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Felicity Pleads With Ra’s - Blake Neely - Arrow (Original Television Soundtrack: Season 3)

Black Wedding. To a Better Place. Looking for Boomerang. First Torture Gig. Like a Kid in a Candy Store. Boomerang in A. Cap in Squad. Secret Identity Busted. Teaming Up. Torture Tactics. Hope for Saving People Like Us. Saving Lyla. Light Inside You. Gift Exchange [] The Brave and the Bold [] Palmer Technologies [] Multi-tasking [] I'm Cupid, Stupid [] Take Your Pick [] Nyssa Not to Be Trusted [] I See the Fall [] Ray and Felicity [] Palmer Battles Queen [] Another Fallen Queen [] Katana [] Maseo Searches for a Cure [] Serial bomber Mark Scheffer , who goes by the name "Shrapnel", begins setting off bombs across Starling City as an anti-government movement.

Blood begins his campaign for mayor and decides to organize a Unity Rally for the city. Scheffer targets the rally, but Oliver is able to stop Scheffer, who is arrested; and the bombs are disarmed.

During the commotion, Thea witnesses Roy using his new strength and confronts him. As the vigilante, Oliver makes an alliance with Blood. Meanwhile, Quentin starts looking for the inside man in the police department associated with Cyrus.

Investigating Blood, Laurel visits a mental institution, where she finds Blood's mother, who reveals that he killed his father and put her in the institution to cover it up.

In a flashback, Slade experiences adverse effects to his mind and personality due to the Mirakuru, which leads to him secretly separating from Oliver and Sara. Blood visits his mother and kills her after learning that she told Laurel the truth. Oliver continues his search for the man in the skull mask and receives help from Laurel, who suspects that it is Blood. Fearing that he will be discovered, Blood has Laurel arrested for drug possession by his disciple, Officer Daily.

Afterwards, he has her kidnapped to lure Arrow out. The latter comes to rescue her; but during the fight, Laurel kills the masked man, who is revealed to be Daily, unknowingly throwing suspicion off Blood. Laurel is cleared of charges, but is fired because of her addiction. Slade, now wearing a specific suit and mask , is revealed to have planned for Blood to get intimate with Laurel in order to hurt Oliver.

Meanwhile, Roy and Cindy attempt to use his new powers to stop a murderer, but Roy goes overboard and puts the man in the hospital. Arrow convinces Roy to train him in order to control his new powers as well as his change in mental state. In flashbacks, Sara initially considers an offer from Ivo to return the Mirakuru for safe passage off the island, but changes her mind eventually. Ben Turner escapes from prison with assistance from H.

Oliver tells his teammates that Slade got angry when he found out how Shado died, as Slade was in love with her, and attacked him, which ended with Oliver putting an arrow in his eye. Arrow tracks down the device and is forced to reveal his identity to Roy in order to get his help in destroying the device. Meanwhile, Laurel learns that she may be disbarred because of her addiction and spirals further out of control. Oliver convinces Sara to reveal herself to Laurel.

Walter convinces Moira to run for mayor against Blood; and she states that it is necessary for the campaign that it not be revealed that Thea is not Robert 's biological daughter.

Moira reveals that her obstetrician knows the truth and he needs to be dealt with. In flashbacks, Oliver stops Slade from destroying Ivo's freighter with Fyers ' missile launcher. They plan to capture the freighter.

It is revealed that the two have a romantic history. Sara refuses, so Nyssa kidnaps her mother and threatens to kill her if Sara does not agree to return. Instead, Sara drinks snake venom. Arrow arrives with an antidote and Nyssa releases Sara from her obligations to the League.

Meanwhile, as Moira begins her political campaign, Felicity discovers that Thea's true father is Malcolm and reveals it to Oliver, who decides to support Moira's campaign publicly while privately renouncing their familial relationship. Although Sara is welcomed back by her parents, Laurel shows displeasure to her by angrily yelling at her. Sara later joins Oliver; and they have sex. In addition, Slade decides to deal with Moira's campaign against Blood.

