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Bite Your Tongue - Fingerless - 5:18

This is the person in whose honor the popular term "T. Smith's other suggestion: "Shh! Someone might overhear you! Making one-upmanship into an art form, this type reflexively negates even your most innocuous social updates with braggy accounts of her own apparently much more impressive accomplishments, purchases, travels and children.

Of course, that doesn't make the behavior any less of a turnoff. Rather than feed into back-and-forth competition, let her next one-up put an end to your conversation.

If, as you mention your trip to Napa Valley, she cuts in with a tale of Sicilian vineyards, say, "Oh, that's nice," and let the conversation awkwardly end. Maybe she'll take a hint. With this type, it's exceedingly difficult to progress the conversation much past "How are you today? Bite Your Tongue Acoustic Dreams: Lullabies for Babies The song showcased a harder, fast-paced rock sound compared to Wood's previous output, dominated by electric guitars and a strong drum beat.

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics take a stab at the music industry and how major record labels take advantage of young artists in order to make them 'marketable'.

Wood co-directed the music video. Released on 3 April , the song was used behind several promotional advertisements for long-time running TV soap Neighbours in the lead up to the Logie Awards. She said she learned a lot. She is so sweet and understanding.

And the jaw issue is solved with frequent breaks while she strokes me with her hand and after a while will continue with her mouth. Thanks for the blog. Yeah, husbands! Good luck with the day challenge! I got sick, and we had to pass on it this year. I love your attitude. God bless you both. I wish our husbands can get sexy tips like this too. Generous Husband has done some posts with sex tips for husbands. An example: orgasmic massage.

I agree with you that parties need to work together. One of the best things about sex is that it fosters that feeling of WE.

Lots of comments on this one! I am a wife, married 18 years and LOVE giving oral sex to my husband. Thanks for your blog! I had not heard of the pineapple juice thing. Now there are two comments with it. Very interesting! Thank you for this post. And the comments were tasteful and helpful too! I have been very impressed with the honesty and decorum of the readership here as well. Now, a request, tips on wives being comfortable receiving oral from their husbands. Despite how much she enjoys it when she does.

Coming up! Probably in the next few weeks. Thanks, Ivan! Thanks so much for this article. For many years I was a part of a ministry that taught that oral sex was ungodly and demonic. Prior to this my husband and I absolutely loved oral sex giving and receiving. We have since left this ministry for other reasons and resumed oral sex however, it has still been an issue for me.

Both the secular world and some churches have sent messages that are not grounded in scripture. Kudos for you for tackling a ticklish subject! I have read that what he eats and drinks effects the semen taste, that being said they say that having him drink pineapple juice is a good way to sweeten it. Another pineapple juice suggestion. Wonderful post! I know it took courage to write and you handled it quite well!

My husband and I have been married 33 years and both enjoy oral sex. One suggestion I would make — chocolate. Yes, I do mean a chocolate covered penis in the spirit of making sex playful. My husband also enjoys it when I use mints. Thank you! Just wondering…. If 2 spouses want to experiment unnatural things, should it be ok with God? However, the arguments I have heard against oral sex are:.

Sex is primarily for reproduction, and no semen should be wasted to that end. Those who ascribe to this approach diverge as to whether you can use oral sex as foreplay, then climax with penetration; or if you must abstain from oral sex since semen can seep out prior to climactic ejaculation. This is primarily a Catholic belief, rooted in the story of Onan, who was chided for spilling his semen on the ground Genesis Oral sex is an unnatural form of sex.

From what I can tell, this has more to do with Victorian sensibilities than anything scriptural. No frills, and not too many thrills, thank you very much. However, this runs counter to the beautiful expressions of sexual love in Psalms, Song of Songs, and several NT passages as well.

However, I can find no biblical or practical prohibition against oral sex and in fact there are passages in the Song of Songs that seem to suggest the husband and wife engaged in it. That said, each must follow his own conscience before God. But your explanation with 2 is biased and not really very consistent — you just take some of the argument then than really dismiss it because of another part of the argument that seems ridiculous only missionary position.

Regarding the Song where all Christians seem to find evidences the only possible evidences for unusual practices, careful exegesis and hermeneutics of the original text needs to be done — there are commentaries and scholar resereach on this — so you can really find out what is talked about there — oral sex or anal sex or what?

