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James Galway, Charles Gerhardt, National Philharmonic Orchestra - James Galway Plays Songs For Annie

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Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Annie's song and other Galway favorites. Subjects Flute with orchestra. Instrumental music. More like this Similar Items. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

Be the first. Compilations See All. James Galway Plays Mozart. The Expressive Voice of the Flute. James Galway - Original Album Classics. The Best of James Galway. Celebrating A Collection of Personal Favorites. Books See All. The Man With the Golden Flute. About James Galway James Galway gained fame as one of Ireland's most popular flautists in the late '70s.

BORN Dec 8, Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Annie's song and other Galway favorites. Subjects Flute with orchestra, Arranged. More like this Similar Items. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Marisa Robles Spanish harpist track 9. Ignace Xavier Joseph Leybach track National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, mostly film music tracks 1—8, 11— Schott Music International publisher; do not use as label track 3. Aria Cantilena for voice and cellos track 2. Dolly Suite, op. Berceuse for piano four hands track 4. La plus que lente, L. Le Basque track 1.

Double track 1. Aria Cantilena catch-all for arrangements track 2. Aria Cantilena for organ, Hulse track 2. The whole series was notable especially for Gerhardt's own, extremely careful, preparation of the scores. Recordings were made in the acoustically outstanding Kingsway Hall and engineered by Kenneth Wilkinson.

The producer of the series was George Korngold , the composer's son. A number of additional pieces were recorded but remain in the vaults.

Although the new CDs do not mention it, the reissues still feature Dolby Surround encoding. In , Gerhardt conducted the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Korngold's score for the Warner Brothers ' film version of Kings Row , also produced by the composer's son George. This was an early digital audio recording available on the Chalfont Records label, subsequently available on CD through Varese Sarabande. Gerhardt retired from RCA in but continued to work as a free-lance producer until He never appeared in public as a conductor, refusing all invitations due to his desire to remain private.

Apr 19,  · By James Horner & Will Jennings - James Galway, Mike Mower, Richard Cottle, Laurence Cottle, Ian Thomas, John Parricelli, Neil Angilley, John Graham, Dave O'Higgins, Pete Long, Steve Sidwell, Sid Gauld, John Higginbottom, Skaila Kanga, Chris Haigh & London Telefilmonic Orchestra.

Jack, The King Of The Tramps - Dandy Livingstone - Conscious

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Unlimited Streaming Listen to this album in high quality now on our apps Start my trial period and start listening to this album. Enjoy this album on Qobuz apps with your subscription Subscribe. Enjoy this album on Qobuz apps with your subscription Listen on Qobuz. Your browser does not support the audio element. Copy the following link to share it Copy. You are currently listening to samples. See More. On sale now So Peter Gabriel. Private Message. Only You. Don't Cry. Love Jah. Disappointed Lover.

Jah Comes First. Love Me. Get Ready. Labels: Leroy Smart. The Soul Vendors - On Tour []. The Tennors - Pressure And Slide. The Soul Vendors - Full Range. Owen Gray - The Lecturer. Owen Gray - Ain't Nobody Home. The Soul Vendors - The Whip. Owen Gray - The Raver. Ken Boothe - Everybody Knows.

Labels: Soul Vendors. Donna Marie - Next Chapter []. Let The Children Sing. Labels: Donna Marie. Alex Zitto - Walakolombo []. Rhythm Of The Heart. Country Girl. Love Will Come. Street Beat. How Far. Labels: Alex Zitto.

Slave Driver. Open Your Eyes. The Creator. A Cup Of Tea. Oh What A Day. Well Without Water. Three Meals A Day. Home Sweat Home. Rodriguez later played with The Specials , whose cover version of the song made it famous. A Trojan subsidiary, Down Town Records, was set up to release Livingstone's output, both as a singer and producer, [1] and the J-Dan subsidiary served the same purpose in the early s.

Livingstone returned to Jamaica, living there until Livingstone resurfaced in with the single "Black Star" on Mooncrest Records and the album Conscious.

On his return to the UK, he recorded a self-titled album at Byron Lee 's studio. I believe by relating a few actual tramp experiences in the shape of this story, the reading public will find something novel and interesting concerning the bright, as well as the dark ways of the "Underworld " — the more, as no stale jokes or love affairs are repeated.

I beg the reader to remember that, while these tales are strictly moral ones, no person can be a tramp and a saint at the same time. If one wishes to challenge the final sentence of Livingston's preface, then for those able to accept, as I have done elsewhere on this site, that Jesus of Nazareth fictional or historical is irrelevant was a tramp par excellence, this would be a helpful starting point.

But to return to Livingston's own thesis of tramping, in the second chapter of Campfire Tales , he places tramps into two categories:. This broad division between the tramp-of-circumstances and the tramp-of-choice is referred to by most of the other tramp writers in this philosophy, except that in Livingston's case, he chooses to pathologise the tramp-of-choice by referring to wanderlust as a malady, and it's advocate as a victim. But then Livingston is not a helpful reference when it comes to the 'science' of tramping.

For those who appreciate understanding human behaviour by forcing it into categories, tramp sociologists from the early s such such as Ben Reitman and Nels Anderson see Introduction have provided over thirty classifications of tramps. What Livingston did helpfully catalogue and discuss, more formally than other tramp writers have done, is the parlance, codes, and symbols that American hobos used to communicate with each other concerning themselves and their environment.

We are particularly indebted to Livingston for preserving, though not as some have claimed 'inventing', the information system of symbols carved by hobos into water tanks and mileposts, and described by him as 'The Code of the Road':. The moralising in this book focuses on the evils of tramps who entice youngsters into the hobo lifestyle, ending with the sentimental tale of a reformed tramp who, in his earlier life, had lured a young boy away from his parents to become his 'prushun', and then on the birth of his own son suffers remorse on account of his former actions.

Although many of the tales told by Livingston and his companions relate the harsher aspects of tramping, they do also contain some lighter moments, such as the feast five starving tramps enjoy on discovering that a chef has forgotten to padlock the ice-box beneath a Pullman dining car:. That night, until well into the small hours of the morning, there was a grand barbecue out in the jungle by the river! We were busy toasting, roasting and eating, without a pinch of salt, pepper nor a piece of bread, the meats, fowls and fish as only five thoroughly starved men, who did not see one chance in a thousand ahead of them to eat soon another meal, could do it.

The Curse of Tramp Life. The following passages from the opening two pages of the book set up the plot as well as Livingston's newly adopted writing style:. The most pretentious one of these w as the home of the manor's expert cook, "Old Aunt Dinah," as "her folks up the hill" affectionately called the trusty old-timer who was considered part and parcel of the Braxton family.

After cautioning her pickaninnies — some her own and others adopted — to "hush up and behave," she turned to her husband and said, "Joe, pore Missus Braxton shore had another one of her crying spells to-day. My pore Missus! How sorrow is eating out her pore heart evah since her boy ran away.

There upon the hill amongst the majestic oaks, in the upper story in the left wing of the Manor, a lighted lamp was moved from room to room. It was held by the hands of the lady of the manor, Mrs. Braxton, clad in her night gown, who now entered the spacious library where she held the brightly burning lamp high before the large picture of a handsome, manly boy of about seventeen, and with her handkerchief she carefully brushed away every particle of dust that might have adhered to the painting and then gazed long and longingly at that beautiful, life-size portrait of her own, only child, her runaway son, Buford.

Tears were streaming down her pallid cheeks and wearily she set the lamp upon the heavy oaken library table, and sank into a chair and placing her head between her hands she wept bitterly. All alone with her sorrow, the mistress.

Any authenticity that Livingston may have achieved in his first two books is now abandoned for the naked self-consciousness of the sensation seeking Victorian novel. But the book does have some original touches, such as the appearance of the author in the second chapter describing himself in the third person as one of the books characters:.

Livingston then shifts to the form of the soliloquy before eventually reverting to the first person. And now, in a rare display of unselfconscious poetry, he describes the grip of wanderlust from whose addictive power it is impossible to shake oneself free I will refer to these passages again in my summing-up :.

There I stopped l ong enough in its shadow to pull my overalls completely over my better clothes. Then, protected from observation by the stacked baggage I slipped through the baggage-room into the train shed, where, hiding behind the truck of an empty baggage car, I gave vent to a loud sigh, the sign of relief from the oppressive feeling, which only now, that I obeyed the "Call of Wanderlust," left me.

And now, again, in the rest of this chapter and the next, we have Livingston back to his authentic and poetic best; here, unapologetically, describing the very life force of the true tramp adventurer:. There, so close to death, that a mere slip would have put a sudden, horrible finish to my career, at least the "Wanderlust" seemed not to prod me, and as I watched those wheels ahead and in the rear of me slowly revolve, squeaking as they passed the many cross-overs and switches, I at last felt that I had given up everything but life itself, to please that bane of my existence.

The faster those wheels revolved, the easier I felt, and as we passed beyond the electric lights of the City and the train gathered speed from a soft purring and murmuring, they began to sing, and when top speed of a mile a minute and over was attained, they fairly screamed with joy. There, hanging on with only those weak, human hands, out of reach of any possible succor, speeding through the night, I felt at peace with all the world.

