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Flaming Star - Elvis* - The Legend Lives On

Promised Land. The Wonder of You. Suspicious Minds. Wooden Heart. Viva Las Vegas. An American Trilogy. Love Me Tender. A Fool Such as I. Kiss Me Quick. Return to Sender. That's All Right. King of the Whole Wide World Lyrics. Stuck on You Lyrics.

Hard Headed Woman Lyrics. You're The Devil in Disguise Lyrics. Anything That's Part of You Lyrics. Rip It Up Lyrics. Follow That Dream Lyrics. Surrender Lyrics. My Baby Left Me Lyrics. Money Honey Lyrics. Blue Moon Lyrics. King Creole Lyrics. Way Down Lyrics. Too Much Lyrics.

Flaming Star Lyrics. One Broken Heart for Sale Lyrics. She's Not You Lyrics. A Mess of Blues Lyrics. Fame and Fortune Lyrics. If I Can Dream Lyrics. Mystery Train Lyrics. Moody Blue Lyrics. I Got Stung Lyrics. Hurt Lyrics. One Night Lyrics. Trying to Get to You Lyrics.

Poor Boy Lyrics. Kissin' Cousins Lyrics. My Wish Came True Lyrics. Doncha' Think It's Time Lyrics. Treat Me Nice Lyrics. Witchcraft Lyrics. Paralyzed Lyrics. Little Sister Lyrics.

His Latest Flame Lyrics. I Feel So Bad Lyrics. Rock-A-Hula Baby Lyrics. Wild in the Country Lyrics. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Lyrics. The film does not place mixed marriage on any special plane, but it does plead for tolerance and understanding for those who make that choice. Pacer is the child of the mixed marriage and therefore Elvis plays a person of mixed blood.

In there would have been no greater insult to a white supremacist than to have mixed blood. The very idea that mixed marriages should be tolerated was anathema to these people. That Elvis would play a character of such origins and make a movie carrying such a message says a lot about his point of view on this issue. A contemporary viewer may have some trouble with the fact that Elvis dons some very effective light red makeup for his role.

However, this is not minstrel makeup. Elvis wears the makeup in this movie not to belittle American Indians, as many minstrels belittled American blacks with their blackface. Instead, he wears the makeup in a project designed to increase sympathy and understanding of non-whites, something a white supremacist would never do. It was a period commonplace to have whites play Indians in the s and s. However, this case is more appropriate than many of those casting choices because Pacer is neither white nor Indian.

Other than casting a person of genuine mixed descent, this was the best Hollywood could do in this circumstance. And placing an established star like Elvis Presley in the role increases identification with the character. Whatever its genesis, the makeup makes a strong point.

When all it takes is some red tint on his skin to turn a national heart-throw like Presley into a social pariah, it makes a statement. Flaming Star's Place in History The initial commercial reception accorded to this insightful project has left Flaming Star something of curiosity known only to Presley and western diehards and some rock historians.

This is a turn of events that need to be reversed. While not a truly great film, it does offer the thoughtful movie fan many rewards and deserves to be rediscovered. Click here to comment on this article. Also check out Harley Payette's previous fascinating spotlights.

Burning Love - a classic or self parody? Elvis' Best movie performances. About EIN. Elvis Conspiracy. Pacer, to his credit, never falls for the idea that he is an honorary white. Right: Elvis with director Don Seigel. This is a significant fact. Contrary to legend, Presley did indeed fight for better film projects and got them in the form of these two films. However, neither of these films were supported by Parker or the studio heads and consequently neither project lived up to the usual Presley commercial expectations.

Also, a neither was a completely flawless dramatic project like The Godfather, and did not receive the kind of critical or industry acclaim that could have led to more projects of this kind. This impression was furthered by the spectacular success of Blue Hawaii. As Elvis came to prominence during a period of racial segregation and performed in a style heavily influenced by black performers, Elvis has often been accused of stealing black culture for personal gain.

To give the charge added legitimacy, Elvis has often been accused of being a white supremacist. No legitimate racist would ever star in a movie like Flaming Star. Click here for. A Kick Upwards for Elvis' Movies.

Blue Hawaii - the movie indepth review. Rather oddly the original sleeve is not shown anywhere in the booklet. The Booklet. Elvis looked great in this period, tanned and terrific, and the booklet features a nice selection of photos as well as the usual memorabilia.

Blues - the songs might be released in various countries. Even Elvis added his thoughts.. On February 25, at a press conference at Hotel Claridge in Memphis, Elvis was asked why the songs from Flaming Star were not released and answered: "I don't know. I think they felt it wasn't quite commercial enough to release.

I don't know, really. It's left up to RCA Victor". It also notes how Flaming Star would be banned in apartheid governed South Africa and other African countries.

How things have changed! Flaming Star was banned in apartheid-governed South Africa in the spring of , as the mixed-marriage theme was considered to be in conflict with the country's strict racial separation laws. As a result, the South African Board of Censors lifted the ban, on condition that it was shown to Europeans only. The film opened in Durban early in June However, it was permanently banned on cinemas in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, as colonial government officials were afraid the movie could reignite racial tensions in the aftermath of the bloody Mau-Mau rebellion.

