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Do You Realize - Various - Cornerstone Player 033

That was never the plan in Otherwise they would have taken him in the first round. Sometimes, Jokic throws passes that even he doesn't really know are there to be made.

This play is pretty routine on the surface. Guys spot up like this all the time, and that function, catching on the short-roll and kicking to the shooter is pretty standard. This pass is made all the time. But the fact that Jokic never has Gallinari in his line of sight and manages to land the pass not near Gallinari, but right on target so he can go into his shooting motion, it still seems pretty wild.

There's a casualness in these clips you're always going to find with NBA players. But Jokic takes it a step further, constantly deferring to how the Nuggets' team play is what unlocks what he's capable of. All the media talking to me, saying that I'm the best player on the team? But I really don't think that. You've seen the NBA, the individual players are part of a team, but this team is really a team.

It's 15 guys every day on the court, working hard, practicing together. Since then, they have an offensive rating of -- a full 1. The Nuggets are constantly moving the ball, sharing, finding the open man, kicking, driving, kicking, and making extra pass after extra pass. Jokic is the engine, but with his nascent game still finding itself day by day, the Nuggets wouldn't be nearly the same if their personnel weren't so well primed around Joker, as Mike Miller nicknamed him.

Players have stepped up across the board to create this offensive juggernaut. But Jokic's effect is crystal clear. Check out the net ratings net points vs opponent's points per possessions of various rotation players with Jokic on and off the floor.

All of those players have positive net ratings -- some significantly so -- with Jokic on the floor, and all of those players have negative net ratings when he's on the bench. They outscored their opponent with Jokic, they get outscored without him. That kind of impact doesn't mean that he's even the best overall player on the floor every night. It just means that when Jokic is on the floor, good things happen.

All of this means Denver is in the No. Jokic sees it as an opportunity to experience something new. I want to see how it feels. Jokic stands at With Kevin Durant , his height combined with his insane natural scoring ability makes him an impossible cover for opponents. With Jokic, the effect is similar for his passing. His release point is high, which means he has the ability to make split-second decisions whether to shoot or pass.

Throw in his unreal vision, and you have something that's a nightmare to defend. Jokic's passing is built not only on touch and natural feel for the game, but obviously his vision, and his ability to make multiple reads at once. Some big men have pet passes, certain moves they can go to which provide an opportune moment for a pass they're comfortable and familiar with.

Jokic instead has the ability to modify where he wants to go to, depending on the coverage. Here, Willie Cauley-Stein's long wingspan freezes the overhead pass Jokic so often goes to, so he spits a bounce pass to Jamal Murray. Jokic credits the chemistry he's built with those players with the time he's spent getting to know them and learning everything about what kind of passes they want, where they want it, and when they want to receive it.

You just need to know what shots they like, how they run, how good a lead they are. You need to know your personnel. In its original form, "This Ain't Yo Mama's Soul Train" makes extensive use of elements from a Philadelphia International classic, layering up glassy-eyed Tony Montana style orchestration and vocal snippets over a bustling house beat.

The accompanying Micfreak Remix takes the track further into disco-house territory, pitching the cut up to BPM and beefing up the beats to gargantuan proportions. It's a suitably heavy alternative version that sounds like a peak-time staple in waiting. Sunner Soul. There's certainly something suitably sun-kissed about the title track, which gently beefs up and re-arranges a bouncy, Clavinet-heavy chunk of groovy disco-funk that comes smothered in atmospheric party sounds. The tighter, slap bass-sporting "Universal Disco" explores similar sonic territory, while "Red Hot Disco" sees him layer up the percussion and filter sweeps on a joyful, mid-set workout.

Elsewhere, "Let's Somebody Love" is a soaring slice up tooled-up disco-soul and "Get ready With Me" is a fine slab of string-laden boogie brilliance that sounds like it was beamed down from a distant disco planet. VMR 02 Dec Andromeda Orchestra. Don't Stop EP. In its original form track three , "Don't Stop" is an authentically produced riff on the K. D track of the same name rich in swooping, razor-sharp strings, Clavinet-happy disco grooves and glassy-eyed female vocals.

