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No Puedes Hacerlo Bien (You Cant Do It Right) - Deep Purple - Traetormentas

Log in Sign up. Spanish to English. Listen to an audio pronunciation. A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object e. I bought a book. My parents have a home, a car, and three beautiful children.

Mis padres tienen una casa, un carro y tres hijos bellos. Regionalism used in Spain. No, no, no. In other words, Yato begins to suspect Yukine is in lust with him.

This is both painful and problematic. I Hate Eggs by erentitanjaeger reviews When Eren is asked to join Armin and Erwin on a blind date, he's sort of happy about the thought of meeting someone decent for the first time since ending things with his ex over a year ago. Too bad his date happens to be his ex, and seems to be intent on winning him back. Wait, Then Pounce by inmemoryoftheMasterRapper reviews Eren had always hated the man who lived in front of him, him and his music always blaring loudly every night.

He finally had the courage to look at the nuisance to yell at him and give him a piece of his mind for being too insensitive to others—only to end up staring and watching at the man who sensually danced the night away while cleaning.

Disgusting by jayewings reviews In which Eren is a gross little shit and Levi absolutely does not enjoy it at all whatsoever. Dedicado a Panquequito. It's Just Fanservice by Sera Hux reviews Fans always think everything on stage was just eye candy for them, no matter how much they wished it was real.

For the dance group, RECON, every concert was filled with enough fanservice to fulfill the needs of the internet, but the focus was always on their two main singers. And that fanservice may just be what the fans hoped for. Le hace ver que puede ser amado de muchas formas, sin embargo no deja de lado un gran inconveniente: Levi no cree en el compromiso.

Su enemigo era: La cocina. Yaoi LevixEren Riren. Mikasa Ackerman ha mando a su hermano directo a la boca del lobo. French Baguettes by MusicDancer reviews Eren's trying to eat a delicious hard treat. Masturbation by Xsaku-uchihaX reviews Idea was submitted in by an anon: Eren walks in on Levi masturbating -one shot also found on rivialle-heichou. Sin embargo, su peor error es ir a Francia y conocer a un muchacho llamado "Levi".

Levi, Lemon. La soledad y la tristeza es algo que comparte con uno de sus clientes. RiRen Levi x Eren. Chasing Disaster by freshia reviews Eren crashes into Levi's life.

And he takes out a fence and a mailbox along the way. Modern AU; Oneshot. Pinocho y las tres cervezas by Nata-alias-Nino reviews Rivaille es un carpintero y Eren su ayudante. Mal resumen. A Change of Gait by Wildeve of the Heath reviews Eren loses his horse during an expedition so he has to ride with Levi.

Eren's a bit delirious and feverish from coming out of his titan form and decides to secretly give Levi a hand job while their squad rides back to the Scouting Legion HQ. The fallout afterwards may lead to the answers mankind needs.

Recon Incorporated by freshia reviews He was just looking for a way to pay the bills — a job that was easy, fun, and something he was into.

Where could he possibly go wrong with a travel agency? Eren Boss! Rivaille; Office AU. Claro, sin contar el hecho de que estaba enamorado de uno de sus estudiantes. A Lesson Well Learned by kazuma85 reviews "Come to my room after you've done the dishes," Levi husked, lips brushing over the shell of the boy's ear. When Eren was young, a new neighbor moved in next door who he became attached to growing up. Over the years, his feelings for his neighbor started to change, and an event in his life will cause him to depend on this neighbor more than he would've imagined.

Secret by lucielchoi reviews AU Where Eren is a high school senior working at a cosplay cafe and Levi is a college student. Eren can't tell his overly-religious parents about his sexuality in fear of being disowned- or worse.

Can Levi help him gather the courage to tell them, or will it stay a secret forever? One Night by potato-magic reviews When reforming the world it is completely inconvenient and entirely unethical to consider a relationship that is anything but platonic, but one night won't hurt anyone, right? One Shot. Rated for a reason. Cleaning the Corporal's Office by lunatrancy reviews Levi instructs Eren to clean his office, but gets a pleasant surprise when his brat shows up in a maid costume.

