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Fabulous Places - Bobby Darin - Moods Swings: The Best Of Atlantic Years 1965-1967

Revival Denmark. The Capitol Collector's Series. The 4 Bobbys - Their Greatest Hits. The Wonderful World of Bobby Darin. Great Gentlemen of Song: Spotlight On Rhino reissue label. The Bobby Darin Collection. Carlton Home Entertainment Limited for copyrights use only, not for release label use.

Swingin' the Standards. A lesser talent would have done the usual 50s hits not that there is anything wrong with that as I think Gordon could have nailed the familiar golden oldies also because he likes his rock pap, err, pop not offended anyone and left. Gordon, though, seems to have tapped into the same punk stream as Lux Interior of the Cramps — the difference is that Gordon is straighter and more faithful to the originals, though not as much as say, Dave Edmunds or Chris Isaak would be or are.

Interestingly the album has a production sound not a production sound. Great songs that are well done. The only downside is the album feels a little short …again, just like an Elvis album. Tracks best in italics. And …. This album smokes…. Chart Action. The Way I Walk.

Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache. If This Is Wrong. I Want to Be Free. Twenty Flight Rock. Sea Cruise. Lonesome Train On a Lonesome Track. Link Wray. A silly name perhaps, but when I was 18 I thought it pretty cool. And in the early to mids all the new music I seemed to be listening to was Californian or with predominantly Californian roots: California hardcore, Paisley Underground and Cowpunk.

The attraction of Cowpunk, musically, is that it crossed a number of styles of music I liked …rock, punk, rock revival and rockabilly. It combines punk rock or New Wave with country music, folk music, and blues in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style.

Many of the musicians in this scene have now become associated with alternative country or roots rock. The Cowpunk genre is not precise in itself, but what musical genre is? Cowpunk encompassed parts of rock revival, rockabilly, roots rock, folk rock, jangle rock, country rock, power pop, the Paisley Underground, Americana and singer songwriter.

And even then a large number of those Californian bands were bands from other parts of the country who had been attracted by the bright lights of LA, specifically, and California generally to play in punk and new wave bands. It is arguable, and a matter for historical research, that it was their country music backgrounds that were introduced into the punk music they were playing which eventually evolved into Cowpunk.

One thing is certain, as the day is long, the whole alt-country movement did not start with Uncle Tupelo and the No Depression scene. The difference of course was though that no one was listening in the mids. What it does sound like is roots rock and alt country with haphazard and varied 80s production. The genre is so small that only two or three dozen bands released albums in the genre, only a few of which have transcended time and are still quite listenable.

All this was fine by me as I grew up watching western movies. The Rave-Ups flew under by radar at the time and since. Only in doing this comment did I find out who they were though none of the songs sounded familiar to me.

The band were originally from Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania but gravitated to California where there was a less artsy than New York new wave scene developing if you wanted to get noticed in the early 80s your choice was New York or California.

There is also a little jangle rock which was popular at the time and a little indie rock which was emerging at that time. The songs, almost all written by the singer Jimmer Podarsky, are well constructed, very literate songs but slightly derivative.

The biggest strength is their pop sensibility and expected new wave quirkiness. The biggest problem is the 80s production which plagues a lot of underground bands.

The sound is sparse and tinny where it should be punchy. Not the best of the genre but there are quite a few endearing moments. I think it will grow on me even more. Since I wrote the last couple of lines the album has, in fact, grown on me even more. Pleasantly subversive…. Positively Lost Me. Better World. Rave-Ups — Radio. Lloyd was punk at the dawn of punk. Wikipedia bio abridged : Richard Lloyd born 25 October , Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, best known as a founding member of the rock band Television….

During his solo career, as a guitarist and session musician he has worked with various artists in the music industry, including Matthew Sweet, John Doe of the band X , and Stephan Eicher. He is also known to teach other aspiring guitarists in his studio in New York, where he frequently produces other acts.

He has also produced a number of records for other local bands, including The Blondes, Inc. The Radiant Monkey was released on Parasol Records in late It was released on Parasol Records. This album despite some production sounds like something from , or when musical boundaries were still being challenged and punk was more than a bunch of stereotyped notes, poses and uniforms. This is Lloyds second album, his first being released in He spent some time dealing with his substance abuse demons so perhaps the intervening years never happened for him.

