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I Came To Grips With Love - Pink Priest - Infant Tape

Hey, sorry I fucked up your car, but I was following you. I turned off the engine, gather a pen and a sheet of paper, and got out of the car. Cordelia was already stalking towards me, furiously waving the blond chit with her back.

The pretty brunette immediately rounded on and screeched "What do you think you're doing?! You can't just bump into people! I think I caught something about her Dad, or her allowance or something. When she finally seemed to notice I wasn't replying she said, "Well! What do you have to say for yourself?

I just didn't feel like it. My bad day, scratch that — bad week, trumped whatever has her in such a tiffy. Instead I said, "Are you done having your one sided conversation now? Cutting her off before she could start again I continued, "My family just moved to the States so I don't have insurance yet, but I can go with you to a mechanic and have it fixed for ya. Where from? How is this relevant right now. The Netherlands. At me. What the fuck. I can't believe that was the least upsetting conversation I was going to have with her today.

Since the moment I set foot in Sunnydale High I have been on the lookout. For anything really, but the upsetting thing was that it felt just like a regular school. If I didn't know the halls were designated creepy crawly buffets I wouldn't have noticed anything. The Principal snapped me out of my morbid thoughts when he said, "Mr.

We were expecting you last week. Think up some bullshit quick. I had some time as he was still directed Buffy to her next class. Bad thoughts. I apologize for the delay.

That wasn't too snarky was it? Buffy snorted as she was walking away. You can wait here until I'm done with Mr. Blackwater here. You both need to go to the library for your books. I gave him a heartfelt and sincere guarantee I wouldn't. We were both obviously lying, but not doing so would have been rude, but we were both unwilling to stray from the comforting social contract. When I left the oppressive office of the Principal Buffy was still waiting on the little penance chairs.

You're Buffy right? I'm Nick. Let's go to the library then. You're new then. I was following you. I was just walking I guess. Trying not mention how awkward all this is. I guess admitting our mutual ignorance was the ideal icebreaker.

The blond girl laughed though and replied, "I can hide behind my extreme blondness. What's your excuse Nick? When we got there Mr. Giles was already in his signature pose. It's not what you think. He wasn't sprawled all over the ground. It was the other thing. Him cleaning his glasses while looking extremely British. What can I do for you? Yes, which kind of books might you require?

Once I finally located it I silently passed it to Mr. Giles and started browsing the stacks on the tables. My eye was immediately drawn to the giant tome with the title of Vampyre. I ignored Mr. Giles gaze burning a hole through my back and sat down to immerse myself in the book. At last Buffy drew the man's attention and both of them drifted off to closed off corner of the library. The book was handwritten, on what appeared to be rather thick vellum, but otherwise was very easily readable.

Apparently not all the mystically related books are in dead languages only fourteen people speak. The world is far older then sources such as the Abrahamic scriptures would indicate.

In the earliest of times the world was held by primordial powers, ancient demons, capable of shaping the natural world to accommodate their inhuman desires. How the hell do people like Xander not enjoy this? All this knowledge is fascinating as fuck. Giles "Blackwater. Thank you, sir. Shouldn't you be off to class now?

My apologies but that one is erm I don't think it belongs to the library. My eyes must be going, but that is one of mine I'm afraid.

Until I arrange for little miss super strength to care enough about me The show might have skipped some stuff, or more likely, I could have simply forgotten key steps. What if I cut off a branch later, whittle it into a stake, and it turns out only hardwood trees work. Fuck that. I mean, I can back later and read it? I found it a little odd she was still there but I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I smiled my patented watt smile and said, "Hey Marcie. We have science with Mr. Gregory now. Could you take us there?

We followed the girl all the way to class, which incidentally was a long way off, the school was massive. Well, at least for my standards. My last high-school had maybe students, this enormous complex routinely taught well over students.

When we got to class Buffy opened the door and held it open for us. I turned towards Marcie to let her through but the girl finally spoke up. I-I d-don't have science right now.

I feel as though I'm missing something here. The teacher, Mr. Gregory, was a middle aged man who seemed to genuinely care about being an educator. I didn't think anyone of the teachers here would hold my attention but he certainly kept me awake. There's just something about enthusiasm from a teacher.