In flashbacks, Sara and Laurel get into an argument after Laurel tells her that she and Oliver plan on moving in together; and Sara agrees to meet Oliver at the docks. Later, Laurel and Quentin watch a news report about the Queen's Gambit gone missing. Moira informs them about Sara. William Tockman orchestrates a heist of an electronic device that will allow him to access any bank vault. Oliver and Sara start working together to stop him, foiling one of his robberies.

In response, Tockman uses the device to hack into the computer servers at Oliver's hideout and overload them so they explode.

Felicity, feeling left out with Sara now part of the team, attempts to bait Tockman into coming after one last heist. Oliver, Sara and Diggle arrive in time to protect Felicity, but she takes a bullet to save Sara before knocking Tockman unconscious, feeling part of the team again. Meanwhile, the Lances attempt to have dinner together and it is revealed that Sara and Oliver are in a relationship, much to Laurel's anger.

Later, Laurel reconciles with Sara and attends an A. Slade makes his presence known to Oliver by coming to his home and meeting with Moira. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Sara befriended Cindy after promising her dying father, a pilot shot down while flying over the island, to look after her.

From the plane, they recover a parachute, which they plan to use to take the freighter. Oliver, Moira and Thea give Slade, who has funded Moira's campaign, a tour of the house.

Sara and the rest of the team are notified and arrive to assist Oliver, forcing Slade to leave without engaging. Oliver deduces that Slade is the one controlling the man in the skull mask, and attempting to create more Mirakuru. Slade informs Oliver that he is there to follow through with a promise he made to Oliver on the island.

Later, it is revealed that Slade used the tour to plant cameras throughout the house. In flashbacks, Oliver, Slade, and Sara are able to board the ship. Sara frees the prisoners, while Oliver and Slade go after Ivo, who reveals the truth about Shado's death to Slade. Slade turns on Oliver and imprisons him on the ship as Sara and the other prisoners escape to the island.

Slade takes control of the ship, amputates Ivo's right hand and reveals to Oliver that he kept the Mirakuru, having had Sara and Oliver destroy an empty box previously, and promises Oliver that he will not kill him until he has first made him suffer the loss of those he loves. In a flashback to years prior in Afghanistan, Diggle and Lyla lead a group of Afghan villagers when a wanted man, Gholem Qadir, is identified among the group.

During an ambush by the rebels, Diggle saves Qadir's life. The Squad is sent after Qadir, who has developed a deadly nerve agent. Scheffer attempts to escape and is killed. After saving Qadir's life again, through a faked assassination attempt, Diggle is invited to Qadir's home for a party.

Once there, Lawton locates the agent and is used as a target marker for a drone strike on the house. Oliver is forced to go to Waller for help, revealed to have interacted with her before. She tells him that A. Oliver and Sara assist a police raid, and in the process help capture Frank Bertinelli. Oliver quickly realizes that Helena will return to kill Frank once she hears the news.

Laurel is asked to return to the District Attorney's office to try Frank's case. Helena shows up at the courthouse and takes hostages in exchange for Frank. Sara goes to the courthouse to rescue Laurel, but Helena overpowers her and demands that Oliver deliver Frank in exchange for Laurel. Helena tells Oliver that he was right to discourage vengeance.

Despite bringing Laurel to have been just a ruse for Helena, the District Attorney rehires Laurel to avoid scandal. Roy breaks up with Thea on Oliver's advice. Slade drives by and gives her a ride. In flashbacks, Slade demands Sara return Hendrik, one of the escapees who can fix the engines of the ship, by threatening to kill Oliver.

Sara and the other escapees prepare to send Hendrik back against his will while Slade has the same tattoo on Shado's back drawn on Oliver's as a reminder.