Livingston, supported by his intimate knowledge of tramp life, now successfully merges his real life experiences with the fanciful plot of the Victorian melodrama introduced in the first chapter; combining both genres for the purposes of a social campaign to affect a change in the law compelling judges to reunite runaway boys with their parents before resorting to custodial sentences—no small feat.

In the chapters that follow, the book settles into an agreeable yarn in which Livingston, as the first person hero, having found and returned a missing diamond bracelet to its owner—Mrs Braxton, lady of the aforementioned manor—is then freed from the horrors of a chain gang to exploit the lady's loss of her son in his avowed mission to change the law concerning the treatment of child tramps:.

The rest of the book recounts Livingston's mission to rescue the runaway boy from from his 'jocker' older tramp who adopts a child tramp for companionship and as a partner in crime, begging, etc. Tellingly, Livingston admits to this story being provoked by feelings of guilt towards the sorrow he caused his own mother. The Trail of the Tramp. Livingston's fourth book, The Trail of the Tramp , once again concerns the author's obsession with child tramps or 'road kids' —opening thus:.

I have never been able to eradicate its details from my memory, as I witnessed its beginning with my own eyes, and its ending, many years later, was told to me by one of the principal participants. I shall relate to you a rarely strange story that will stir your hearts to their innermost depths and will cause you to shudder at the villainy of certain human beings, who, like vultures seeking carrion, hunt for other people's sons with the intention of turning them into tramps, beggars, drunkards and criminals — into despised outcasts.

In this version of the plight of the road kid, Livingston tells the tale of twin boys who run away from home following the death of their father. They are robbed and then befriended by two villains, one a confirmed tramp beggar and the other an armed criminal, only to then be separated for the first time since their birth.

The twin who is conned into accompanying the tramp, ends up in a Denver camp full of other beggars and their road kids. Here Livingston again repeats his familiar refrain concerning the fate of those tricked into this form of tramping apprenticeship, and also the means by which the victims allegiance is secured again, see Josiah Flynt's treatise on road kids :.

One of the road kids in the den of the plingers, who was known by the name of "Danny" One day he had watched some wandering hoboes cooking a mulligan by a campfire, and had helped to eat the stew, and through this had made the first acquaintance of his present jocker, who Brutality is piled on brutality in Livingston's further composition on the evils of tramping, including graphic descriptions of the practice he refers to as ' busting a bronco ', in which a newly recruited road kid who attempts to escape, is first beaten unconscious and then lavished with attention by his jocker as part of the dehumanising process of eliciting total obedience.

At this point of his story, Livingston departs from his fiction to admit that:. Unlike Flynt, Livingston does not refer to the frequent sexual abuse of road kids. He uses the term 'plinger' to distinguish tramps who choose hustling and begging from 'yeggs' out-and-out criminals who disdain plingers , often with the assistance of a child tramp sporting sores 'jiggers' or fake disabilities to elicit sympathy from their victims.

In this book, plingers also abuse alcohol both for their own use and to develop a dependence among their young charges. Livingston's campaigning motives are never far from the surface of his storytelling, as when he breaks with his fiction to propose a solution to the road kid problem. And as Livingston describes that it was not just kids fleeing abuse but also those from loving families that succumbed to the guile and trickery of the jocker, his proposed change to the law below of offering aid rather than custodial sentences to young boys caught begging, seems eminently logical:.

The remainder of the book involves the quest of the twin who had been duped by the yegg, in tracking down his brother who had been led astray by the plinger. The latter only escaping the fate of less fortunate road kids by being arrested while carrying out his jocker's dirty work and serving a prison sentence for his trouble.

Livingston has by this time perfected the art of writing the plot and character driven suspense novel, embellished as they are by his intimate knowledge of tramping, especially his experience of having lived the life of a road kid himself from the age of eleven.

Livingston opens his fifth book, ' The Adventures of a Female Tramp ', with a brief history of the American hobo pre and post the American Civil War and the financial crash of Black Friday ; but as these events are already covered in my Introduction I will not repeat them here.

Livingston is now into full swing as a novelist with a tried and tested formula that piles tragedy upon tragedy before concluding his book with the most unlikely of reunions and happy-endings.

The underlying message of this tale, as with others, is the folly of tramping and the inhuman and heartless treatment of child tramps, of which the heroine of this story is just a further example —starting her tramping career disguised as a boy.

After a successful business venture and marriage, an ex-hobo, suffers a resurgence of wanderlust and drags his new wife along with him to certain disaster. But, other than the entertaining twists and turns of the romantic thriller come bildungsroman, this volume adds nothing of particular substance regarding women tramps than is discussed elsewhere on this site.

Livingston is now well into his campaigning stride even if his refrain has now become repetitive, as the opening passages of the preface to this volume indicate:. While I traveled with tramps I did missionary work among them, but failed to induce even one of the three hundred thousand chronic hoboes who ceaselessly and at will range over this continent, to forsake his unnatural existence.

I set to the task of saving penny upon penny, at the same time studying at the age of thirty-five the "First Reader" and other literature of primary learning. Thus, but insufficiently equipped, I attacked the Road by writing and publishing books which exposed its foremost curse — the boy tramp shame.

Apart from the appearance of Livingston's manifesto on the tramping problem appearing halfway through the book, The Ways of the Hobo is another collection of hobo stories similar to those narrated in Campfire Tales , only this time related by a group of hobos to the landlady of a boarding-house.

Livingston's tramping anecdotes are lively and entertaining, but the obvious fondness and pride in the manner he relates his tramping career is difficult to reconcile with the political posturing on the evils of tramping that preface his books.

The Snare of the Road is yet another treatise on the dangers facing child tramps, partly anecdotal, part autobiographical fact and fiction, there seems no end to the tramping tales collected or experienced by Livingston, and all the while interspersed with cultural references such as yet another version of the classification of American tramps discussed in my introduction:.

The ramblers are further subdivided into two classes: " Foxes" are termed those who ride within the coaches by kiting hat checks, by occupying vacant berths, and by resorting to other tricks of cunning, and "Wolves" tramps who depend on brute strength to accomplish their ends. The wolves in their turn are graded into three distinct ratings: "Catters" — those who ride the platforms of mail express and baggage cars, the tenders of engines, and similar places; "Danglers" — those who suspend themselves from the rods upholding the coach bodies, straddle trucks and brakebeams, or attach themselves to other hazardous outholds beneath the passenger equipment, and last in line are the "Roofers" — those who travel lying stretched full length upon the metallic roofs of the coaches.

As mentioned, I was a rambler and my professional rating was that of a roofer. My favorite place of deadhead traveling was the roof of the dining car if such was hauled in the train I chanced to be hoboing. As with Camp Fire Tales and Ways of the Hobo , Livingston's ninth book, Mother Delcassee of the Hobos , provides another collection of hobo yarns, this time oddly narrated to a bunch of railroad employees in a train depot for their entertainment and enlightenment.

As usual, the tales share amusing anecdotes concerning individual hobo characters, their adversaries, their benefactors, and the sundry scams and swindles they employ to survive.

Of particular interest on pages 43 and 44 of Mother Delcassee is a comprehensive glossary of tramp classifications; some of which are mentioned elsewhere on this site but are reproduced here for easy reference:. Coast to Coast with Jack London. The opening of Livingston's eighth book, Coast to Coast with Jack London , presents the author as already something of a minor celebrity. To prove his credentials to doubters likely including himself he describes a catalogue of supporting evidence of his deeds and achievements:.

And letters penned by appreciative parents of youths, and others by some of the waywards themselves whom by the thousands I had induced to forsake an unnatural existence which was the straight path to mental, moral and physical perdition. And autographic commendations by a long line of national notables, such as Burbank, Edison, Admiral Dewey, three of the presidents of the United States, a governor general of Canada and others too many to enumerate in limited space.

His success at self-promotion included newspaper and magazine interviews, and it was one of these that he claims inadvertently led to his meeting with—the as yet unknown— Jack London. Livingston had bet the editor of the Sunday World Magazine that the average citizen was so ignorant of the dangers of tramping that he would have no trouble in getting a response to a request for a companion to join him on a tramp from the east to the west coast.

But here there seem inconsistencies in the telling of the tale. London's first book was published in at the age of twenty-four, ten years before Livingston published his first book. Livingston says that London was four years younger than him when they met, and that London was ' a youth of perhaps eighteen years ' which concurs with Livingston also saying that they made the trip in So Livingston could himself only have been around 22 —surely to young to have come to the attention of three US presidents?

As Coast to Coast was published in , this would have been 23 years after Livingston's first meeting with London. So how does that square with Livingston's meeting with London resulting from a magazine interview with Livingston the celebrity tramp?

Was Livingston confusing the trip with the date of publication of the book, now aged 45 and a minor celebrity who had settled down to married life. Whatever the case, to add to the authenticity of his tale, Livingston reproduces some very touching letters from London by this time very much the established author to himself in the opening pages of Coast to Coast , both endorsing and encouraging his telling of their adventures, and in which London also refers to Livingston's wife.

So I will simply ignore the conundrum and discuss the trip itself, assuming that at the time of their travels together they were first and foremost tramps, not yet writers.