Incidentally I didn't sit down near Buffy, she went off to Xander and Willow, I guess they met earlier today. The only seat available was one up front near the teacher and one next to Cordelia's group. Despite my better judgment I sat next to the pretty brunette. The blond future vampiress across from me turned around and said, "Hi!

I'm Harmony, Cordelia was just telling us about you. She said you have a totally rad car but you can't really drive it. Still, let's not start this whole thing off by ripping into the girl who managed to swing not perma-dying.

So instead I settled for the neutral, "Yea. I'm not having one of my better days. Gregory took note of me. Blackwater, is there something you'd like to share with the class? I was going to make some calls to a certain publishing house and get the answers that way. As I navigated my way through the throngs' of students I tapped Cordelia on her shoulder and asked her, "Hey Cordelia.

Do you have English Lit now? Like common sense it mostly eludes me. To my left one of the students, Jesse, walked into a trophy cabinet. The tall boy fell backwards onto Xander who struggled to keep him upright. He didn't quite make it and both of them barreled to the ground causing a chain reaction that led to a bunch of entangled nameless students. On my right Harmony turned towards me, bumped into a nameless student, which caused yet another student to spill her drink on yet another student.

Cordelia looked back over towards me; one eye brow raised and looked past me, looked back at me, smiled and turned back. It didn't go that bad. Which of course was the point I finally noticed the chaos behind me.

Not my problem. The rest of the trip to English Lit passed without incident as did the class itself. Once the end of class bell rang I simply followed everyone else to the cafeteria.

I went over to one of the vending machines, got myself a coke with coins the school provided, turned around and surveyed the lunch hall. I noticed Harmony waving me over just as Cordelia was trying to catch Buffy's eye. I slowly made my way over to the group and sat down next to the blond girl. Over the course of 45 seconds I found out what her favorite food was, two of her allergies and the names of everyone in school as well as their medical histories.

I am never remembering this. When I mentioned I was probably going to keep thinking of most students as 'no name-mc nameless' I inadvertently solidified my position in the 'Cordettes'. Finally, my inherent lazy-ness is working out for me. Did you know that Buffy girl? I thought she was cool, she's from LA you know, but then she goes and rebuffs me!

Who said you could call me that? Oh fuck. Did I just use Xanders petname for her? That's for friends and family, and you don't qualify! Flashing her a short grin I replied, "Yet. Or just maybe I just pissed her off. I couldn't really tell, which was worrying. This wouldn't be the first time people think I'm smug cunt.

Except of course for the cold body found in an abandoned classroom, which well Dead bodies laying about in classrooms. I can't let myself forget that very crucial fact. Life is cheap in Sunnydale. Since I happen to know that the Slayer is on the case I don't feel bad about skipping Chemistry and heading towards the library. Not that it would have stopped me, shit Giles was looking as fabulous as he did three hours ago. Good afternoon Mr. Did you forget a book earlier? I walked over to the table I sat at earlier and wasn't at all surprised to see the volume I wanted gone.

I looked over at Giles and he was curiously absent. He wasn't in his office, nor was he hiding out behind one of the bookcases. I could have sworn I saw a flash of something Fuck it. I went into my backpack and fished out my little black notebook. Earlier I had gotten the vaguest sense of a trickle in the back of my mind. Odd, I couldn't pinpoint the source, but informative nonetheless. Let's try blood on book. I looked around for a sharp item and managed to snag a pair of scissors from Mr.

Giles' work desk. As I walked back to my seat I pressed the tip of one of the shears in my pinky, pushed around the tiny incision and let The book was gone.

The library was gone. Everything was gone. I remained. I am so very fucking confused. Can it read my mind? AND BE. And just like that I was back in the library. My heart was trying to evacuate my chest area again and I could feel the sweat dripping from my brows.

Nothing around me changed except for the little black book. On the second page there was a message from an entity. The book is clearly psychotic as fuck. I try to write in the book with a pencil and it does absolutely nothing. It appears whatever is powering this either needs more blood, which is rather upsetting.

I could worry about it sometime not now as I just saw Mr. Giles return. You wouldn't happen to know where that fantasy book went right? Very well. It's on the third row behind the world history section.

I set out to speed-read through to book and mark interesting sections so I can copy them over in my notebook. Not that notebook. The one that didn't threw me in a pit of Darkness. Capital D. Over the course of the next hour I found out that drinking holy water doesn't do diddly to protect your blood, some vampires aren't even really affected by it and that staking a vampire with anything even remotely woody would work.