Perhaps that is why this album sounds from an earlier time. As it was, the 80s underground, though not without its current darlings, never turned its back on music of yesteryear. The underground was populated with new punk, old punk, Detroit , jangle rock, rockabilly and any other number of styles, who lived in relative harmony. There are mainstream rock licks, blues licks and some pop but all are slightly twisted andf off kilter. Mainstream rock, blues and pop fans are unlikely to be happy.

Lloyd gives me hope. Now if I could only write a song. I stood out alone and shaken. All the love it had been taken. Cast adrift on a stormy sea. Been cut up bad. Pleading, baby lake away the pain. Cause I been oh so good. Cause I was hurt and tired walking through a Field of Fire. The album is a grower — no one song hits you in the face but the album as a whole works. Well above average, but admittedly of limited appeal.

As if. Watch Yourself. Richard Lloyd — Watch Yourself. Black to White. Field of Fire. The arrangement is decent enough, with the novelty value of the harpsichord or harpsichord-like instrument effectively distracting the listener from the saccharine nonsense of the lyrics that Darin is saddled with singing. The rather perverse thing here is that Bobby seems completely at home with the song, giving a committed, nuanced, performance which displays an added warmth to his voice which is often heard during his short time with Atlantic in the mids.

Jacques Demy. Throughout the entire musical legacy of Bobby Darin, there are probably no songs less suited to him than these. Darin sounds completely at a loss as to what to do with the song and it is one of the rare occasions where there is nothing redeemable in his recording.

In the hands of Tom Jones, the number became a classic, and the song and singer fit each other absolutely perfectly.

This recording has yet to be released. This is a Darin original, and for the session he pulled together a group of aging musicians who, over the years, had played for and with some of the most important men in jazz. The rough edges were now almost entirely smoothed out although this was clearly a conscious decision, as they returned with a vengeance a couple of years later and his voice was a suppler instrument than before, with no effort or force required to move from the lower to higher register.

At the time of the writing of the first edition of this book, back in , the Darin Estate had announced that Weeping Willow would be released on a forthcoming album. Luckily, Weeping Willow has escaped unofficially, and can easily be found online with a little bit of Googling. Weeping Willow is a great recording, full of vitality and with Bobby in full showstopping mode.

The songs from the December sessions follow. This one had been a jazz standard for some time, and Bobby takes the song at a fast tempo with a big band, and some wild drumming during the instrumental break. It is hardly the most subtle of recordings, but is still probably the best of the songs that have been released from these sessions.

Darin clearly relishes the challenge of the big climax, and it is also nice that he uses the rarely-used alternate lyrics for the second run-through rather than just repeating the first set. Perhaps this is something that was a problem at the December session and persuaded Bobby not to release the entire album of standards as it was originally conceived. Their most unusual single of all was "Past, Present and Future," which didn't feature a single sung note, presenting a somber spoken monologue and occasional spoken background chants over a classical piano track reminiscent of "Remember Walking in the Sand.

Unlike some girl groups, the Shangri-Las were dynamic on-stage performers, choreographing their dance steps to their lyrics and wearing skin-tight leather pants and boots that were quite daring for the time. Their real lives, however, were not without elements of drama themselves. Their constant personnel changes baffle historians; sometimes they are pictured as a trio, and sometimes one of the members in the photos is clearly not one of the Weiss or Ganser sisters.

Worse, the Red Bird label ran into serious organizational difficulties in the mid-'60s, and wound down its operations in We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page.

The many moods of romance, feature so in love, as you will be with this CD. 20 tracks. Bob Marley & Wailers - Best of Here is the best of Bob Marley and the Wailers. 14 tracks. Dean Martin - Capitol Years From Dean Martin's Capitol Records years - all great tunes. 2 CD set - 40 tracks. Dean Martin - .

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    Atco Album Discography, Part 1 to () By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan Last update: September 21, Atco was a subsidiary of Atlantic.
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    Bobby Darin - Moods Swings: The Best of Atlantic Years, Home. Artists. B. Bobby Darin. Moods Swings: The Best of Atlantic Years, Daydream. What a day for a daydream What a day for a daydreamin' boy And I’m lost in a daydream 14 Fabulous Places. Bobby Darin .
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    Nov 24,  · Shop Moods/Swings: The Best of the Atlantic Years Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Best of Bobby Darin Bobby Darin. Audio CD. £ Beyond The Sea: The Very Best of Bobby Darin Fabulous Places She Knows.5/5(2).

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