Indeed when they embarked upon their trip in they had not a cent between them. Though only eighteen, London himself already had a respectable tramping career behind him, and experience as a sailor also. And although he had responded to Livingston's ad as a companion for a trip from coast to coast, he himself acknowledged to be, ' out looking for a comrade with whom to hobo-cruise around the globe '.

But I will curb any further description of his own tramping career as a future biography on my site will be devoted entirely to London, best known of all Victorian tramp writers. This legendary trip did not get off to a great start. Without the six cents between them required to board the ferry to cross the Hudson River, the pair were ejected from Grand Central Station and then made their way to the New York Central freight yard from which they were also chased.

After sharing a loaf of stale bread acquired by London with a third tramp, during the sleep that followed the pair were robbed of their shoes and coats by the ungrateful hobo. They managed to beat a train for seventy miles before being discovered by a railroad sleuth and locked up for their trouble.

In the event, the beginning of the coast to coast trip proved even less agreeable than many of the tramp stories already narrated. What follows was the usual narrow escapes and near death experiences both with railway employees and brigands who pray on hoboes.

This included several arrests and being dislodged from the rods beneath a speeding train by a brakeman playing out a line with a steel spike attached under the train; a common but deadly practice previously referred to on this site as the heavy pin ricochets at high velocity between the railway sleepers and train undercarriage, splintering anything not also solid steel on its way.

Part way through their coast to coast tramp, due to the relentless vigilance of railroad police, the pair were forced to spend some time in what Livingston describes as Chicago's hobo 'abyss'. My Introduction provides a description of the significantly expanded Chicago abyss, or 'main stem', some 30 years later, when it's vagrant population had reached up to 75, Livingston's account of his and London's visit to what would become the largest hobo mecca in the USA, is provided in the following description:.

There the distance of several city squares was lined with buildings the owners or renters of which exclusively catered to the trade brought to town or created there by the transient wanderers of hobodom and peculiar to them only.

black connection let me tell you wat going on black star carribean rock glory be ay glory be you every day gets a little bit sweeter.

Essays In The Moonlight Ill: Permanent Low - Back When - We Sang As Ghosts (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album)

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It's so authentic. That's a whole other story in itself," wrote Frank in his Days of Hope and Dreams book. Speaking of whole other stories, the Crime Story podcast explores further connections. For the podcast, Antholis conducted a two-part sitdown with Sopranos creator David Chase.

Chase also discusses how at one point Van Zandt was seriously considered for the role of Tony Soprano, back when the creator was contemplating a very different tone for the show — more along the lines of "a live-action Simpsons. His sometimes brash, often bitingly comedic introductions to classic film turned some people off initially, but I loved it. When the legendary Osborne passed away in , Mankiewicz slowly moved into the number-one spot on the network, where he has developed into his own brand of host.

During those frequent festivals, however, I never had a conversation with Ben about movies or politics. Whenever we spoke it always ended up being not old Hollywood lore, but about Bruce Springsteen. Ben's love of all things E Street matched my own, and discovering that he was "one of us" was pure delight. I got in touch with Ben to discuss all of this with him, to see what it was like, how it all happened, and how the hell he kept his composure throughout the time spent with the man who has been a part of the fabric of our lives for so many years.

Clearly, I knew nothing about music at the time. So I would say The River was the album that got me. I don't even recall owning Darkness until I was well into my teens.

But I remember listening to The River with my friends, and they were trying to say smart things like '"Sherry Darling" is not a serious song,' and I was thinking, 'Wait, I love this song.

I could visualize that scene so clearly. Ben's first Springsteen concert "My first show was the band's first appearance back in the States after the European tour for Born in the U. I went with my girlfriend and a bunch of friends, and we sat on the floor. I remember Bruce apologized for the show being 'short,' since the band was jet lagged — and it was still over three hours.

You learn to love everything. The extending of 'Glory Days' was euphoric joy to me. That, in a sense, told me that I needed to find a way to go to more of these concerts. But I didn't see him again until the reunion tour.

Since then, I've been to over 40 shows or so. Which, I know, makes me a rookie to a lot of Bruce fans. Politics and Bruce "I shunned politics as a kid. It intimidated me. Embracing the political world my father inhabited took a long time. But seeing how Reagan manipulated Born in the U. It got me to read the lyrics of the song more closely and realize it is a truly patriotic song, but not in the way Reagan interpreted it.

E Street Radio "That channel is not an insignificant development in the good part of my life. It has made a palpable difference in my enjoyment of the day. Clearly, to me, this was a guy you could bring in and talk about John Ford movies for a month.

You knew he would speak the language of Ford. So that's where it started. Then Western Stars comes out, and I thought the movie version of the album was just beautiful. I thought his moments of introspection in between songs added a layer of understanding to the music. Plus it's full of stories about the movies — I mean there's a John Wayne reference in the title track.

Anyway, I saw the movie at a screening at Warner Brothers and bumped into the publicist for the film, and I told her if there was anything we could do to help we would be interested. Conversations took place, and it was set up. The taping "We shot on Monday and aired on Saturday, which is not the normal process. We move at a far slower pace at TCM. I mean, there is rarely "breaking classic movie news. For me, I was so focused on being prepared and not wasting Bruce's time — you can imagine a rookie ballplayer at Yankee stadium who needed a hit.

Of course I thought it was cool, but I was incredibly focused. It was work, so I wanted to deliver something of value to our viewers. And he did. He just gets it, understands it, and he can express it. On location "We had a little over an hour with him.

The guys from E Street Radio were there that day as well. We shot in his studio on the grounds those are not my guitars! Afterwards I called my wife and said the most obvious thing in the world: 'You would love to live here. Western Stars "It was a slow roll-out with the three songs that were released first. I was thrilled for new Bruce music, but I didn't really feel it in my bones until the whole album came out.

And then, when I saw the movie, it shot up to the top half or maybe even top third of my favorite albums. So we're driving, and she asks — I swear this is true — if we could listen to "Tuscon Train"and "Western Stars.

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Along with bumper-to-bumper Bruce, much of the appeal of Hungry Heart is what Hannah describes as a welcoming, liberating, and joyful atmosphere. So if you wanna hear Springsteen songs blasted out loud, dancing and singing with fellow travelers for six whole hours, then this might just be a night for you. Tickets are available via the site: hungryheartevents.

You can also follow Hungry Heart on Instagram and Facebook. Now in its 34th year, Hungerthon is a Thanksgiving tradition and public outreach campaign that has raised millions to support communities across America while building awareness about hunger and it root causes. Head over to Hungerthon. Visit Hungerthon. The holidays are a great time to give thanks and give back to one of Bruce's long-time charity partners. With 37 million Americans, including 11 million children, struggling to get the nutritious food they need, you can join Bruce and WhyHunger to make a lasting difference.

Funds raised through Hungerthon are invested in sustainable community-based solutions to end hunger and it root causes across the U. Springsteen on Sunday airs weekly on Listeners are invited to pick the Bruce Springsteen song of their choice and may include a personal dedication as well. Happy birthday to the coolest DJ in the U. Loving the '60s as he does, he's staying in his 60s one more year: the man is 69 today, born November 22, Of course Stevie has a huge box set coming in just a couple weeks — Rock 'n' Roll Rebel: The Early Work , which is the collection we've all been waiting for.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, Stevie's latest release is a digital single available on Apple Music : a live cover, with the Disciples of Soul, of Bruce Springsteen's "Tucson Train" — recorded in Tucson, natch.

Download now to celebrate the day. Entertainment by Southside Johnny and Asbury Jukes, as Stevie is saluted for his dedication to education — but you have to think there'll be some birthday cake, too.

He's had the chance to do it on the East Coast, and now its time to go West. If you live in or nearby any of these burgs, we hope you'll come by and say hello to Barry — he's looking forward to getting out and meeting more Kickstarter backers and other Springsteen fans, signing books, and talking Bruce. If you can't make it in person, you can order the book from Backstreet Records , follow Barry on Twitter , Instagram , and Facebook , and visit his website at barryschneierphotography.

You could meet Springsteen where it all began for him: Asbury Park. Now we're sending him out west — including the birthplace of Backstreets in the Pacific Northwest — for another run of talks and signings. More dates to come! Come on out, join the festivities, and say hi to Barry. Zimny's film was created with the full cooperation of the Cash estate and is rich with archival materials, many of which were unearthed during the making of the film.

Both versions include Zimny's complete documentary, but the Bonus Cut includes more than 15 minutes of deleted scenes that play after the film ends: more details on the writing of "I Walk the Line"; Cash's childhood and his relationship with his father; the personal impact of his first-ever prison concert in Huntsville, Texas, in ; his career's twists and turns during the s and s; the Folsom concert backstory; the enduring influence of the gospel music performed at his brother Jack's funeral; Folsom Prison as Johnny Cash's "sinner's church"; and Jackson Browne on Cash's "train poetry.

A digital-only release of the film's soundtrack album also is now available. It features selections from the score composed and performed by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, recordings by Johnny Cash including his version of Springsteen's "Further On Up the Road " , and segments of comments from the film's interviewees, including Springsteen. With the demise of other Jersey Shore area holiday shows like Bobby Bandiera's acclaimed Hope Concerts, music fans looking to get into the spirit were pleasantly surprised by last year's sellout inaugural Very Asbury event, which despite its length proved a lighthearted, festive way to kick off the season.