Silver does nothing, no mythical herbs, just sunlight, stakes and decapitation. Which I've always found a weird one Shouldn't we just assume it works and if not get ourselves a special mention? For instance; that Fayarl demon over there can only be killed by a dagger to the groin. Far enough, but I'd be willing to bet money that just cutting off pieces of it and see what sticks might work too.

Not enough to stake, heh, my life on it but I was interrupting from my musing about the mortality of demons by Buffy barging into the library and demanding Mr. Giles speaks to her. The man kept looking over his shoulders towards me while at the same time trying to convince the irate girl of something. I wasn't quite close enough to hear. He finally managed to coral the girl into his office. I looked at my Dad's, or mine now I guess, watch and notice it's creeping close to 4pm. Time to get the fuck out of dodge.

Sunset may be around 9pm around here but that just means I have 5 hours to get home. Here in Sunnydale where anything could delay me I wasn't about to take a chance like that on my first school day. As I gathered my things and started walking towards the exit I was distracted by Buffy rushing out of Giles's office, screaming. The vampires won't care that you'll be 'retired'.

The old G-man is throwing caution to the wind I see. I watched Buffy run out of the library as Mr. Giles finally appeared to notice me. Before he could say anything I told the man. Short of outright bribery, how exactly do you plan on talking your way out of this?

Giles into submission. All I really had to do was convey my utter contempt for the thought I'd be actively searching out vampires. You know, on account of vampires being scary as fuck. Once I got through to him the man seemed to come to life and set me up splendidly.

He got me in touch with his pet priest, lent me his Vampyre book for the night, and gave me directions to the nearest international bank. His assistance with the antiquated-as-fuck fax machine helped me out a great deal. I spent the rest of the afternoon acquiring some American greenbacks, was pleasantly surprised by my parents' bank account being active and entirely accessible to me, and afterwards drove off to the mall collecting a whole bunch of stuff.

With my financial future turning out to be entirely secure, no part-time job for me this time around, I went to bed relatively happy. I checked my little black book again just before I fell asleep. Apparently the entities didnt feel like sharing any helpful hints. XxXXxX May 11th, I was preparing some breakfast for myself when I noticed my mind kept drifting to a subject I'd rather not entertain. Jesse, one of the named characters, got himself turned into a vampire yesterday. Perhaps the act of simply interacting with the 'Scooby gang' might have butterfly'd that away.

More likely though is the fact that the boy is gone now. I wasn't exactly concerned about the moral repercussions, the name of the game is survival — not bring as many people as you can with you-, nor the implications about what Xander might do to me if they every found out about my origins. I was worried about the slippery slope. What if I'm walking home and see a vamp drag some dude into an alley? I'd probably walk right on past it. Unfortunately there's stuff out there that I cannot ignore.

For one the Mayor eating dozens of babies. I'm sure untold other horrors are unfolding as we speak but So, in order to prepare for inevitable day my traitorous conscience will drag me into open conflict with the man, which brings me to the Magic Shop.

Or as it's known now: Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet. The proprietor of the shop immediate honed in on me, "Good morning! Could I interest you in a love potion for a special someone? A crystal of farsight? Let's immediately cut the crap. I need two volumes I know you have, The History of Witchcraft and Magicke Moste Potent, as well as any other works you could recommend.

A regular little practitioner you are. I don't have time for this nonsense. Just get me those books and I'll tell you exactly which vampire would have killed you within six months if it wasn't, for me. Let's see him disregard that. The man paled significantly, sighed and waved me over to the back of the shop. Have a seat, I'll bring you a selection, and some gin.

Strike that Then again He clearly knows what's happening around here and chooses to stick around. When the proprietor came back he had a stack of about five books with him. Spill before I trap your essence in a vase.

If I die, he won't have his spell Haven't you gotten the memo yet? We don't want to spend centuries in a vase. Sorry for the outburst.

I meant that Spike is functionally retarded. Perhaps you could cast an anti-violence spell? I'm not paying that price to the Transuding Furies. He picked up one of the books he brought for me. On the cover it depicted a pentagram and a whole host of other smallish mystical shapes. Pictures attached So I'll have to buy new handlebar grips for a bike that is only 9 months old.

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