It comes accompanied by a stellar peak-time remix from Lee's old pal Ray Mang - all layered drum fills, swirling noises and jangling piano riffs - and a spacey, beat-free ambient "Reprise". Bonus cut "Kano Line Dance", a funky mid-tempo shuffler that joins the dots between boogie, jazz-funk and P-funk, is also rather tasty. FAR 11 Oct The Jammers.

The Jammers were a loose collective comprised of members of Instant Funk and other label regulars, and 'Be Mine Tonight' featured on their one and only long player from , with the original mixed by Shep Pettibone. Dr Packer's rework doesn't stray too far from the latter's blueprint, instead simply giving the production a little bit of polish so it will sit more readily in modern-day sets, sonically speaking, while bringing those gloriously 80s synth stabs further to the fore.

Available in full-length and radio edit flavours. Micky Milan. Quando Tu Dances. Now Faze Action have drafted a strong serving of remixers to bring a few deft touches to some of Milan's biggest hits, leading in with Willie Graff and his tasteful edit of the title track that lets the original vibe shine through in all its sunny finery.

Faze Action themselves take on "C'est Une Bombe" - another slick '80s jam with plenty of boogie licks to complement the warmth of the guitar and Latin percussion.

FAR 27 Dec Disco Funkin' Vol 2. Situation - "What Is Going On? While his DJ mix is naturally superb, it's the quality of the 23 unmixed, full-length tracks included in the package that makes the compilation a must-check. Andy Buchan. Brand New Girl. Here he rounds off a hugely successful year via a four-track missive on Masterworks Music.

He begins with a driving slab of tooled-up funk fuzziness the straightened-out righteousness of "Brand New Girl Billy Garner Edit ", before flexing his disco muscles on the string-laden, percussion-heavy mid-tempo sweetness of "Bless My Soul Bettye Swan Edit ".

MMD 16 Dec Edits By Mr K. Defected Presents Most Rated Phenomenal Handclap Band. Remain Silent. Predictably, their third outing for the label is another winner. You'll find the band's original mix of "Remain Silent" - a wonderful slab of off-kilter revivalist disco rich in attractive lead vocals, authentic instrumentation and spacey synths - tucked away at the end of the EP. The headline-grabbing remixes once again come from Ray Mang, whose "Extended Mix" and "Instrumental Mix" both offer a slightly tighter, polished-up feel that's arguably more suitable for club spins.

The EP also contains rather good "Remix" and "Dub" takes from Superpitcher which subtly strip the track back and give it a more spaced-out dub disco feel. TOYT 08 Nov Recorded Delivery.

JAL 13 Sep Phil Disco. Here, you can pick from two lively, bass-led funkers the Blackbyrds-ish 'Retro Disco II' itself and 'Disco Inside' , the predictably smoother and strings-sporting 'Philadelphia Night' and the more laidback, meandering vibes of closer 'Neon', which leans towards jazz-funk.

But I also don't have a problem with Pathfinder as it is - well I guess I have one.. As it is none of these things have anything to do with flying. Again, I know it is an unpopular opinion, but just as Google, Amazon and who knows what else knows what porns you watch, what shit you buy, what stuff to recommend to you, Blizzard monitors all activities and knows what we do.

If they pull pathfinder in one x-pac.. Do it in a second x-pac and people still stick with it If data shows, people are quitting the game in masses because of pathfinder, J. Allan Brack or maybe Mr. Kotik himself is gonna take Ion aside and tell him to drop the shit. Frostchi - Mistweaver. Eadien - Demon Hunter.

A clear majority agrees that the current incarnation of pathfinder is flawed. No idea if it is more accurate - unless you can did your way through the quarterly reports and connect the dots. Last edited by SirCowdog; at PM. I actually follow a few youtubers who did go through all the quarerly reports, as well as the earnings call, and conference call for questions from investors.