Basically PWP. Dressing Up by lunatrancy reviews Hanji and Petra get bored and decide to dress Eren up. But then Levi walks in and blushing happens.

Based off a fanart. Rated T. All in that order. I hated how I wasn't just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed sometimes I imagined his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets.

In The Midst of Youth by bluevestige reviews As part of the frat's initiation process, Eren had to crash the party of a rival group of students and give Levi a lap dance.

Prompt from xryuchan27 with modification. Hang-Ups by freshia reviews "And if Eren won't shut up and stop distracting him, Levi will just turn the tables. Toujours by erentitanjaeger reviews I'm lucky because Levi never says anything about it.

He's never told me to 'suck it up', to 'act tough'. No, Levi isn't a man of words at all. Because he knows no words can help, that all he can do is hold me when I need to be held, because it'll only be a matter of time before Levi will be the one who needs to be held, and my arms will be ready and waiting when that time comes. Stereotypes by AuraFelix reviews Having experienced a lot of prejudice in his childhood, Eren has build his life upon a way to never stand out.

He rarely shares his ideals and is happy with his organized life, until he meets Levi - an art-student who has the same ideals as Eren, but is not afraid to stand out.

AU, LevixEren, fluff, smut, foul language. Mala Conducta by Sonrisas reviews Levi tiene razones de sobra para comportarse mal en clases. Break in to my Heart by aogiri reviews "Eren thought he was having a pretty good day, at least before he ended up sheltering a criminal. He'd just started his new job a week ago as a security guard at the Museum of Modern Art where he was working for the summer.

There was no harm to a simple summer job. Or at least, that's what he believed up until now. Toying Around by fumioo reviews The guys of the th wanted too see how much of their load they could fit inside of Jean. Jean didn't like the idea, but he didn't exactly object to it either.

In Erwin's Bed by erentitanjaeger reviews At this point I was really starting to detest Erwin, a lot. And maybe I was being immature but I only had six years of immaturity left in my and by God I was going to use them as I saw fit. When Eren had noticed me scowling at the man, he suggested getting back at him. I asked how. He said to fuck in Erwin's bed. Pareces una rata. The Merman and the Grump by Raikun-sama reviews Levi, an anonymous writer who's on a break, takes a walk on the beach and encounters a strange boy.

A strange boy who is certainly NOT a former merman. A strange boy who Levi is certainly NOT falling in love with. Modern AU Riren. Loosely based on The Little Mermaid.

Pero ese hombre siempre se mantuvo un par de pasos por delante, en todos los sentidos. Afternoon Practice by Niriiun reviews After Tokiya is late for a bit of singing practice, Ren sets off to find him - and stays for the show. En el margen de la foto by WakeHold reviews Levi se encuentra completamente obsesionado con cierto modelo rubio Memories by erentitanjaeger reviews Levi tells us about the better times him and Eren have been together.

Incredibly graphic, please don't read if you're sensitive to certain sexual materials. In the Closet, At Noon by erentitanjaeger reviews Levi was a small man by nature, but he was stronger than anyone Eren knew. It was for that reason that Eren was sure he had always been top in any other relationship he might have had, never having the opportunity to feel what it was like to give yourself over to another and see what would happen if you were put under control, no longer in control.

When Makoto finds himself questioning his sexuality, he can think of no one he'd rather talk to than Haru. He shows up on his friend's doorstep, expecting perhaps some friendly advice and reassurances, but Rin decides they need to take a bit of a hands-on approach. In which Makoto gets more than he could've ever asked for.

PWP yo, don't say I didn't warn ya. Marry Me! Armin is a teacher, Eren sketches in class, and Ereri fluffalumps all around. Will be continued! How will he deal with it? Rated M for sexual content. No relacionados.