So grab your tickets and head down to the Paramount on Sunday, December 8! Tickets are onsale now via Ticketmaster or the Stone Pony box office.

The evening's festivities, which begin at 7pm, include an afterparty at the Wonder Bar, and attendees are urged to bring new, unwrapped toys for donation to Asbury Park's annual toy drive. Visit asburyparkmusiclives. Club's regular "11 Questions" feature. Question 10 was, "If you could be in any band, past or present, which one would it be? I'd be in the E Street Band. I love Bruce Springsteen, I think he's just amazing in every way.

I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to be Bruce. Just let Bruce be Bruce. But I'd be more than happy to be in the band, maybe drumming, or keyboards, or guitar.

I'm not taking away from any of the existing E Street Band members; I love them all. But I'm just saying, if there's an extra space for me, I'd very much like to be there. They always look like they're having fun on stage. They're playing great songs, which I as a listener never get tired of, so I certainly wouldn't get tired of playing them.

Bruce is doing most of the heavy lifting — he's doing the singing, he's writing the songs — so you essentially just show up to rehearsals. And he's the one that gets slagged off by Donald Trump. I don't know if you saw, but recently Donald Trump referred to Bruce Springsteen as "little Bruce Springsteen," which is amazing to me.

First, I was upset that he attacked Bruce. I thought that was completely uncalled for. Of all the things that Donald Trump's done, please, firstly, lay off Bruce. That he's "little" Bruce Springsteen? He thinks that he can call people little cause he's 6'2"; I am 6'7", and to me, Donald Trump is "little Donnie Trump.

Here's how Merchant answered his own question, "If you could go back in time to any historical event, which would you go back to, and why? I told you before about my love of Bruce Springsteen, and there's a famous concert Bruce did in at the Hammersmith Apollo [aka Hammersmith Odeon. And the British press really had the knives out for him.

They were like, "Who's this Bruce Springsteen guy? He was a bit overhyped, so they all went [to the concert] ready to write a damning review. And by the end of the concert, they were giving him a standing ovation. He won them over with the strength of one concert. The monkey.

The monkey was amazingly nimble, jumped about three feet high in the air and when it came down landed directly on the dog's back, bit firmly in the dog's neck, grabbed his opponent's left ear with his hand thereby preventing the dog from turning his head to bite him.

In this totally surprising situation the monkey now began to work over the dog's head with his club and he pounded so forcefully and relentlessly on the dog's skull that the poor creature cried out loudly Eventually the dog's corpse is carried from the ring.

What's more surprising is that someone in went to the trouble of carving an engraving to commemorate the event. Hey, 18th-century dog-fighters — get a life! Then again, back here in the 21st century, Wikipedia editors would pick apart a description of the event sentence by sentence in a dog-fight of their own.

Reading the article's "History" page ultimately offers its own morbid spectator sport. In a six-part, word entry, user SirIsaacBrock according to his user page, a Canadian MBA first described recreational "monkey baiting" in March of — and was unaware that his status as a Wikipedia editor would soon come to an end. It is proposed that this article be deleted, because of the following concern: this seems like nonsense The user was later reassured by Sir Isaac's involvement in another full-scale WikiProject — documenting various forms of animal baiting — and left an apology on Sir Isaac's own Wikipedia discussion page.

Six days later, another user would also add: "Thanks for the correction in Badger Baiting You could strike me down if I ever saw such a thing before in my life He has since been banned from Wikipedia. While fans with bulging wallets crowd the Apple stores, Apple already knows they're doomed.

Apparently, they fully expect iTunes to choke on all the traffic from iPhone activations. Apple wants to dissipate as quickly as possible the crushing mobs at their retail stores, so they've promoted the first-of-its-kind online activation heavily: Activating iPhone takes only minutes as iTunes guides the user through simple steps to choose their service plan, authorize their credit and activate their iPhone, Apple said.

Once iPhone is activated, users can then easily sync all of their phone numbers and other contact information, calendars, email accounts, web browser bookmarks, music, photos, podcasts, TV shows and movies just like they do when they sync their iPods with iTunes. But, at least then, they don't have to deal with a lynch mob at the retail level. In the memo, employees are told to expect some customers to return to stores in person to complain, though it should be a small number.

And then suggest that they go home and try again an a little while. And under no circumstances will they be allowed to activate their phones in-store. Both companies' customer support lines will probably be massively busy.

We say to Apple, "Good luck with that. Bill Gates 5 Sexiest Apple Videos. This article is satire. It's a battle of pop culture titans as two empires -- one high-tech, one high-rise -- clash in explosive PR fury. Since these two heavyweight memes have climbed into the competitive media ring of their own volition, we thought we'd size them up for you. As Stephen Colbert would say: "Pick a side -- we're at war! Paris Hilton: Simple. Paris Hilton: Has herpes. Paris Hilton: Critics complained prison life too short.

Paris Hilton: Knows how to drive. Sort of. Paris Hilton: Responds to touch from multiple fingers at once. Paris Hilton: Wants to be held by her mother. Paris Hilton: Sexy footage leaked onto the net. Paris Hilton: Appeared in House of Wax. Paris Hilton: Everyone knows what's in the box. Feel free to make your own comparisons in the comments He was finally released on April 3 of this year.

Press reports about Wolf have described him as an anarchist, and he has described himself as an anarchist sympathizer. Wolf has been all over the media talking about his free speech struggle with the U.

He was on "Democracy Now! While we conversed about his case, we also wanted to delve more deeply into the issues that motivated the case in the first place: anti-globalist activism, anarchism, and his new projects to "Free The Media" and give prisoners a voice in the blogosphere.

Scott J. I think people found it a bit confusing and anti-climactic. And it was also reported incorrectly all over the place in the press. The stories ranged from things like: "The government decided they have no interest in Josh Wolf and therefore they are letting him go" that would've been nice — to "He finally caved under the pressure. Basically, there were two things that the government wanted. One of those things was that tape. I felt that I shouldn't have had to turn that over to the government, but at the same time there was absolutely nothing sensitive or confidential on it.

So it was worth fighting for, but once I had lost my fight in the district court level in the 9th circuit, there wasn't really any reason not to publish the tape and simultaneously turn it over to the government.

I mean, yeah, those shots of my shoes are a bit embarrassing but they're not worth going to jail over. So once we had exhausted our appeals, we offered to turn over the tape in exchange for my release. But the U. Attorney said he wouldn't accept anything but full compliance with the demand of the subpoena. That would have involved testifying before a grand jury and turning over my documentation for my video-editing software But on February 14, the judge suddenly ordered the case into mediation with a magistrate judge.

During the course of two mediations, we came to an agreement — I would publish the tape and then turn it over to the federal government, and they would not object to my release. And they decided to call this full compliance with the subpoena, although it wasn't full compliance at all. So that's where we stand right now. The government still has the option to re-subpoena me to try to make me testify about the content of the tapes or what I saw there that night.

But I don't think they're going to because they know that I'm not going to testify. I'll go back to jail and it will be an even bigger public fiasco for the U. Attorneys office. And they're not really short on public fiascos right now. RU: You got a fair amount of support from the mainstream press on this. I assume that the government figured you were some punk blogger, and they could yank you out of all social circumstances and throw you deep into the hole, and there would be very little discussion about it.

But quite a few journalists expressed their concern in terms of the protection of journalists. Did this surprise you at all? JOSH: The reception from the journalistic community has been very much mixed — especially in the mainstream journalist community. Even from the alterna-press, there were some mixed receptions. Some journalists realize that if they're coming after me — they're next. And they realize that this whole concept of objective journalism is kind of a misnomer.

You can never be objective. But some get very offended by the idea that I should be protected, because protecting me makes it easier for them to be attacked as being part of the same group.

And I think that's one of the things at the crux of the public's reception to protests in general. I mean, in this particular protest, there was one violent incident where one police officer was injured probably by one protester. And because of that. RU: The big mainstream media question is "Can bloggers be journalists? And I think the counter-argument would be that nearly everyone could become a blogger, and then everyone would be protected from giving evidence.

So a group could conspire to break laws and members who blog could be protected. Karl Rove could become a journalist and make the same kind of claim!

JOSH: That argument's flawed, because if you are involved in a criminal activity, you don't have to testify because you're protected by the Fifth Amendment. RU: Good point! They say, "Here's a waiver. You no longer have the Fifth Amendment. And consider the First Amendment — freedom of speech. Why doesn't that include freedom of silence?

Why does the freedom to speak not include the freedom not to speak? And so, yes — journalists should be protected in order to protect the act of journalism. But in a larger context, why do we have coercive custody to force people to testify? I mean, it's really a form of very low-grade torture — we're going to hold you in custody until you break down and speak. RU: : It's definitely something we don't accept from gangsters, but we do seem to accept it from the state.

Tell us a little about your prison experience. What kind of prison were you in and what kind of interactions did you have with the prisoners? JOSH: It wasn't a country club but it was kind of like being in a really, really low-rent camp. But you can never leave. I kept waiting for the fishing trip, like when you're at camp, you're thinking about the fishing trip. It never came. JOSH: It was kind of like being in a college dorm, except there were fewer choices.