Which is not to say that I'm some kind of expert. We're all just guessing. But the one thing I can be sure of is that the driving force in ANY corporation as large as Activision-Blizzard is money. So everything is related. If they can remove a loved feature, but by doing so it can be replaced by something else in the game that makes them money, they'll probably do it. In this case, it's my belief that by taking flight out of the design of the open world, they save money in development costs by streamlining the process.

They only have to design in a single level, mostly 2-dimensional world. They don't have to update AI to handle 3-dimensional pathing, etc. And while it's not directly related, if they're making enough profit from other aspects of the game, they probably don't feel that the losses from people sore about flying are enough to warrant changing how it works. There might be other factors involved that we're not aware of, as I mention below.

I always hesitate to put a lot of stock in the idea that human beings, who are mostly divorced from the gaming community can make, good decisions based on that data. Brack is famously quoted with the "You think you do but you don't" line, and look how that turned out.

Classic is now carrying the WoW title. The thing we have absolutely have to remember is that what the executives want is very much NOT the same thing as what is necessarily good for the health of the game.

These are the guys who thought Diablo Immortal would carry Blizzcon as the big reveal, and who very much want to move into the mobile market. Not because the mobile market has good, quality, healthy games. But because that's where they can be the most predatory with their business. How does this relate to Pathfinder?

Think about what Pathfinder actually does. It lets Blizzard use a more simple open world design formula not that individual encounters or art are simple, but the overall approach to the open world , while simultaneously causing players to spend more time to complete objectives, and incentivizes players to complete more of the world by holding flight hostage.

Hopefully you can see that while that probably does good things to the on-paper statistics of engagement and time played, it might not necessarily be all that enjoyable from a player perspective. We had to see Verizon in just a few days. We're rich gifts for the young Royals and for months we follow that star. If I don't have the sanity of our journey, all I had to do is to look up to. The day our journey be ended is forever etched.

In my mind. I had expected throngs of people rejoicing at the first of this. Instead, we encountered a jealous, King Herod and blank face scribes who had to dig through all the dusty scrolls just to find a very prophecies that we knew so well. No one knew about the Prince of peace, so the mighty counselor, so we return to our star until all of a sudden it stops at last, we had found the King.

We approach the place reverent and upon Iron Man and request to see the child we were in in by a man. His wife was seated nearby and on her lap was the King. We have come so far to see we fell at his feet and humbly offered him our small gifts.

I don't never know why my wise men from the East were told of his birth in such a miraculous way, but it was a journey that changed me forever. Happy My name is and I'm sure you're asking yourself. What's this old lady doing here? I am old. The journey of my life story is one of patients patients born of much waiting when I was very young, I remember. Father talking of the coming of Messiah. In the face of overwhelming wars or trouble in Jerusalem, my father would comfort us with the promises of the Messiah I.

I was impatient for him to come for you. What was he waiting for? Then came the day that I was to become a wife and I found myself blessed with a husband who kept the future or ever in front of him and he choose spoke off another redemption of Israel.

I told you this was a journey of patience and after several years of marriage with no children, I indeed found God was teaching me patience. For seven years, I watch for the Messiah alongside my husband and then one day I found myself waiting for the coming King. When you're young, you don't expect to find yourself a widow, Oh, but don't pity me for how can you pick someone who is cared for by the everlasting? Expand years since my husband's passing. And get the lower allows me many more.

I'll be rivaled you Matthew Sola, but rather than remarrying, I came here to the temple and devoted myself to praying for my people and for the coming of the Messiah. I have been blessed in my Ministry as a properties and discovered what it means to wait on. Thank you for one day When I heard just rocked us on the outside, I ran to see in here. It was my good friend Simian, who's nearly as old as I am.

Good job about the Messiah. Remarried I came here to the temple and devoted myself to praying for my people and the coming of Messiah. I have been blessed in my Ministry as a prophetess and discovered what it means to wait on the Lord. But as I started to tell you my good friend was outside making this Ruckus and we have had a good talk many of them.

The best time and it was again the Messiah that he was speaking of and I heard him say now I may depart in peace for I have seen myself elevation well if the semi and said that he had seen the salvation of the Lord well, that could only mean that he has seen the massage. Well, I took myself as fast as I could. But what an into my journey for I I have seen him the Messiah who will redeem the world.

