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Crossroads - Gods Own Medicine - Retro

The battle is on between my flesh and spirit. When I started this ministry the call from my Lord was simply to write to His daughters. When I asked Him what? A book? A blog? No answer was given. Just simply to write. Spending time mulling over options, thinking about all the possible outcomes and worrying about all the possible risks of choosing the wrong path can affect your mental health.

If we can be aware of the close connection between anxiety and depression, then we can be forewarned about the danger of lingering at a crossroads and being mentally paralyzed by indecision.

So if you feel yourself currently at a serious crossroads in life, think about the witches and the black dog. Da […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. It is the subject of the rest of this essay. In truth, the blues singer who publicly made this claim was Robert's rather less-well-known contemporary and friend Tommy Johnson, not related to Robert.

Tommy Johnson is remembered for his classic recording of "Maggie Campbell Blues. His account of the ritual is typical of others collected throughout the South. Note that LeDell did not say that Tommy Johnson called the crossroads spirit "the devil " and he did not mention selling his soul. Get there, be sure to get there just a little 'fore 12 that night so you know you'll be there.

You have your guitar and be playing a piece there by yourself A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar and he'll tune it. And then he'll play a piece and hand it back to you. That's the way I learned to play anything I want. In other songs he made it clear that he was familiar with and practiced hoodoo : In "Hellhound on My Trail" he mentions Hot Foot Powder , in "Come On In My Kitchen" he refers to a woman's nation sack , and in "Little Queen of Spades" he describes how his lover uses a mojo bag to gain good luck in gambling.

But hoodoo is an entire system of belief and the ritual whereby one learns skills at a crossroads is only one of thousands of practices that are part of the hoodoo tradition. Robert Johnson worked hoodoo and believed in it, but he himself apparently did not claim that he used the crossroads ritual to gain mastery of the guitar.

This is not to say that he did not do so -- for many, many people have done it, and not only because they wanted to learn to play the guitar, but to become proficient on other musical instruments, to improve their skills as dancers, to become good at throwing dice, and to learn how to lay tricks cast spells.

However, in the interest of accuracy, i must repeat that Robert Johnson never claimed he worked the crossroads ritual. Tommy Johnson did, however. As far as i have been able to determine it was a writer named Robert Palmer who bears the responsibility for transferring Tommy Johnson's crossroads story to Robert Johnson, probably because Robert Johnson was so much better known and Palmer thought it made a better story. Unfortunately, Palmer and the other European-American writers who propagated his fictional story, were unfamiliar with the teacher at the crossroads and they conflated Tommy Johnson's "big black man" with Goethe's Mephistopheles in "Faust," and then painted false "spooky" images of those who received the gift of learning.

It particular, they took their cue from "Faust" to cast Robert Johnson into the role of a tormented and tortured soul doomed to suffer the wrath of God. Needless to say, Palmer's take on the black man at the crossroads does not accord with oral histories collected in the South in the s, the time in which Robert and Tommy Johnson were friends. Another writer, Julio Finn, took Palmer's myth-making even farther into fantasy-land when he claimed that hoodoo existed as a hidden "cult" in rural Mississippi during the s.

I just shake my head when i read things like this. In his book "The Bluesman: The Musical Heritage of Black Men and Women in the Americas," Finn followed Palmer's lead and attributed the Tommy Johnson crossroads story to Robert Johnson -- but then he leapt to the entirely unsupported conclusion that "It is doubtful whether Johnson could have written the lyrics of songs without having been initiated into the cult It is not a "cult," it requires no "initiation," and it is precisely something that can be "picked up" from family members, local story-tellers, and even newspaper ads, as will be demonstrated below and is also shown on my web page about the history of hoodoo.

The specific idea that rural blues musicians "made pacts" with "the devil " for earthly good fortune is an oft-repeated misunderstanding of the crossroads ritual.

Some Christian blacks of the early 20th century themselves confused the issue by calling the entity one meets in the ritual "the devil ," but i have found no evidence that they ever called him "Satan" or "made pacts" with him in the medieval European sorcery tradition exemplified by the Faust legend. Furthermore, as will be seen below from several examples, the crossroads deity did not grant good fortune, wealth, or power, as the European-American Christian devil is believed to do.

He was a teacher of manual dexterity and mental wisdom. When African-Americans born in the 19th or early 20th century told interviewers that they or anyone they knew had "sold their soul to the devil at the crossroads," they did NOT intend to convey thereby that the person in question was an evil, hell-bound anti-Christian.

The confusion arises in the eyes of white interpreters who don't understand that the crossroads deity is a survival from polytheistic African religions and that he has been assigned the only name he can be given in a monotheistic religion. The traditional colours assigned to the African crossroads spirit are red and black, and the spirit himself is given offerings of alcohol and sacrificed animals, so it is easy to see why Christian slaves and their masters conflated him with "the devil " e.

