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Broken (Album Version) - Lustral - Deepest Darkest Secrets

Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Deepest Darkest on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. They have two dogs that are treated even worse. My parents are covering it up. He also has illegal unregistered guns. Grandmother then started abusing my father. My father abused my mother. They divorced when I was four years old. Mom took her anger out on my sister and I and started abusing us too from the age She would slam us against the walls, pull our hair, pinch us, slap us and throw stuff at us.

She has changed though, and I forgive her. My mom felt robbed of having a sister, since her full sister is crazy as hell. People mostly thought everything was normal except the neighbors who told me later that they knew all about it because they could here my mom yelling at him through the wall. My mom used to tease him by talking really loud about what she was cooking.

And I think he could smell it anyway. My dad quit school and worked three jobs to save money without telling anyone. When he had enough money, after like years of doing that, he moved him and his brothers out of the house in the middle of the night when his dad was out drinking, never to return.

Anyways he entered the building with an axe and proceeded to try to kill my dad, who apparently was able to defend himself and my grandmother somehow.

For whatever reason he decided to kill himself instead. A very fucked-up thing on all fronts. She hid the baby boy out in a field. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I felt like this humiliating picture could be linked back to me, and this stranger was sending it to his friends.

I awoke again several hours later it was dark behind a school, in a different neighborhood about 30 minutes walk from my house, luckily with all of my stuff. He left me there after dressing me, when I was passed out.

I still had my phone and money in my bag. Because I was unconscious, I never got a look at his license plate or anything to really identify the vehicle. I walked home and didn't go to the police - the story isn't over, though. About a week later I get a call from an unknown number. After less than a minute, it is very clear to me that this is the same person.

He must have gone through my phone when I was passed out and retrieved my phone number. I find out he knows where I live, and that I have a younger sister - and he has that picture of me. He tells me to start walking to a park. To protect my family, I make the split decision and so as he says.

Better me than my sister. Before I get there, I'm motioned to a truck. He switched vehicles. He eventually parks the vehicle, and puts a tarp over it. Pretty much the same thing happens, except for I don't drink as much. He tells me to get out at that park, though that is not where this happened this time.

I make sure to try to get a look at the license plate, but for the life of me I couldn't make out any letters or numbers before he sped off. I realize this is going to happen again. I watched lots of tv shows on this kind of thing, still didn't see it coming - went through my options.

If I go to the police I don't have much information to give them. What if they don't find him? He's been watching me so what if he knows and hurts my family? If I go to the police and they find him, what happens when I share my awful experience in court, in front of my family, and in front of him?

What if they think I'm making this up because I don't remember details? What if he gets released and harms me, and I humiliate myself for nothing? I realize that I'm too scared to speak of what happened in front of people, and I don't want to share the details of what happened with my parents - it would break their heart. I had never even told anyone I was raped at all. If my dad knew, he would try to find this person and make him suffer. I didn't want my dad to go to jail for murder, so I told nobody.

I also didn't want this man to rape anyone else; he probably already had but I seemed to be his main focus. I thought about this and realised I wanted to kill him. I had never even had sex with anyone before and I wanted to wait to do this with someone I loved and someone who loved me.

I was angry and frustrated. The next phone call I got, I left with a knife in my bag. Guess what? He was in yet another different vehicle. He was smart. He drove to a different park, a dog park I often had gone to with my family, and parked.

There was one other car parked there, with no sign of anyone near. When I had the chance to catch him off guard and go through with it, I didn't. I couldn't. I didn't get as far as putting my hand on the knife. I didn't want to have blood on my hands, and I didn't want to go to jail. It could go wrong and he could kill me instead. I'd wanted to die ever since this had started, but I didn't want to die that day.

I got out of the vehicle and ran off towards the huge park - he didn't chase me, he just sped away. He contacted me a few more times but I didn't answer the calls. I had a feeling he was still watching me so I didn't go for walks or go to the police. In the end if I had more information, I would have gone to the police anyway. I didn't feel like I had enough details to send him to jail, and my memory was blurry.

I became an alcoholic after that, at age 13 until I've recovered now, but am still scarred about what happened. The only reason anyone found out this happened to me was because I accidentally mentioned it when I was drunk, to a friend - 3 months after the ordeal, and then my parents were told about it.

It didn't take long for me to change my phone number, and a few years later my entire family and I moved to a different province. I've visited where I grew up, but I've never lived there again. I'm doing okay now. TL;DR Was stalked, and raped. Surely there's somewhere, on my body, that's hairy, and always happy for extra washing I used to, but rubbing my pubes hurts like hell because they're course and there are a lot of them. I've dealt with depression for a big part of my life, and after 15 years of being off meds, I finally got help earlier this year, and have been on them for 6 months now.

However, over the past month I have been suicidal. My husband had an emotional affair with a coworker 5 years ago, but I only found out earlier this month he slept with her one time. We've been pretty good for the past 5 years, we fought like normal couples do, but overall it's been a pretty good relationship since then. He admitted it was a huge mistake, but I feel as though it was all my fault, even though he's said time and again it wasn't.

