters. Now, ladies. Undress and lay face down. This bond unites us as women This bond Ivys are a family. We share everything. Our love Welcome to the Ivys. Hurry, come on. We're late. They approved my loan? Now, once executive privilege is asserted Miss Brooks. Now, the judiciary is forced into a difficult task Hey, how are you doing? You were like a zombie this morning. Yeah, I just studied way too late. Well, did you get that whole loan thing figured out?

Some weird clerical error. It's okay. Did you wanna? Never mind. How you feeling this morning, Little Miss Daisy? Not so good, but I'm gonna feel better when I apologize to Professor Graves. You're not quite getting the whole Ivy thing yet, are you? Daisy, we take care of our own.

I'll handle it. Besides, look at yourself. Yeah, I just woke up late. Oh, sweetie, it's more than just that. You're an Ivy girl now. You need to dress like it. Now, go wait in the hall. That was a great class, Andrew. Well, thank you, Miss Berges. You can call me Azalea. I have known you since I was in middle school. I have two questions for you. Excuse me? My human sexuality class is having us do surveys I may not be the right person to answer that question. Oh, you're perfect. Old enough for you to have seen it all, yet still young enough where you can relate.

I guess, uh Everyone's different. And being that women do mature That makes a lot of sense. I bet they match up a lot nicer at that stage. Now, my second question to you would be: Is there anything extra that I can do On a completely different note. Just keep your grades up. Do well on the exam. Of course, but you would tell me Get back to you on that. You know where to find me. What's that for? I don't follow. Of course you don't. Let's go. The blond's hot.

Ugh, here comes trouble. There's Blake. Great, I'm out of here. You, uh, look different. No, in a good way. Would you please just look at me for a second? Don't listen to his B. What's she saying? Whatever you think of me right now, it's not the case. Really, so you didn't just sleep with me and then completely ignore me? You blew me off, Blake. I saw you with that other girl. Are you kidding me?

She was nobody. Daisy, I like you. Things are complicated, but if you give me a chance to explain myself You had a chance to explain, two days ago. You blew it, Blake. Good girl, Daisy. Wow, I need your financial-aid program.

Nice, huh? You've assimilated. Let's just say I found my fashion sense. And lost your common sense. No, I haven't. So is being an Ivy living up to all its hype?

Well, I don't know. I think I just needed to let go. There's letting go and then there's being an idiot. Have I given you a hard time about your look? My look I do for me, not for somebody else. I think I like the tarantula-carrying country girl better.

It's just clothes, Magenta. Don't fool yourself. Those girls want something from you, and it's not your money, that's for sure. Oh, so they can't like me for who I am? No, Daisy, that's the point. They can't. Why don't you go ask your friends about Alexis Baldwin? What about Alexis Baldwin? Isn't she the girl that died last semester? She was my last roommate. They tapped her Wait, but that was just an accident.

Everybody knows that. Yeah, everybody but me. Well, here comes the conspiracy theory. You know what, forget it. Oh, and some guy named Will called. He sounded nice. Hey, it's me. I got your message. I really miss you guys. It's so big here, it makes me realize how small home is. Perspective does amazing things. It's so different. I'm just starting to make some friends.

That's great, Daisy So maybe we'll be lucky enough out here to get a visit over the next summer. I should probably have the foundation of our Of the, uh, ahem, place done by then. I miss you, Daisy. I miss you too. Look at you. Daisy, I'd like to see you in my office, please. Is something wrong? It's about your scholarship. Your application was reviewed, and, well, they awarded you one, in full. Congratulations, you deserve it.

It must be a relief not to have to work here anymore. Wow, I mean, I don't even know what to say. This is incredible, but I would still like to work here. I'm not the type to quit in the middle of something. Well, we would love to keep you on.

Mar 14,  · Can I get "poison ivy" from dead poison ivy v ines? I had some poison ivy growing in the back of my yard, on the fence. I am very allergic to it - so I paid someone to come and remove most of the ivy and the fence. Now there are some dead vines still on the ground. I have some bulbs that are starting to bloom right in the middle of it all.

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  1. Gojind says:
    Now I'll admit that 'Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society' is a movie to steer clear from: it is a B-movie in any sense of the word, with risible acting, sub-par screenplay, below average directing and very limited production values (the music and photography are too generic to make an impression).
  2. Tarisar says:
    Poison Ivy Character» Poison Ivy appears in issues. A brilliant botanical biochemist, Pamela Isley is a fervent eco-terrorist out to save the world's plant life by any means necessary.
  3. Gashura says:
    A frequent modus operandi utilized by Poison Ivy is to use plant-based chemical concoctions to cause men to fall in love with her or fall under her spell so that she can manipulate them. She has.
  4. JoJor says:
    If a film is a thriller with scenes of softcore sex or nudity, it is probably not an erotic thriller unless illicit romance or erotic fantasy is central to the dramatic conflict, as in Body Heat, Fatal Attraction, and Night Eyes 3. Many crime thrillers, action films, and slasher films contain softcore sex .
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    Poison Ivy: The Secret Society () Movie Script. Read the Poison Ivy: The Secret Society full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts.
  6. Moogusar says:
    "Oh yes Ivy, fuck your slut, fill me up, use me, hurt me." I can't continue because my mouth is filled with loud, lusty moans. How quickly can I cum again? Is that even possible? I quickly find out that yes, I am a multi-orgasmic slut. And a bit of a squirter. Ivy's cock is drenched in my girl-cum, and I'm a limp doll in her clutches. "Gasp.
  7. Kazrazahn says:
    The Poison Conspiracy [Karl Grossman] on britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfo *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the work of Rachel Carson to the nightmare of Love Canal, many people have become aware that our world is being poisoned and that cancer is spreadingAuthor: Karl Grossman.
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    Follow/Fav Pamela Isley: A Poisonous Pursuit By: GronHatchat This is Poison Ivy's story as told through Batman and Robin, though with additional insights that were not presented in film: just how many people did truly die at her hands, how did many of the events revolving around her come to be, and just how much power and control did she truly.
  9. JoJorn says:
    Poison Ivy is a playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game Infinite Crisis, with Tasia Valenza reprising her role from the Batman: Arkham series. Lego DC series. Poison Ivy is a playable character in Lego Batman: The Videogame with her sound effects done by Vanessa britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfod by: Robert Kanigher, Sheldon Moldoff.

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