There weren't any girls. Unlike college, there was not much in the way of drugs or alcohol. The guys were all pretty cool. They were mostly a combination of bank robbers, drug dealers, a few white-collar criminals. The most interesting segment of the prison population are the "Piezas. The term has been adapted to those that are here from Mexico. Most of these guys had no prior criminal history. They were in jail for crossing the border — an imaginary line.

We've decided that's a felony. And they've been getting between three and five years in jail. And while they're incarcerated, they have to work. And they're often fined for their crime. They're fined an amount that just happens to add up to the cents-an-hour that they make while they're incarcerated. So our government has time-share slaves. Instead of getting our slaves from Africa, we're getting people that come to America to build better opportunities for themselves. And they end up spending three-to-five years building government furniture.

RU: This kind of slavery or serfdom becomes even more interesting when you have privately-owned prisons. I imagine that you were in a state-controlled prison.

JOSH: It was a federally-owned prison. I think there's somewhere between three and five privately-contracted prisons in the federal system. A lot of states, particularly in the south, have more private prisons than public prisons.

It's very disturbing that we have contracted out our prisons because there's a certain public oversight that's expected — or at least should be expected — when it comes to a government-run operation. But when you give prisons to the Wall family to run, it becomes a private business.

And lots of things that are private in private businesses remain private. When that involves controlling human movement, it becomes really dangerous RU: I think having a profit interest in incarceration is about as skeevy as you can get. Although I certainly know some libertarians who would disagree with me. Did you wind up finding any compatriots in prison? Did people discuss politics? And did people there know why you were there? JOSH: Most everyone was aware of it.

Of course, the level of understanding varied. In its simplest terms, I was there for refusing to cooperate with the government. I was going to jail for not being a snitch. Having not committed a crime and then also "not snitching" — that's pretty respectable in the prison hierarchy.

I think the only person above that was probably Greg Anderson because he's a friend of Barry Bonds. Not snitching on Barry Bonds… that was like… "Whoa! And he's a trainer! And people in prison are into working out so that's a sort of demigod-like position. In terms of the politics, I found compatriots at different levels. I spoke about political activism. I had a few books about anarchism that were sent to me that were passed around the prison. It's kind of interesting that those got in.

They didn't try to censor it. RU: : They didn't understand what they were, probably. JOSH: They weren't going to allow a press release to come out that the prison was censoring reading material. RU: Tell us about the project you are developing involving prisoners. JOSH: I've started prisonblogs. We want to pair up individual prisoners with sponsors on the outside who agree to type up what they have to say and post it on their own blog.

There are lots of military blogs, which the government's currently trying to crack down on. So now we'll have prison blogs. The media oftentimes can't get access to what goes on behind those walls. And the people I've encountered have amazing stories about prison culture and their oppression at the hands of the guards — stories that don't get out to the public.

RU: Are they ever allowed to blog at all? Also, wasn't there a law passed against interviewing prisoners — a sort of blockade against prisoners communicating to the media? JOSH: It can be different between the states and the feds.

In federal prisons, you can interview prisoners — I've seen prison interviews. At the facility I was in, they refused any filmed interviews, but they permitted phone interviews. I don't know exactly what the state rules are, but I know Schwarzenegger just vetoed a bill that would've opened the gates a little further.

But I'm dealing with what prisoners can do, in terms of self-publishing. I know they can't get publish with a byline and they can't get paid for it. Now I don't know whether a blog counts as publishing with a byline, but RU: …Is there evidence that this will be allowed? YouTube will share ad revenue with year-old Brandon Fletcher. It's just 46 days after Brandon's YouTube show launched, and he sent me an email this morning.

It had a link to the breaking story, and a single emoticon. These children were buried in the Iron Age, in the 12th or 11th century, shortly after the Philistines supposed arrival in the region. The results showed that the four Iron Age infants all had some genetic signatures matching those seen in Iron Age populations from Greece, Spain and Sardinia. The researchers interpreted these results as evidence that migration indeed occurred at the end of the Bronze Age or during the early Iron Age.

Intriguingly, their DNA already had a mixture of southern European and local signatures, suggesting that within a few generations the Philistines were marrying into the local population. In fact, the European signatures were not detectable at all in the individuals buried a few centuries later in the Philistine cemetery.

Genetically, by then the Philistines looked like Canaanites. That fact in itself offers additional information about Philistine culture. Nor, it would seem, did other groups categorically have that taboo about them, either. Excavation of the Philistine Cemetery at Ashkelon. Ryskamp This work provides information on the records, sources, and reference works used in research and all major Hispanic countries. The author discusses basic research principles, then goes on to discuss language and handwriting, Hispanic surnames, methods of tracing Hispanic immigrants in US records, and how to conduct Hispanic genealogy research in LDS family history centers.

The work then examines the types of records found in all Hispanic countries and indicates where particular record types are found. It shows you how to organize your family papers; how to enter enter information into a genealogy computer program so that you can easily manage, store, and retrieve your data; how to analyze the data and place it in various tables, charts, and forms, and how to put together a family history notebook - all the while using conventional record sources with the modern search and retrieval system www.

Mike told his audience that Dark Agenda is the "most compelling defense of Christianity" that he has read, noting that David is a prominent Jew who is speaking out.

Here's what Mike Huckabee said:. Written by David Horowitz, Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America is an extraordinary look into the sick and twisted efforts to create a godless, heathen America - and explores how these efforts must be stopped.

Now this famed author investigates the hate-filled radicals who envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished. He warns these rising hateful attacks threaten all Americans - Christians and Jews alike.

Dark Agenda delivers a shocking look at the rise of anti-Christianity, unequivocally showing how radical allies are dead-set on extinguishing Judeo-Christian values - the very foundation of our democracy. Should this happen, freedom as we know it will perish.

Dark Agenda is a must-read for every God-loving, faithful Christian in America. Or even Jews like Horowitz who worry about the future of all religious freedoms The shocking truth behind the "most hated woman in America. The untold story of her ruthless lies and deceptions How the Supreme Court overturned a year-old tradition established by our Founding Fathers and took separation of church and state and turned it upside down The deliberate whitewashing of history by the left, which has gone so far as to remove the Pilgrims from history books MM 10 Top Christian Billionaires While the direction of a Christian life is morally and spiritually rewarding, many people of Faith have also prospered economically.

The magnate is affiliated with the Lutheran church. The clothing lines the company sells tend to be simple, but elegant items consistent with Lutheran traditions. The billionaire supermarket mogul became the wealthiest person in Germany from the humble corner started by his mother, Anna. Now called Aldi markets, the business grew out of the economic plight of World War II and the lean stores carried only fast selling items. Founded by Sam Walton, the mega-corporation has a long history of religious ties to the community and the senior Walton once hired a former nun to oversee company policies.

Known for devout faith-based leadership, Wal-Mart and the owning family members have Presbyterian affiliations. Despite the lack of consistent Sunday participation on his part, the luxury brand mogul believes in a strong religious upbringing. All of his children attend Catholic schools in Paris. The Koch brothers have a long and controversial history on social issues, including religious institutions. Their religious background includes a great-grandfather, William Ingraham Kip, who was an Episcopalian bishop.

Born and raised in Mexico City by parents who were immigrants from Lebanon, the chairman of America Movil grew up in a devout Roman Catholic home. His parents were members of the Maronite Catholic sect and he reportedly helped finance and placed his children in the Legion of Christ schools in Latin America. The founder of Facebook and a household name due to his public social media rise to fame, Zuckerberg only recently heard to calling to God. Although he was formerly an outspoken atheist, his growing family commitments and Jewish upbringing have pulled him toward religious devotion.

His wife, Pricilla, is a Buddhist and Mark began celebrating Christmas and Hanukah after denouncing atheism. He appears to be still finding his foothold with Christ, as he explores all three religions and has enjoyed a one-on-one meeting with Pope Francis.

The Spaniard co-founded Zara, a clothing and accessories retail company based out of Galicia, Spain. He is the embodiment of rags to riches who believes in staying true to his roots. His charitable acts have made a tremendous difference in terms of health care, education and human suffering. However, he is a Christian who utilizes deep moral guidance in the oversight of his business empire.

They attend a Catholic Church as a family. He draws heavily on Scripture especially the account of Cain and Abel in his explanation of the way in which, from the beginning, personal sin undermines the very basis for affirming love and life. Here the pope reviews the history of man created in the image of God, and explains the implications of our being so created.

Human life has its meaning within the context of the good Creation, and is fulfilled only in union with God. Man is not the master of life, nor is he the master of death, the pope stresses. Instead, man entrusts imself entirely to God, who has given him life.

Life, therefore, is always good. Thus suicide and euthanasia are always fundamentally immoral. It is impossible, the pope states, for life to be authentic and complete if it is detached from good, from the truth that is the Law of God. This truth is fulfilled in Jesus. And worst, we accept that some country or government legalized abortion. Having read evangelium vitae made me realize that I should work now and do my duty as a catholic and as a child of God. As a student I should know the different ways to help and support the fight for Anti-RH bill, because every human, every breathing person counts no matter what status or position you are in the community.