I know it happened 5 years ago, but like I told him, it's like it just happened since he just now told me. None of our friends know anything about the physical part, and only one knows about the emotional affair.

I don't think I would ever go through with suicide, but I just feel as though the pain of knowing it happened will go away if I did it. Even though he keeps telling me I'm not at fault, the thought of it makes my whole body hurt. If I would do something to my brain to remove the memory of it, I would. Edit: Thank you for all of the replies, it's truly appreciated. A couple of updates: I know that, during that time, we were both having an extremely hard time, and as a result we pushing each other away.

I talked to my husband last night about how I was feeling and he was upset with himself because he knew he was the cause of my feelings. So, this morning I made an appointment to talk to someone. Thank you for listening to my story, and for everyone's help. It's helped me realize that there are people in this world who still care, even if it's someone they don't know. You should really consider getting some support or find someone with whom you can confide.

It's not your fault, and surrounding yourself with a support group could do wonders I lost my virginity to a married man in the midst of a torrid affair. I knew he was married and I didn't care. I thought I was in love with him. Years later, I realise that I was a naive fool so consumed by mental illness that I was numb, and I desperately wanted to feel some strong emotion. Sexual passion was better than courting death at every turn. I like the way you think!

Next time it is socially necessary for me to wear pants again I will make the universe wear pants! I masturbated numerous times in the church bathroom. I'd just leave the service and go polish the pewter like it was nothing. Oh boy I'm really ashamed to say this but when I was 18 I tried to molest my mom One night she was drunk and I was just really horny so I went in her room and offered to give her a back massage, and she let me.

One thing led to another and I was She realized what I was doing and told me that it was wrong. I said I was really sorry and I ran out of the room, later that night I was really upset, so upset that I was in tears and I wrote her a letter apologizing for what I had done. I've always felt really guilty about it but I'm too ashamed to even tell my therapist, I hope posting this here helps.

Egotistical, I don't know where to start with this review. Egotistical, narcissistic and scathing are just some of the words I would use to describe them. The only characters I actually felt any emotion for were Camilla and Ruby, two of Sean's daughters. Sean being Coco's dad and Ruby being her twin sister. Mila is one of his daughters from a previous marriage. By telling the story of Coco's disappearance, and Sean's death years later, in alternating chapters, the reader gets to see the characters better and gauge how they have changed over the years.

This review is a bit disjointed as I don't want to go into any detail about the plot. It's hard to get some of my points across without revealing things the author skilfully reveals in the course of the novel. The way Marwood has written this book, it unfurls slowly, like an animal stalking prey. It is definitely a great book, there's no denying that fact.

It left me feeling uncomfortable, angry, shocked and saddened in equal measure. Not many books evoke these sorts of feelings in me and I think that's why I find this review hard to write. There's a lot I want to say, but I can't without spoiling some of the twists and turns. Sufficed to say, Alex Marwood has the perfectly crafted novel, despicable characters written alongside innocent children, and the events that bring their worlds crumbling down around them.

Nov 24, Janet rated it really liked it. Even though I had pre-ordered this book after all it is an eagerly anticipated Alex Marwood book, and I had done much anticipating! So my thanks go to all concerned for that.

We know from the blurb that little 3 year old Coco goes missing during her father, Sean's, 50th birthday party celebration weekend away. And that the story is told in two narratives, one during that tragic weekend and one during the funeral weekend of Even though I had pre-ordered this book after all it is an eagerly anticipated Alex Marwood book, and I had done much anticipating!

And that the story is told in two narratives, one during that tragic weekend and one during the funeral weekend of Coco's father many years later. The whodunit, though the underlying theme, is not what this book is about. No, the essence of this tale are the characters and all their vileness in all its shining, shameful glory.

Ms Marwood is pitch perfect in her ability to capture nuances of characters and settings. It's a feat that shines through in all her books. Whichever character she describes we always get a good feel of who they are and what drives them as people, be it good or bad.

One of my favourite parts of the book was the telling of Claire's story in the recent timeframe. I don't want to say too much about it but what I will say is that I nearly dove onto a cup of sugar. We're given respite in the characters of two of Sean's children, Mila and Ruby and I very much enjoyed the interplay between these two.

Their relationship hightlighting the dysfunctionality of their younger days and yet finding an ability to make good of their past and try and put things behind them. As the book is essentially character driven what really plays out is as you would expect reading along, so the very end came as no surprise. More a feeling of it being fitting; sad in an obsessively tragic way, but wrapped up well. The Darkest Secret is clever, character led, insightful storytelling with children at the heart of it all.

Through no fault of their own being dragged into a murky world of egotistical selfishness that leaves you feeling for the innocent ones. If only fate could have dealt them a better hand. Dec 08, Tracy Fenton rated it it was amazing.

This book ticked all the boxes for me personally. A group of extremely unlikeable characters, a mystery regarding 3 year old twin Coco disappearance unravels over a 15 year period told from the very unreliable narrators of this story.