In the Cell, Early in the Morning by erentitanjaeger reviews Eren had been looking forward to seeing Levi again, their activity from last night still fresh in his memory. He knew it would be difficult to act normal toward his captain, but he would try his best, at least until they could be alone together again. Then he would let Levi's name fall from his lips again and again, the greatest privilege Levi had graced him with yet. And it didn't help that the person in the dream slept right across the room from him.

Could a moving truck and a new kid change that? Smut in later chapters! Eren x Rivaille. What Levi Wants by AuraFelix reviews Eren confesses his love for Levi, but the corporal is in a bad mood and rejects the boy. Heartbroken, Eren wants to show Levi, that he's a suitable partner for him. Eventually, Eren receives a very useful power which has nothing to do with his titanshifter abilities. Foul language, malexmale, possibly violence, blablabla, you know the warnings.

In the Office, Late at Night by erentitanjaeger reviews Levi wasn't just watching Eren, he was studying him. He kept his eyes on Eren's, held the boy's arms down by his side, but still felt the boy's stomach twitch in anticipation and pleasure. Pretty soon it wasn't just mutual attraction that kept driving them into a corner together; it was the constant need to be around the other.

Hand Inspection by Wild Rhov reviews Levi insists upon cleanliness at the dining table. Hands, wrists, arms, neck Dom, PWP, Uke! Lo que yo no tengo by Fredo Godofredo reviews Levi estaba estaba enamorado de Eren, o algo parecido Bound and Gagged by lunatrancy reviews Exactly as the title says. And gagged. With the lance corporal. Basically, Eren has to not make a sound and draw attention to that room. Body by pwoutagonist reviews Eren and Levi finish training, and Levi's body looks so refined and muscular Decaf Curiosity by pwoutagonist reviews Eren is a waiter at a small coffee shop.

Rivaille is a frequent customer. Prompt 8 for xryuchan on tumblr. New Neighbor by atissueoflies reviews Levi found an erotic video on the net starring someone called 'greeneyedtitan'. Meanwhile, a high school student named Eren Jaeger introduced himself as Levi's new neighbor. Walk Right In by lmaoidk reviews He should have never let Erwin convince him that he'd be a great teacher.

Silence is Golden by strxbe reviews Nitori catches his senpai doing something a little dirty and can't help but join in on the fun as well. Heat by pwoutagonist reviews Eren has an emotional moment in bed with Levi. Tea Break by lunatrancy reviews Eren accidentally knocks over a cup of tea. So naturally, Levi gets a little upset. Basically, explicit smutty tea sex one-shot. Biting by tomatepompom reviews Rin love to bite Haruka when they cuddle.

Haruka doesn't. BoyxBoy, don't like, don't read. Forever by pwoutagonist reviews AU. Eren and Levi are on their honeymoon. Lacy lingerie and smut. Afternoon Siestas by pwoutagonist reviews AU. Eren is a student and Levi is a businessman.

Siestas on the train. Mirror's Edge by Aeius reviews Part-time working student, Eren Jaeger, happens to live a normal carefree and busy college life. Until a most fateful encounter follows, stirring up some unfathomable memoirs.

Personal Hygiene Is Very Important by middledairyinn reviews Eren ends up in certain circumstances that turn him into a very dirty boy, thus the corporal must resort to bathing him and Eren's body responds to the situation! Pure smut. Family by pwoutagonist reviews Eren and Levi cope with the aftermath of the mission in the forest. ErenxRivaille, AU.

Stay by alucard reviews Haru is desperate for Rin to stay. How far is he willing to go to keep Rin by his side? RinHaru smut, borderline non-con. Never Letting Go by pwoutagonist reviews Eren and Rivaille dated for a long time in high school, but everything changed when Rivaille was drafted for war. Four years later, when all hope was lost, they met again. How is Haruka going to react? By doing something cute and showing him his love, of course.