For catholics every mass we attend there are prayers offered seeking guidance and protection against all anti life forces, it would not take so much of our time and effort to join the prayers and pray it with all our heart. A lot of catholic and christian community are helding prayer brigades and programs that aims to educate and touch the hearts of those people who are blinded of promoting rh bill, it will be a big help if we support those and be really there to witness and experience it.

And most of all, we, within ourselves we should never practice any form of controlling the formation of life in any form. It is pathetic that we support and pray all those mentioned later part if we to ourselves does not practice these, and commit any anti life actions. We should be responsible whenever we engage to sex, sex is sacred to married couples only.

Sent by Robert Torres rwtorres gmail. Needless to say, Shupe is no longer a hero to the cultural Marxists. Praise God that Mr. Shupe had his eyes opened to the dangers of his former lifestyle. How did we get to the place where even the most ridiculous violation of common sense and decency becomes a "righteous" cause worthy of overturning thousands of years of shared morality?

AFA is fighting back against this dangerous agenda. I have prepared a resource to help people like you be informed on this issue. For a generous donation of any amount, we will send you The Bible and Homosexuality, Vol. And wouldn't you think that when radical homosexual activists won the right to legally marry, they would be satisfied? Oh, no. They are not satisfied — and will never be.

And the creator of this sexual anarchy is the devil, and he won't stop until this divine model is twisted, ruined, and destroyed — and America along with it! Now, I understand that in our cultural context these issues of sexual orientation and gender can challenge Christians, since we are called to "speak the truth in love" Eph. After all, so many of us have been touched in our own families or churches by these heartbreaks.

Meeting that challenge begins by understanding what the Bible says about homosexuality. Complete the donation form and I'll send this resource to you right way. Religious Landscape Study , which surveyed more than 35, U. That share is still remarkably high when compared with other advanced industrial nations.

This population—comprising a wide variety of Protestants as well as Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and adherents of other faith traditions—was, on the whole, just as religiously committed in as it was in And some measures showed that the religiously affiliated appeared to be even more religiously committed in than in But a growing minority of Americans say they have no religious affiliation at all. Twenty-three percent of Americans said they identified as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular in —up from 16 percent in Still, the majority of Americans without a religious affiliation say they believe in God.

Anthony Eudelio Varona, an attorney and educator who specializes in administrative law, communications and media law, and sexuality and gender law, has been named the new dean at the University of Miami School of Law. He previously served two years as vice dean at Washington College of Law, was associate dean for faculty and academic affairs for six years.

Varona has won numerous awards for his teaching and scholarship, including the American University Outstanding Teaching Award in a Full-Time Appointment. He will begin his new role as dean of the School of Law on Aug. He entered teaching full-time as an associate professor of law at Pace University School of Law in Born in Cuba, he left the island with his mother and grandparents at age 3, living for a short time in Spain before the family reunited with his father in Newark, New Jersey.

He has family in South Florida, and with his husband John Gill, an internet communications expert, has had a second home in South Florida for eight years.

Earlier in his career, Varona was an associate at Skadden Arps and Mintz Levin, and an honors program enforcement attorney at the Federal Communications Commission. He is co-author of the second and third editions of the casebook Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, author or co-author of many law review articles and essays, and editor and contributor to Teaching from Practice: A Guide for New Full-Time and Adjunct Law Professors, which will be published by Elgar in Varona is also a contributor to Huffington Post and the press organization Shadowproof, which supports a model of independent journalism and a diverse range of young freelance writers and contributors.

He is a member of the Bars of the U. Despite its teachings that are considered conservative even in Turkey, some have praised the movement as a pacifist, modern- oriented version of Islam, and as an alternative to more extreme schools of Islam such as Salafism.

The profile estimated that there were about affiliated schools nationwide, with about 36 Harmony School in Texas, serving "mostly underprivileged students" and all emphasizing math and science. Gulen Charter School- We were very dedicated to this group until we realized there was more to these schools than just "education".

Our posts are from actual news sources and government data such as IRS tax returns, H1-B Visa information and other documentation. The Cosmos Foundation ran by Turkish Nationals who are known members of the Gulen Movement have abused many state and federal laws.

Cosmos is the largest abuser of H1-B Visas for foreign teachers than the largest school district in America. Scratch your head and wonder why the Gulen Movement is getting away with reverse discrimination? We believe in the power of beauty to transform culture — that's why we're shaping the next generation of artists and innovators with academic excellence, unparalleled creativity, and an authentic community centered on Jesus Christ.

Explore our full undergraduate and graduate program list, and receive a free viewbook by clicking below. We'll even offer you a Full App Fee Waiver just for expressing interest. My practice is to highlight some special feature from the arts and architecture of colonial Mexico: sometimes a building, a sculptural relief, a statue, a painting or a mural, either individually, or in combination or comparison with other objects or monuments.

In addition my focus is usually on less familiar works, and their special aspects. I hope to entertain and inform as I go, and usually offer some opinion or interpretation. Please note: our new pages on Mexican murals are now posted on our sister blog, mexicosmurals. During June we showcased several churches in the popular baroque style of Puebla, as well as new posts on "drowned" churches. For July and August we look at missions, churches and chapels in Jalisco, with a focus on carved stone crosses.

We also plan to visit historic churches in Oaxaca and their artistic legacy. Welcome to our blog on the arts of colonial Mexico. I welcome constructive comment from my readers and fellow enthusiasts of colonial Mexico. So, stay with me. We finish up our current series on the popular baroque churches of Puebla with a visit to the former Franciscan church of Santiago Apostol Chignahuapan near Zacatlan in northern Puebla. The present church was rebuilt in the mids and updated again later in the early s Although the sculpture niches are currently empty, a dramatic painted equestrian relief of the militant patron Santiago adorns the crowning gable, mounted on his steed with flying cloak and banner.

Statues of Franciscan saints accompany the figure of the Archangel Michael in the upper niche, trampling the devil beneath his feet. By Julia Moskin, June 4, Five years after she moved to the United States from her native Mexico, she is at the tipping point of world culinary fame. Her year-old restaurant, Contramar, is both a beloved institution and a power-lunch destination: the Union Square Cafe of Mexico City.

Her San Francisco restaurant, Cala, has established her here as both an eloquent translator of modern Mexican food and an advocate for social justice: She provides health insurance and other benefits to all full-time employees, many of whom are recruited through job programs for the formerly incarcerated.

This summer she will open a restaurant in Los Angeles with Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, whose casually fabulous cooking mirrors her own. And last month, she got a bigger platform: The Mexican government named Ms. The duties are vague, but the recognition is unmistakable. Sent by Gilbert Sanchez, Ph.

June 25, David-James brings to light primary documents that show how Orange County politicians and white society kept the emergent Mexican American population at the level of survival.

David-James, who received his doctorate at USC, is conducting further research in Orange County with plans to publish his work. Some five years earlier in Dr Jody Agius Vallejo published Barrios to Burbs, a top-flight comprehensive investigation of a topic not seriously studied—Mexican Americans becoming white, that is, acquiring middle class status.

Here I find it important to highlight something that immediately caught my attention. These are lifelong friends who made it into the middle class. They are college educated, own a home in a white neighborhood, raised a family, and are now retired. Without question, some of their kids have married into non-Latino families. In chapter 5, Vallejo draws a biographical picture of Vincent, an interviewee, which illustrates how the concept of identity is such a most personal concept.

When Vallejo first approached him, he defined himself as white. He recalls his background to the author as follows:. At work they call me a coconut. For this reason his father moved the family out of the barrio and into the burbs. I heartily recommend Barrios to Burbs because of the under the radar insights Vallejo has uncovered, viz.

The remainder had their origins in middle class families. They range in age from 29 to 51 but the 40 out of 70 are in their 30s. The author labored for three years in conducting her ethnographic study. She stopped her research after reaching a point of saturation where no new information was being discovered p There are a number of interesting facts about Jody Agius Vallejo who says she is not Mexican American p She and her sister learned Mexican American cultural ways at home.

She married Johnny, a middle class Mexican American. Some of her respondents perceived Jody as Mexican or Spanish because of the dark eyes and hair see photo below.

Others supposed her Maltese maiden name to be Mexican or Basque. Yet another group saw her as Anglo. A note to the reader. This is the last in a series of articles on Identity submitted to SomosPrimos.

The Awards are now by far the largest Latino cultural Awards in the USA and with the finalists this year in 95 categories, it has now honored the greatness of 2, authors and publishers over the past two decades. The size of the Awards is proof that books by and about Latinos are in high demand.

About a third of the winners were from major U. In order to handle this large number of books, the Awards had judges in The judges shared how hard it was because their are now so many great books being published.

The Awards celebrates books in English, Spanish and Portuguese. More than 70 episodes of the Latino Reads Podcast have now aired. I started out at the age of eight making home movies for my parents and family members in the US and Mexico.

When on a spiritual pilgrimage one day, my sister handed me this big VHS camera. I drew it all straight into the computer layer by layer and had stupidly tight deadlines, ended up like working day and night and not sleeping or nothing. BS: how did you come to work with herbaliser? I suppose it came out of the work i done for Skitz and Rodney P, really. In other ways it was a hell of a lot of drawings and a lot of work to do, especially as I was learning as I went along.