I've seen. Savior My son. Thank you. Chris and For you. My son. Wendy One of my favorite heaven was as a man holding his breath in anticipation, silent watchful and waiting. We all knew what was gonna happen at the end of his earthly life, the Holy son of Heaven fully intended to die for the human race.

Only he had the power to take such a task and nothing more despicable could have been the object of his grace. The all I felt that his love hold my tongue back yet God crucified for man. It's the kind of thing that is so marvelous that words, Cannot express it.

Host of the Angels myself, among them, we were poised and ready to fling ourselves to Earth at any command from him robbed in the flesh as he was more than once we were sent to Minister to him in his loneliness once we Minister to him after he would stood Saints attacks another time we attended him in prayer, but we were always ready for his call. Mateo crucifixion We were ready, but he never spoke. We watched as his earthly followers betrayed and pursue him. The Pharisees had took him and falsely tried him and the soldiers beat and they bruised him and when they let him to God, God for our swords were drawn and gleaming our company in high passion that the son of heaven should be.

So, Water is never gain. He died on that crawl God's wrath that shook the Earth, Indiana, the very light of heaven seemed to dim. Day of the Great Fall of man had been terrible for the day of death for God's son is beyond my description. They don't understand the love that he had for those people. It was this whole purpose in going a journey of 30 - three years ended with the We need to talk about tonight before we reach our final destination.

That is the journey of the heart. We've heard about the distances that many people have traveled. But in each case they each ended up in the same place at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. You know it doesn't matter where you are who you are. It doesn't matter where you've come from. But what does matter is where you going price is promised to turn no one away.

And there's nothing boring your way to the cross enrollments 10 verse nine. We read that if you confess with the mouth, the Lord Jesus and shall believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead now shall be saved.

We invite you tonight to make that journey. With blood What would be your guilty? Did die for? That's good. I saw a couple of things one we finish up and you know they did a great job here tonight. I think I know most everybody here is about.

Guitar didn't strike in the heart of somewhere you know different things that we see is I always sit down and I I take take a couple notes boy there was an ugly angel. Wouldn't I thought the Angels are supposed to be beautiful that you know that anyway, but anyway but talk about made the fourth may Ever since Adam and Eve said that's a disease that has been passed throughout all the generations.

The sin and we all have it and you know by one man sin entered the world and death by sin and so death is passed on to all of us. We're all the same. We all come true. Florida There's not gonna be any better than anybody else you know.

When you look at the stories that were in here we saw Mary and Joseph No room at the end, isn't it something how the Bible had four told that they'd be born in that would be born in Bethlehem, Michael 52, and they didn't even build a garage. Not even shed nothing for him to be born in and and you have to.

Dec 09,  · “When you see him not make much, not have many plays, not have many targets early and then turn around and change the game like that, then you realize what kind of .

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    Nov 10,  · Thibs and Butler are poison simple and plain. Wiggins is a one dimensional scorer, you use him as such. If you do that and know what to expect, he's fine. if you have some unrealistic expectation of him being the next Jordan or Kobe because he was a #1 pick, you will be disappointed (btw, neither Jordan nor Kobe were #1 picks).
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    Explore releases from Mark Pellington at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Mark Pellington at the Discogs Marketplace.
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    Review: This latest installment in Audaz's re-edit series gets off to a flying start, with '' reworking King's pop smash 'Love And Pride' into a Brit-funk workout that'd be worthy of contemporaneous acts like Cymande or Central Line. Buy the EP for that track alone and you'll be getting your money's worth, because it really is a killer - in which case the other nine high-quality.
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    Mar 21,  · Emi’s 5-star review: When I was a little girl Libby Manapua was a small one-story shack in Kalihi town. It looked like the house of sticks which the second little piggy lived in. Then one day the big bad wolf came by and blew the house down, so they built a 4/5().
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    Mar 23,  · Behind the screen: The arrival of the NBA's next great passing big man, Nikola Jokic Nuggets star narrates some of his wildest, and best passes of the season.

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