Los chismes comienzan. No spoilers. Corporal Punishment by lunatrancy reviews A random school AU where Eren is an unruly student and his teacher, Levi, has a firm talk with him. Nothing explicit, but rated M to be on the safe side because there's spanking. Lots and lots of office desk spanking. Privacy by Raikun-sama reviews Going alone to declare your unrequited love at a secluded mountain was obviously not the best of ideas.

But hey, at least Eren didn't put what he was going to do on Facebook. Or did he? LevixEren, Modern AU, drabblish. Seven Orders of Levi by Wild Rhov reviews Hange wants to know if Eren will transform when put under extreme emotional trauma, and Levi has just the way to test him: a dungeon, ropes, and lube. Will Eren turn into a Titan, or will he get the night of his life? Pomp and Circumstance by pwoutagonist reviews AU.

Rivaille is sent by his manager to see a young talent perform in a seedy bar. Takes place one month later. Eren manages to drug Levi again.

What will happen this time? Spitting Milk Teeth by DevilGhostflower reviews "Everyone agrees you have a stick up your ass lately so I volunteered to replace it. Summer Heat by jaegerbott reviews The summer heat is brutal for Eren. Unfortunately, Rivaille thinks of a way to make things hotter for him.

Brother by KawaiiEuphoria reviews Eren comes home from school one day, excited to see his brother, Levi. But what happens when he can't find him? Eren; AU. Friends by Hyper Vongola Decimo reviews Rin and Makoto coincidentally bump into each other at the bus stop and start talking while waiting for the next bus.

Another Day with Eren, as Told by Hanji by lunatrancy reviews Hanji follows Eren throughout another day and narrates all that he does. This time, she follows him as he visits the members from his training squad. Rated T, to follow the other one and a scene leading to some Ereri smut, but nothing is actually shown. Castigo en el establo by PokeStand 2. Lemon hard, sadomasoquismo. I'll Find You by pwoutagonist reviews AU inspired by tumblr user surfacage's art.

Rivaille is a painter, and he travels the world just to find the green-eyed boy in his dreams. Es necesario leer el fanfic para entender esta historia. Un regalo para la autora! Cleaning Duty by hanny-hasy reviews Update! Chapter 4 is online! Eren's task is to clean Corporal Rivaille's room. Unexpected things happen I might be a Crossdresser by KillingKathy reviews Eren is a gamer, preparing for his next tournament at the Annual Convention. Rivaillle is a famous cosplayer-known for his costumes and design.

But one day when he finally decides that Eren isn't paying enough attention to him-seduction is the only solution. Lobo Feroz by Askarsha reviews Eren era un cordero, inocente, tierno y manso. Porque Eren es todo menos un cordero.

Experimentation and Self-Discovery by WilderCapall reviews Makoto has no idea what he's doing when it comes to sex. Rin probably would have claimed he was straight this morning. They end up in bed together somehow, but hey, how hard can it be? MakoRin for the Free! Kink Meme. Train Scene by Koureki reviews Set in present day so that it is possible for there to be train's and tourists, here is Eren getting all hot and bothered over Levi.

Rated T for boyxboy cuteness and for not having any xxx or touching. Funky at Heart by freshia reviews "Their first meeting in the obnoxiously loud nightclub is definitely not love at first sight.

Birthday Suit by Azshalade reviews It's Eren's 19th birthday and his friends are throwing him a surprise party! What kind of gift will Levi bring? A Relaxing Lesson by lunatrancy reviews Eren decides to relax for a while. And Levi walks in on him doing some very naughty things.

So he decides to give Eren a little lesson. And instructing. Tiene un muy lindo cabello, sargento- Eren x fem! A Day with Eren, as told by Hanji by lunatrancy reviews Imagine a nature documentary. About Eren and him being a titan. As told by Hanji. Bruises in full bloom by DevilGhostflower reviews The 3D maneuvering gear isn't easy on those who don't have titan healing abilities.

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