A realistic depiction of divorce, step parents and truly dysfunction families but with an underlying sadness. Fabulous book.

Highly recommend it. Dec 26, Gary rated it really liked it. This book was recommended by a couple of my Goodread friends who had enjoyed reading this novel and thought it would appeal to me as well. How right they were. A psychological thriller that grew on me the more I read and kept me eager to know more.

If I am honest I was not hooked from the start but I found that it just got better and better and by the end of it wanted to read more from this author. In Coco Jackson aged three disappears from the bed she shares with her twin sister, Ruby, while This book was recommended by a couple of my Goodread friends who had enjoyed reading this novel and thought it would appeal to me as well.

In Coco Jackson aged three disappears from the bed she shares with her twin sister, Ruby, while others celebrate her millionaire father's 50th birthday party. Eleven years later Father Sean Jackson dies and his daughter from his first marriage, Mila, is asked to take her half sister Ruby, who she has lost contact with to his funeral. The book switches between the 2 dates examining Coco's disappearance and the unrest of her sister and half sisters.

The dialogue between the two sisters as they rediscover each other is very touching and they learn more about the father they hardly knew. I would like to thank Net Galley and Little Brown Book Group for supplying me with a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest review.

This is my first Alex Marwood book but certainly not my last. Sep 18, Margaret rated it did not like it. What a waste of time! Boring and confusing with all this back and forth revealing of the storyline!

The characters, ten, twelve all of them stupid irresponsible insane adults! And a messed up crazy teenager among other messed up children! Too many weirdos in the neighborhood! Jan 15, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: brit-lit , mystery-thriller. This was the book that Liane Moriarty tried to write with Truly, Madly, Guilty , but about two thousand times better.

This is more of a thriller than a mystery - if you are paying attention as you read, you will figure out what happened - so it's the characters that make the book. All of them were truly awful.

I thoroughly enjoyed them. The Darkest Secret takes place ten years ago on a very British holiday, where Sean Jackson is celebrating his 50th birthday, and in the present day, when his family is reuniting for his funeral. Sean is a serial monogamist with four wives and a handful of daughters, and it's the women orbiting Sean that tell a large part of the story. The fateful 50th birthday celebrations are marked by the disappearance of Sean's young daughter, Coco Jackson, a mystery that is still unresolved by the time he dies.

The primary present-day narrator is Mila, his daughter, who was only present for part of the birthday weekend. Mila picks up her younger half-sister Ruby, Coco's twin, to go to the funeral, and on the way she's also able to pick up pieces of the truth about Coco's fate.

What I really liked about this book is how British it was. There are a couple of political passages that don't even read like English I need a translator , and the girls are continually wearing mixes of prints with Barbour jackets on their seaside holiday in Bournemouth.

I had a little bit of trouble in the first part of the book figuring out what era I was in, but once I was past that I flew through this book. The pacing is excellent, and it's easy to read in a couple of sittings. It's great for vacation. All the signs are there - of course that's what Simone did!! I realized a couple days ago that this book is probably based on the case of view spoiler [ Madeleine McCann hide spoiler ] , with some obvious differences in characters, setting, and solution.

Even if you know the broad strokes of the case, though, the real charm of this book is Alex Marwood's writing and the characters. It makes me want to pick up everything else that she's written.

My View: For me the scene setting and character development took just a little too long. There was not a lot to like here and a lot to loathe. Suddenly all that changed! I was engrossed in the narrative — the cold and calculating behaviours, the self-absorption, the lies and the My View: For me the scene setting and character development took just a little too long.

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Lustral is a British electronic music project, incorporating the production duo of Richard Louis Simmonds (Ricky Simmons) and Stephen Christopher Jones (Steve Jones). They were also billed as The Space Brothers and Chakra. In addition, the twosome released records under a variety of other pseudonyms, such as Ascension, Essence, Lamai, and Ultra High.

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    “This is my dark secret that happened with a family member I have told no one except one person in which I trust with everything. I was 11 or 12 and me being a curious young boy I would always ask my cousin about dicks and sizes since I felt I was too small; I’m 11 of course its gonna be small.
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    Jul 20,  · Check out Deepest, Darkest Secrets (Bonus Edition) by Lustral on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfo5/5(1).
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    21 Women Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Sex Secrets. What you don't know could be sabotaging your sex life - by Laura Roberson We women like to keep a few secrets. But holding back too much is like wearing a bra while having sex—we know that baring all gives guys a more honest (and hotter) perspective.
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    What is your deepest darkest secret? k comments. share. save hide report. 80% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. best top new controversial old q&a. level 1. gorginfoogle. k points · 5 years ago. I only stay with my wife because I cannot bear to leave my children.
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    r/mydarkestsecret: What is your deepest, darkest secret? I was molested when I was 8 by my next door boy neighbour who was I had no clue what sex was or anything, it was weird in a way.
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    LUSTRAL Lyrics - A selection of 8 Lustral lyrics including Solace, Because Of You, Broken, Many Years From Now, Am I On Your Mind (original Mix) 10/10(1).

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