The beauty of sexual love can be celebrated and followed in the design that God gave for it. I mean, your blogs and of other friends that I see, seem to put on an overemphasis on beauty of sex — so you kind of use everything you can think of to develop and enhance this sexual relationship oral sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, streap-tease, sex toys etc.

In other words, the goal is worth of any methods used. I think there are more biblical guidelines to consider in all these practices in the christian marriage.

But again, every person should be a student of God;s ways and devide for oneself what is really biblical and what is not. As to an overemphasis on the beauty of sex, I make it very clear that this is the area of marriage I address. Others may address basic communication, finances, parenting, gender roles, and other important aspects of marriage; my calling is to address physical intimacy. Thank you for your comments.

Here is the long version. Maybe it will suffice. I am a different Anonymous from the one who posed the question. I am a man so I hope my comments are appropriate to the discussion. All laws regarding sex are about who or what your sex partner is. Essentially, sex is prohibited with anyone or any thing that is not your spouse.

In addition, certain marriages were prohibited — for instance, taking a Canaanite woman as a wife. In 2Sam , the text implies that David used sex to comfort Bathsheba after the death of their illegitimate child.

Heb Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. By my way of looking at Scripture, the KJV is the most faithful translation of the underlying Greek of any of the popular translations. Numbskull alert: I am not a Greek scholar.

Other translations use different words and add more words than are there in the Greek that change the simple meaning tremendously. So why not use the most common English word to translate it unless there is a compelling contextual reason to use another word? In other words, everything about marriage is honorable. While I believe that there are some things, it is a short list. I think that God allows quite a bit of freedom for sexual expression and pleasure within a marriage.

We have been married for 21 years and I love giving oral to my wife. She is then totally open, giving herself totally over to me. That shows me how much she trust me and I like giving her multiple orgasms through oral, to the point of her crying for all the pleasure I am giving her. That is the second husband who has mentioned openness as part of this experience.

Very interesting to hear the male perspective. Blessings for your long and beautiful marriage. I think that is so beautiful that you can bring here to such a point of pleasure that she is crying how wonderful is that. Kudos to you for being so frank! I have been married for 7 years and have been looking for tips on this.

I have a bad gag reflex and the sprays do not work for me but i just found a gel to help me not gag. Thanks for posting this. Glad you came by here!

Thanks for the position tip. Long story short, and many years and tears and prayers later…God has really worked on my attitude and my heart. For the past few years, as my body steadily shuts down, my spirit and my heart have opened up.

I now see sex and the gift that it is, as so very holy and special. So, I try to have as much of it as I can, while I can still orgasm. My favorite way to do that is oral sex on him. The biggest erogenous zone is the brain.

So the thoughts you are thinking and the attitude you have is the biggest driving factor toward pleasure, at least in my book. Have fun with it. Sometimes there is help available for an uncooperative sex drive or arousal response. That said, I so appreciate your attitude. Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I have told each dr I have been able to go to about the loss of sensation. Still searching for answers. VERY hard for me to do, but I am taking one day minute, hour at a time. Good job J! It does take practice to get to know what your hubby likes!

Going to get coconut oil ASAP! This is a good opportunity to say it again. Coconut oil is a must for every night stand! Thanks so much, Kris. As a husband I have to say thank you for posting this. She does reciprocate, but it is infrequent. Not that I mind though… when she gives it she gives it well and leaves me breathless with curled toes and seeing stars. That will be a major turn on for him. Touch his body while you please him. Feel his reactions to your mouth. All of these things build a man up for an incredible release, a release that only you can give him.

Just take charge and pleasure him. Started with a quick massage to wake up and then went for it. He was shocked but went along for the ride and never protested ya think he would?! Went all the way, and needless to say we were smiling all day long! This post was great but leaves me feeling very sad. My hubby is paralyzed from the chest down and sex has always been a major problem in our marrage it has come to the point that i just please myself and imagine him with me sexually.

We have been married for 19 years and have been with eachother sexually only approx 8 times. I think having problems in the bedroom really deadens communication in the marriage.

I pray for a romantic sex filled marrage, but am slowly dying inside. I was saddened by your story as well. Perhaps you can both discuss the situation with his doctor and see if there are alternatives or additional helps available. Eight times in 19 years? I certainly would feel that way. I am a woman and have been in a wheelchair for 30 yrs. That did not hamper our sex lives too much.

The first time I had intercourse with no feeling I cried then got over it. With new problems like aging and medication side effects, things are yet a little different. Oral sex has now become the only way we have sex. I love to go down on my husband and he tells me how he really needed it. I realize that as a woman my case is different than your husbands. Talk to your doctor. The higher the injury level, the better the penis worked. I am no dr.