In several Europe countries the film was given an 'adults only' certification and this prevented even more young Elvis fans from watching it. This fact also helped stop the songs being released in the UK until on an LP. There's also the fascinating fact that Greece was the only country to release two songs as a single. Parker really was an old carny! The Music On August 8th Elvis reported to Radio Recorders for the soundtrack session but this time without his regular group.

Again the tapes are presented as originally "dry" and without echo here. Looking closer at the outtakes.. The second take, now with added drum rim-shot during the choruses, is getting close to perfect. This is quite extraordinary as Elvis would not be recording this song until a month later for his next movie! This is an absolute gem showing the enthusiasm and fun of the session. On Take 4, now at a slower tempo, Thorny announces the title "Flaming Arrow" , joking that he re-named the picture.

This caused much amusement as Elvis then started to sing, "Everyone man has a flaming arrow". This time, just as the take ended, Elvis again broke up laughing ruining an otherwise fine version. You can hear him groan in the background in annoyance. Take 5 is close but again Thorny asks for another take as it speeds up towards the end. Frank looks forward to seeing all his friends and fans again.

He regularly performs his tribute shows at Royal Canadian Legions, senior residences and many other venues around Alberta. Jaedyn loves to perform his tribute shows to Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to keep the memory and legacy of these incredible musicians alive as well as to pay tribute to great rock n roll. Flaming Star Festival. Dave attends many festivals, Collingwood,Tweed, to name a few, and does tribute shows for charity.

He has won many awards for his tribute and has made the FInals in many competitions. Sam is looking forward to competing at the Flaming Star Festival for his first time. He is excited to meet new fans and see old ones. Bryson placed 3rd in the Flaming Star Festival Professional Division and is excited to be back to celebrate the Festival's 5th anniversary.

Oliver Steinhoff, from Germany, became an Elvis fan at the age of 8. Since then Elvis and his music has made a tremendous impact on his life. Oliver feels his tribute to Elvis is not just that he is a fan but is the means to bring a legacy to the next generation by sharing his love of Elvis music with new and old fans. Oliver is an international Champions winning many awards and the European Grand Champions twice.

Oliver is pleased to be making his first visit to Flaming Star. He is a young, passionate Elvis Tribute Artist who has performed in both Australia and USA, but this will be only his second competition.

But Siegel's main achievement is his direction of Elvis Presley, still basically not an actor, but no longer a joke as a screen personality. Given the full, virile build-up, he plays the half-breed with a brooding presence that is surprisingly effective. According to an Associated Press report from Johannesburg, dated May 31, , South Africans were initially not able to see the movie.

The government, which had strict laws to keep the races separate , banned the picture on that same day, because Presley "played the son of an American Indian woman and a white man" A day later, 20th Century-Fox appealed and as a result the South Africa Board of Censors lifted the ban, on condition that the film not be shown to the country's indigenous population. The film then opened to segregated theatres, starting in Durban in early June.

However, it was permanently banned on cinemas in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, as UK colonial government officials in those territories were concerned the movie could reignite racial tensions in the aftermath of the then recent Mau Mau uprising. One single publicity still from the film was used by Andy Warhol to create several silkscreens , among them numerous versions of "Single Elvis", "Double Elvis" and "Elvis I and I" , as well as at least four " Triple Elvis " and a one of a kind, each, of " Eight Elvises " and " Elvis Times Eleven", the latter of which is currently housed at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the song, see Flaming Star song. For other uses, see Flaming Star disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved July 7, Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Please note figures are rentals accruing to distributors.

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    Features Song Lyrics for Elvis Presley's The Legend Lives On album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews.
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    Mar 16,  · I purchased the elvis the legend lives (collector's edition) I received it last week gave them a good clean and all eight lps are fine apart from some scratches on lp 7 the rest are fine and sound great I cant praise you enough for the service I received from you. kind regards lennieb/5(15).
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    Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others is a compilation album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley, released by RCA Records in October, It spent five months available only at select retail stores featuring products by the Singer Sewing Machine Company as a promotional tie-in with Presley's upcoming Christmas television special on the NBC network, which Singer had Genre: Rock, country.
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    Flaming Star Entertainments LTD 4 October · In the name of Flaming Star Entertainments LTD, Wendy and I would like to announce that voting has started for the UK FESTIVAL AWARDS and King of Britain has been nominated for the BEST GRASS ROOTS FESTIVAL for the 2nd year running and voting will run until 23rd britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfoers:
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    He began performing at the age of 4 and has won 14 Youth titles including 2 Championships at Flaming Star. For Connor, there have always been 2 seasons - Elvis season and hockey season – but they now overlap. In addition to performing his Elvis tribute and playing Canada's greatest game, he loves to play guitar, drums and more recently bass.
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    Elvis Presley 5-CD-box-set - Elvis-The Legend Lives On - Germany - Reader’s Digest V VK3/ Elvis On CD │ CD Collections | Reader's Digest. Elvis Presley Elvis - The Legend Lives On: FRONT AND BACK INSERT FOR THE FIRST JEWEL CASE WITH DISC 1,2 & 3. Flaming Star I Feel So Bad Wild In The Country (Marie's The Name) His.
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    A flaming star, over his shoulder And when a man, sees his flaming star He knows his time, his time has come Flaming star, don't shine on me, flaming star Flaming star, keep behind me, flaming star There's a lot of livin' I've got to do Give me time to make a few dreams come true Flaming star When I ride, I feel that flaming star.

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