BS: you have just recently painted the front of some ones house? Yeh, a listed building laughs we got into a lot of trouble about that more laughs so it had the effect, certainly all the local papers liked it. BS: have you done exhibitions before? BS: so theirs no barriers- your willing to experiment? Experiences, pain, inspirations have all played a part in where we are today.

Just stop for a moment and look back, most of us had a defining moment which placed us on this road. Mine came after my last lockdown, I went back to school for a different approach, there I met a teacher who whispered to me one day "you have talent in photography", no one had said that to me before and I ran with it. I asked thirty-six people involved in hip-hop music if they would share their defining moments in their lives with us.

The response was both sincere and real, it reminded me of my moment. The list and the stories go on - next time you see them ask them the stories behind the pictures.

Be inspired, as you can see we are not that different from each other, except everyone here made a choice. Shootin Star from the Extremists sums it up with his inspiration, a simple statement from Rev. Martin Luther King. Status: still on da bus till my next stop. Then you'll hear a crew pop up from nowhere and totally blow you away… that's Iron Bridge. Let's start off with a Smash Hits question; who are Iron Bridge?? Have you had any other producers wanting to work you since the first EP?

Not DJ Pager? No, Pager was the producer on the first EP but now he's doing his own thing, he's working on a new EP. Are you on that? Yeah us, Tekneek and Ity from Ill Psychosis and I think another group from somewhere else, so it should be good! People seem shocked that there's hip-hop coming out from Essex - it's only like 30 miles away from London, but the talent seems more raw and undiluted. Why do you think that is? Because there's loads of rappers in Essex, but they're too scared to face the outer world To me rapping is like a hour hobby, but to them it's more a weekend thing.

Who outside of the UK do look up to and maybe like to work with? Evil Ed wanted to do some stuff, I done the posse cut for Doyen's album and a few underground MCs and beat makers have contacted me.

But I'll work with most people. What about the tracks you recorded with Ill Psychosis - will they ever see the light of day? Yeah, I'm putting together a compilation so some of tracks will go on there, but the rest of them are just sitting there getting dusty.

There's a lot of humour in Essex hip-hop, do you think that's the way forward? I like sick humour, black comedy. Who else is there in Essex crew-wise? Wasn't you in contact with him about some beats? Yeah but he turned out to be a faggot!! Do you still respect him as an artist? Yeah I still would like to work with him. The other thing about rappers from Essex, I think freestyle-wise they're untouchable, because they're proper hungry for it.

Verbals could make anyone look silly on stage. You're still quiet young 22 , but I've noticed that you know a lot about the old days of hip-hop, whereas a lot of the rappers today got into rapping because of Tupac and Biggie and act like they're the dons - when did you get into it? Well my sister use to listen to it and I got into it because of her, and then my cousin gave me a load of records,. If you're from Essex and into hip-hop get in touch with Blokey at bigph tblokey.

But over the process of time, instead of coming down with a big bag of weed he'd come with a Bible. Standing five-strong their faith, both in Christianity and hip-hop, seems unshakeable. With the recording this year of their debut album 'Chronicles' they finally cemented a ten-year legacy that has taken all of them on a physical, spiritual and musical journey, a journey that was recognised with the inaugural award for Best Gospel Act at the UKHip-HopAwards.

His words combined with the inspiration of their born-again homeboy "his life just totally transformed in front of our eyes! I think one of the things we always try to stress and make people realise is that we are people who have developed a relationship with God.

The future looks rosy for the South London microphone ministers, but to fully appreciate the Green Jade saga it's the past that holds the key. Eight years ago they were just another crew - writing rhymes, bunnin' weed on weekends and facing the same situations any group of headstrong young men in the city faces on a daily basis. But as Judah explains, it was those very situations that started a chain of events that would totally change their lives; "One of the guys that used to hang out with us, Matthew, he was going through a lot of problems - there were some brothers from Balham looking to chop him up, run him down.

He met a girl at his workplace, and she started inviting him to church. I think the most. With their album on the shelves at long last, Green Jade as recorded artists have now entered the world of the mass media. But religion and the media are often a volatile mix, something that they are only too aware of. News and documentaries, they only give one side of the story Funny how one word can inspire so much negative feeling in people. Mistrust, contempt, fear, even hatred. Some of you reading may be feeling these things right now just 'cos I've brought up the subject.

Mention the word 'hip-hop' to many people and the same feelings are apparent. Seems like you can't tell anyone a thing about either these days, and while there are any people who can and will argue 'til their blue in the face about both religion and hip-hop, there are few that would say that combining the two could be pulled off with any credibility. Well, forget what you know people because a new voice has just joined the argument, one with such clarity and confidence that, whatever your opinion, you might just be forced to stop and listen To me the sad thing about that is that it just gives out the picture that..

As well as a ten-year history, an undeniably bangin' album, an award and more live shows than you can shake a mic-stand at, they also use their seemingly endless enthusiasm to provide opportunities to many other artists. Promoting nights under the name 'Re:Birth' Wizdom and Logikal have hosted some of the most positive jams to be found in the big bad smoke, and are looking to expand to Birmingham and onward.

And with his occasional'Musicians' Ministry Network' forums, Judah provides other artists with an opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of the music industry, share contacts and resources, and generally indulge in the sort of networking that leads to people realising dreams. They're also looking to the future with the establishment of an entire army of artists in the shape of their rapidly developing foundation 'Zionnoiz', and as if all that wasn't.

Words by Grammar Photos by Gil Reynolds www. Pretty sickening, eh? Seems like these boys can do no wrong at the moment, and once you meet them there's no way you can hold it against them - their combination of profound thought and manic enthusiasm is infectious to say the least, both in person and on record.

Are any of those feelings from earlier about that word 'religion' still hanging around? I spent about three months designing badges, posters and any type of product you can imagine putting a licensed image on, and working under an artistic director who was a tailor and had no practical design experience in graphics.

That, and the fact that the company made half a million in sales in the first two months, made me start thinking I should be running my own company not making a measly wage. BS: What inspires you in your design work? I get inspiration from a lot different areas. Music, books, movies, friends.

Sometimes I will hear or see something that sparks an idea and I will use it later in a piece without even realizing it. I was a huge comic book fan growing up, got a massive collection so that was the main influence on me as I came up. Not that I am in their league but they were inspirational in their work and it affects what you do and the way you do things.

To be honest, BAD artwork is also inspiring. Sounds funny but if you see a really poor piece of work on a cover or advert or something, it can spur you on. It gives you a sense of your own talent and a belief that you know you can do better than that, nothing wrong with that at all. I am sure it is the same for musicians and producers, when they have a beat in the closet that could blow away something they are hearing on the radio. Mainly I am inspired by positive people around me and working with people who are striving for the same things in their work.

Not necessarily caught up in the more shallow aspects of their business like who they worked for or who was talking about their work, but more into the quality of work and satisfying themselves first and foremost that they have done the best job possible at the time.

Big up Mr. Wiz, you know the deal! BS: Have you ever had any bad experiences with the design process, or deadlines? One of my tutors at the Cartoon Centre told me that most companies would rather have an average, finished piece of work on their desk in their desk rather than wait a month extra for a work of genius. The only real problems I have had with the design process have been technical, machines acting crazy for no reason, printers not being able to read disks or fonts and paragraphs repaginating for no reason before they are set to go to final print.

The biggest problem is often the client to be honest. It just depends; the hardest part is trying to find a compromise between your own ideas, their management is a good skill to have in this field. Dario Sanchez V. Design Interviewed by Dirty Harry vcircle1msm.

Lately I have been moving more towards doing more corporate work, high—end digital scanning, typesetting letterheads, business cards, brochures etc. I am working with a few publishing companies in California. I still do the album work for whoever needs it, that will always be a staple diet for me, but you have to keep things fresh and I think thirteen years in the music business is more than sufficient. I am also trying to be more self-sufficient as always, to be less reliant on bringing in clients to pay the bills.

I am licensing more t-shirt designs to outside companies which brings in money without having to do the work of promoting it yourself, also in the process of working a deal to get my longstanding comic strip published and a book I have been stewing over for a while. Lately I have also become more interested in web design, currently building my own site and will start to offer that service to other people if it all works out well. So I am open to whatever possibilities present themselves, things change and you have to be versatile enough to go with the flow.

To me hip-hop nowadays is like the Jedi were in the first Star Wars flick. A few old practitioners of the true art, a few newbies trying to learn and continue the legacy and a few twisted evil ones polluting it for their own purposes!

Give me a Miles Davis album any day of the week and I am happy, maybe I am just getting old. Ireland has always had a strong hip-hop following, but a small, strong hip-hop following. Personally I feel that being a part of this is more than a good reason to fight harder to keep it alive, for it to evolve in this country not that it hasn't already evolved ; there are very dedicated people keeping the elements alive and healthy. When I talk about its following I'm talking about the heads that are doing something about it DJing, MCing, graffing and breaking.

All these elements are alive in Ireland. More youths are buying studio equipment, I think now more than ever before, and there are more people producing their own stuff. I listen to a lot of different music and consider myself to be open-minded, but I feel that one music that hip-hop always has to fight harder against is shit commercial hip-hop and house music, because the majority of people club-goers etc.