Good luck to your and your husband. Kudos for writing this. There are far too few christian sites willing to discuss the nitty gritty of sex. It is actually a mandated ministry in the NT church largely ignored by most main stream churches in Titus 2 where the older women of the church are supposed to teach the younger women of the church how to love their husbands sexually I have 4 blow job articles on my site and they are consistently the most read ones on there.

I am a husband who loves going down on my wife. I really enjoy experiencing her orgasm from that perspective, it is truly amazing. Unfortunately she is not too thrilled about giving or receiving it. Thankfully she has taken a few baby steps in that direction after 15 years of marriage. I can only pray that one day God will truly soften her heart in this area and help her learn to love it. I do plan to write a post soon for the wives on receiving. Plenty of women tense up at the thought of oral sex and are not able to enjoy it for what it is.

Thanks for your comment, Bryan. He also says it really serves him- me putting him at the center. Plus he is all about letting my practice and he tells me what feels good.

Anyways, i love giving and i have no idea why! I always make him take a shower first! Im a husband who quite enjoys giving oral to my wife but it totally different the other way around. I just want to be sensitive about it. So sorry I failed to answer this immediately! I did answer a similar question on my next post. You might be able to talk it out and either gain better understanding or find some solutions.

If she hates to receive, find out what turns her off about it and see if you can address that issue. But do not push or demand.

I can tell you that women do not respond well to demands in the bedroom. It will not be the bonding experience God designed for sex. My point: Find sexual activities you can both be wholeheartedly involved in. After reading this newly found thread, I thought about it and the more I read the more I felt aroused. After starting out slowly and rediscovering each other, I went down on him. It was awesome knowing that I had the capacity to please my husband in such a way. As things heated up, he got anxious and tried to pull out our usual route but I thought again, let me help him and I left his penis inside my mouth as he climaxed.

It was amazing for me to do this for him. I drank some juice and we sat and talked during this lovely session of afternoon delight! He always seems to open up and talk more after this. I thank God for my husband and for all of the things he does for me and the family. The way I feel is that this is the least I can do for him to make him feel better, more virile and more confident as a man. Thank you so much for your blog! Your husband can now send me thank-you flowers at Oak Drive,… Just kidding!

It turns me on to turn him on. I actually gave him a blowjob in a movie theater once, and once on a sidewalk it was sort of out of view of houses, in a newly developing area …. Yikes, we have done lots of fun things in lots of strange places. Good heavens, Jenny. I found your tips good, but movie theater??? My slight OCD is tripping a little, wondering if you put down a towel or something? Seriously, be careful with the public places.

I understand the draw of that, but make sure you really can keep things between the two of you. I hope things improve on the depression front. That is so tough and can really mess with the sex drive, and everything else of course. Best wishes to you both. Thanks for the comments. I justs stumbled on your website after finding LoveHonorandVacuum.

Have to say how glad i am to find your site. I guess he feels grossed out. Any advice? Yes, I have advice. Get up and brush your teeth. Use mouthwash. Gargle for at least 30 seconds. Return to the bedroom, fresh and ready to smooch. Wow, I am so elated that there are blogs out there to help those who want to really enjoy their intimate life with their spouse!! So, to add my two cents…I have added humming especially if doing more deep throat action when engaging in oral sex with him and he LOVES it, heightens his pleasure immensely!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for daring to discuss these things on this platform, it is so helpful!! The comment by Jenny Mar 26, PM is very helpful. Oral sex, when approached with a positive and playful, loving attitude, is great fun for both the wife and her husband. Ask him to signal you when he is getting close.

Being ready for his orgasm allows you to enjoy it right along with him. We now know that there is not a tiny, fully formed human being resident in the seminal fluid. What absurd nonsense that was previously believed! Loving wives, you can perform oral sex for your husband and bring him to his ejaculation without any needless guilt! Swallowing is a beautiful end to a beautiful and tender act of love.

Thanks for your input, Larry. While I disagree with that line of reasoning, I respect that it is the sincere belief of some people, mostly Catholics. J what do you think of facials or swallowing?

Just wondering is this ok for me to allow my hubby to do? Lots of comments. Way to go, J! My 2 cents are that starting with oral, saliva acts as a sexier, more subtle lubricant than bringing out the bottle of lube.

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