Satan, the "Adversary" to the monotheistic god in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions. However, the crossroads spirit is not Satan. Nor is he evil, harmful, deceptive, or cruel in the sense that the Judeo-Christian devil is. He is a revered spiritual entity from a polytheistic religious system. No "black arts" in the medieval European sense are needed to call upon him or gain his favour. He is a teacher and guide, the opener of the way.

If ah want tuh go gamblin', go to a crossroads 'fore de sunup and have de dice in yore han's, an' look at de sun when she start tuh peepin' up, an' yo' stay dere an' shook dem dice at dat crossroads until de sun gets up where yo' kin see it. Ah'll do this -- thrown 'em out, thrown 'em out. Ev'r time yo' throw 'em out pop yore fingers an' aftah while yo' see de sun rise.

It will rise jes' a little bit up, after yo' done say de names -- yo' see, it will rise jes' a little bit up. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered Apr 30, United Kingdom In the UK there was a tradition of burying at crossroads criminals and suicides.

Christianity If, as Paul insisted, the Cross is at the center of the Christian message, both Christianity's emancipator claims and its claim of universal relevance would seem to depend on whether or not collective violence of the kind structurally indistinguishable from that involved in the crucifixion is the linchpin of human delusion. In the post-Christian writings of the Chaldean Oracles 2nd—3rd century CE she was regarded with some rulership over earth, sea and sky, as well as a more universal role as Saviour Soteira , Mother of Angels and the Cosmic World Soul The 2nd-century travel writer Pausanias stated that Hecate was first depicted in triplicate by the sculptor Alkamenes in the Greek Classical period of the late 5th century BCE, which was placed before the temple of the Wingless Nike in Athens.

Back into Babylon and into Sumeria Nintinugga was a Babylonian goddess of healing, the consort of Ninurta. Japanese An ubume is a bird-like creature that became a woman who kidnapped children once its feathers were plucked. Hope that clears things up for you. View more. Related Questions Christians: In the canyon we have demons that can do good and roam around freely.

The demon goddesses Archa and Avera do as they please in thi Can you describe to me what a Goetia demon and a Djinn is? I want to compare them to Yrinas Canyon demons. Do you think that Demons roam the Earth tempting humans in order to reap souls for Satan? Why do demons want souls?

In most every story, myth, or legend, the main goal of a demon is the soul. What do they do with the soul? How is it possible to summon a demon? What really is a demon? Can someone send a demon or their demon to you?

Are there demons in this world? Why is Christianity called a religion but Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and other ancient practices are just referred to as mythology?

Is there a demon stronger than Satan? Do demons exist? Why can you summon demons but not angels? How did you find out that demons are real? What are the signs that there's a demon around you? If Hell is real, can anyone even fathom how horrible it will be for Satan, his demons, and the unbelieving world? Are demons and angels real? What was the weirdest power of demon in Indian mythology? Facebook Twitter Email. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender?

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  1. Tekora says:
    THE CROSSROADS IN HOODOO MAGIC and THE RITUAL OF SELLING YOURSELF TO THE DEVIL The crossroads -- a place where two roads cross at or about at right angles, otherwise known as "the forks of the road" -- is the subject of religious and folkloric belief all around the world.
  2. Telar says:
    Crossroads Family Medicine & Pediatrics is one of the few privately owned primary care clinics in Concord, New Hampshire. The clinic offers a full scope of primary care medical services for children and adults of all ages, both insured and uninsured.
  3. Akinojora says:
    Dec 14,  · Crossroads are a natural liminal space, interaction with otherworldly forces and spirits are heightened - hence "pacts made with the Divil". Not surprisingly many of the Old gods associated with Witchcraft where also "guardians of the crossroads" such as Hecate and Hermes.
  4. Daktilar says:
    God& Own Junkyard showcases neon artist Chris Bracey& personal collection of work in a salvage yard in Walthamstow. It contains everything from his signage fo God's Own Junkyard and other unusual things to do in We've searched the capital's nooks and crannies to find the best quirky and unusual things to do in London. Now get out there.
  5. Tojajas says:
    I believe, however, that this mythology and the occult danger present at crossroads remains in our unconscious. If you’re feeling quite specifically like you’re standing at a crossroads in your life, the mythology adds a meaning that can provide you with some insight.
  6. Malatilar says:
    Apr 30,  · In folk magic and mythology, crossroads may represent a location "between the worlds" and, as such, a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place. Symbolically, it can mean a locality where two realms touc.
  7. Shajar says:
    New Patients. Welcome to our medical practice! We look forward to providing you with the best medical care and working with you to maintain your health and wellness. We want your first visit to be as informative, comfortable and convenient as possible.

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