Slade kidnaps Thea. Isabel uses her temporary power to convince the board of directors to make her position permanent, thus allowing her company to take full control of Queen Consolidated. When confronted, Isabel reveals that she has been working with Slade the entire time, and tells Oliver where Thea is being held. Oliver arrives; but Thea has already been freed—her kidnapping was a diversion from Slade's real plan to free a group of convicts to be used as test subjects for the next Mirakuru trials.

Thea confronts Oliver and Moira, saying that Slade revealed to her that her biological father is Malcolm. Quentin is arrested for aiding the Arrow.

Roy leaves Starling City. Moira's chance of winning the election increases as shown in the polls. Isabel tasks the company's scientific division to work on Mirakuru. Slade, who is announced a fugitive, visits Laurel and reveals that Oliver is the Arrow. In flashbacks, Sara attempts to use the trade for Oliver as a moment to kill Slade, but fails. Shado's hallucinations convinces Slade to spare Oliver and Sara, leaving Ivo with them on the island.

Oliver's team destroys Isabel's lab so that Slade cannot use it to mass-produce the Mirakuru. In response, Slade steals an electronic Skeleton Key from Oliver's hideout. He uses it to steal a bio-transfuser from a S. Labs facility that Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon work at that will allow him to transfer the Mirakuru-infused blood to the freed convicts.

Oliver tracks Slade and discovers that he has kidnapped Roy and is using him to transfuse the blood. Oliver rescues Roy, and Isabel, who is revealed to had been involved with Robert previously, is critically shot.

Later, Oliver reveals there is a cure for the Mirakuru and Felicity enlists the help of Caitlin and Cisco. Slade's super soldiers gather and he uses his blood to heal and empower Isabel as well. Meanwhile, Laurel discovers that Sara is the female vigilante. Laurel tries to tell Quentin about the Arrow's identity; but he dissuades her from telling anyone.

Laurel later blackmails her supervisor into releasing and reinstating Quentin. Thea leaves home even after Oliver reveals to her that Robert knew about her non-paternity. In flashbacks, Oliver kills Ivo on his request after Ivo tells him the location of the Mirakuru cure. Convince Him Escape Through Catacombs Storming the Castle Black Wedding First Torture Gig 3. Like a Kid in a Candy Store 4. Boomerang in A. Cap in Squad 6. Secret Identity Busted 7. Teaming Up 8. Torture Tactics 9. Hope for Saving People Like Us Saving Lyla Light Inside You Disarming the Bombs Lyla Is OK

The second season of the American television series Arrow premiered on The CW on October 10, , and concluded on May 14, , with a total of 23 episodes. The series is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, and is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with other Arrowverse television britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfoal network: The CW.

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    Nov 13,  · Arrow: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) Blake Neely Soundtrack ; Listen on Felicity Pleads With Ra's 21 Convince Him 22 Escape Through Catacombs 23 More By Blake Neely See All. The Pacific (Music from the HBO Miniseries).
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    Listen to your favorite songs from Arrow: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) by Blake Neely Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and .
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    Felicity Pleads with Ra’s Convince Him Escape Through Catacombs Fighting His Own / Need a New Life Storming the Castle Black Wedding To the Death / They Will Kneel To a Better Place Digital Booklet – Arrow: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack).
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    Oct 16,  · Arrow Season 3 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Arrow Season 3 by Blake Neely. Arrow is a television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg and starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell. It is based on the DC Comics /10(4).
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    Arrow: Season 3 - Blake Neely - soundtrack (2CD) Blake Neely: La-La Land Records LLLCD | Format CD | Jahr Limited edition of copies. La-La Land Records, DC Comic and Warner Bros. Television presents an all-new collection of exhilarating score music tracks from the hit television series ARROW, starring Stephen Amell, Katie.
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    Mar 14,  · Provided to YouTube by Watertower Music Ra's Al Guhl · Blake Neely Arrow: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) ℗ WaterTower Music Writer: Blake Neely Auto-generated by .

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