I'm not a house music fascist but I am aware, I am aware that hip-hop music is my Prozac, it makes me feel good instantly and I don't need any drugs to help me feel that way! But seriously, every time I go into a club that usually plays house music it makes me feel stronger about what I'm into… hip-hop. No music is natural, music is an inorganic phenomenon, and it's homegrown but constructed as a food, pleasure for the mind, for my mind. For our minds.

I'd definitely like to see more creativity and I'm determined that I will. Hip-hop is only one genre in the vast world of music, and it is not healthy to just listen to one type of music, but whatever you do don't listen to techno! Now I'm just bullshitting. I can't tell people what to listen to, when I play my records they either like it or they don't, but it would be nice to know that I influenced somebody, maybe through the radio. Ragga, hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae - the kind of stuff that reaches inside of you.

I asked someone the other day what their perfect job would be and they told me 'a dreamer'. I know I'm a little more productive than that without trying to convince myself, and stray completely off the subject, but I do tend to drift between the worlds from time to time, what's up Rae! Anyways, to all the heads following through in Ireland; nice one It's a long road, but I think we know the stakes by now. With the Nice treaty being voted, yes we can expect a huge influx of foreigners moving to Ireland, and personally I think this will boost things given time.

With all the different cultures we will be learning from each other, and moving forward together. This is evolution, it's happening and it will effect a lot of things, including music. We're still Ireland, we still have the green, green grass of home well sometimes, if you know what I mean , but at the end of the day it's all good. Action High contains 11 titanic songs that are guaranteed to revitalize the corpse of rock'n'roll!!!

All copies signed by EF Fresh on the scene, the four far-out dandies create flash melodies in full harmony with jangly guitars, whirling Hammond and a belting backbeat. Sounds of yesterday, visions of tomorrow, yet fully focused on the perfect here and now. GET UP. The forthcoming album will be on XL Recordings.

A side is a Lou Reed cover. In the band recorded and released their first demo tape. In , another demo was recorded in Los Angeles, entitled "Encraty". Both the original demo and "Encraty" were put onto a self released cassette for a east coast tour the same year. In , the band officially relocated to Los Angeles. This release is no doubt a prime example of why. LINES DENY SINK Svenonius and the philosopher of fuzz, black-jacket beat-bopper, bandstand bolshevik, single note savant, tear-stained tape deck, last refuge of ineptitude, sin is in group ESCAPE-ISM stopped by our Detroit location one afternoon last spring and recorded this pan-sonic polymorphously perverse plastic platter live on the Blue Stage.

Pulling from the darker, more personal side of 90s hardcore, Eternal Sleep connects with listeners in a way bands that are merely heavy never can. The Pittsburgh-based band uses its influences as fuel on the way to its own idiosyncratic mix of aggressive music.

Eternal sleep is creatively ambitious, from its music, to album art, to who the band chooses to tour with. TEETH The merging of Alyse Lamb's guttural wails with the band's clashing guitars, deep rumbling bass, and booming backbeat-heavy drums is as chaotic as it is meditative.

Bisi's focus on layers and textures is apparent here as he pulls back Alyse's haunting vocals just enough for the grimy feedback to have as much of an impact in all the heaviness.

Exactly, everyone does! In "THE 7x7 BOX" each single and EP comes in its own color of vinyl, but as always we respect the original artwork, so graphical enhancements were only made if deemed necessary. Rickyfitts serves up a song reminiscent of Midwest bands of the 90's, like Boys Life and Proudentall. Eyes Of Verotika's song blends the catchiness of punk rock bands like Lifetime with the raw emotion of screamy hardcore bands like The Spirit Of Versailles.

Features two songs over 4 minutes each. Initial release sold over copies in it's first year. Dirty, sloppy punk rock in the vein of Pink Lincolns, Rat Cafeteria etc. Essential for fans of FL punk rock. Fast, brutal, pissed off hardcore from New Orleans. Songs about bad relationships, dead friends and unwelcome people in the scene. Distribution has moved from ADA to Cobraside. FAME 9 Limited to copies on yellow vinyl for RSD retail, out of total.

From the burning sands of Palm Desert, CA, the desert rock pioneers Fatso Jetson melds a formula of Sabbath level heaviness with hardcore punk and expanded it by infusing jazz melodies and time signatures along with reverb soaked surf tone. From the North Holland seaside city of Alkmaar, surf rock dealers del-Toros mesh punk, stoner and surf in one massive sound which gives an impression that The Damned booted Captain Sensible and plugged in Dick Dale instead.

With 5 albums, numerous singles and hundreds of shows under their belt, Faz Waltz stay very busy. A very limited amount of Italian import vinyl for "Julie" will be available in February JULIE Must-have for every fan of the new wave of the 21st century glam rock. Available in black, orange, red and special White Zoo vinyl! Options for the listener outside of typical conformist viewpoints. Things like: Take what you want, do you what you will, and rock the fuck out.

As a special appetizer they bring us this double A sided single. It contains two revved up versions of the Tamrons nugget Wild Man. Limited to hand-numbered copies worldwide. To coincide with the band's 20th anniversary, Fifty Foot Combo unleash their first vinyl in ten years.

Seven inches of soul surfing through garage, big beat and beyond. Although the Belgian sextet is most renowned for instrumental lechery, for this special occasion they teamed up with Reverend Beat-Man, head honcho of Voodoo Rhythm and The Monsters. This collaboration of fuzz fiends stirred up the Screamin' Jay Hawkins classic "Alligator Wine" into a psalm of sonic napalm.

Limited pressing of copies on black vinyl. Limited pressing of copies on red vinyl and copies on white vinyl. Fast and energetic, the band repeatedly uses tasteful starvation techniques to hit hard every time it's needed. For fans of Mushmouth, early Earth Crisis and Madball. Lots of attitude, energy and great musicianship from one of L. Brian Waters is now is Jail Weddings. The band worked tirelessly, writing and recording their highly regarded Fat Wreck Chords debut album, The Great Awake, in Three albums and over a decade later, the band managed to dig up a handful of demo versions of songs from The Great Awake.

The result is three tracks that comprise the 5th installment of the "Original Demos" Fat series. DEMO The Flesh are an NYC quartet known for dance beat-infused art punk. They have enjoyed regular spins on Little Steven's Underground Garage, as well as local radio support. They draw crowds nationally and overseas. The flipside, a cover of Rose Tattoo's "Nice Boys" is only available on this limited 7" release.

Over the years the two have blazed a trail on their own terms and stand as American musical originals. Ford Madox Ford is the latest Kinman incarnation and the four piece band describes their sound as "Blues. Fronted by Chip on vocals and with Tony co-writing and producing you know it's gonna be a winner. The band's debut 7" single arrives May 6.

The UK has never sounded so good! Foxfires creatively piece together a unique, passionate, and inspiring listening experience; drawing influence from defining artists like The Suicide File, Reach the Sky, and Modern Life is War. The band has been rockin' the southwest portion of the United States for years now and is ready to take on the world.

Groovy cover art by renowned artist Matt K. These two are rock 'n' roll lifers: touring relentlessly, writing relentlessly, performing relentlessly and it's clear that their bond to the music is as powerful and genuine as the bond they share with each other.

No fake news, all fact on this front. Here we have a document of a stripped-down set with a bittersweet vacancy on the drums - Andrew Loomis having passed in early - lending a strange atmosphere and energy to the performance. It may have been one of the most life-affirming and heart-wrenching shows we've ever had in the Blue Room.

This limited 5 track 7" will be on 70gram coloured, splatter vinyl with a digital download code inside. The letter contained thoughts around a possible Frodus reunion and about Weapons, which had - after a long delay - only just then been released.

Along with the letter was a tape, which contained Burke's cover of the early Frodus tune, "Tzo Boy," which he had recorded on a four-track in , two years before joining the band. Nathan's rendition takes a grungey teenage Frodus song and turns it into a heartfelt shoegaze gem, with the last lyrics hauntingly ringing, "I'm never coming back. That song and letter provide the A-side and cover art of this single. It's a raw and intense take on the song, put to tape a year before the sessions for the full-length.

This 7" is a must for Frodus completists, as it closes out the story of this era of Frodus and reveals heart-felt inner workings of the band as they truly washed their weapons in the sea. The long-running Austin band plays demented dork rock with a mean streak. And they have the word "fuck" in their name, so it's got to be good. Golddust comes in with destructive tracks to end the split and show they can riff with the best of them.

Gagakiriseye is released as a 7" pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a full color jacket with postcard insert. Limited to copies for the world. This is not old school, this is not new school, this is the now-school sound that has taken these 17 year old twins to international underground buzz band status. Back from Japan, off to Europe, then onto the US tour B-side is an etching of the Third Man logo.

Produced by Jack White. The band's namesake is a reference to a humorous scene in Jack Kerouac's soul-searching novel "On the Road", which seems fitting as the group has a knack for evoking thoughtful, emotional, and introspective responses from their works. In the track "Desert Movie", lead vocalist Hill bellows "tonight we are the future" to accompany persistent drum-beats. Cannon's voice is slightly deeper with age, but his raspy snarl is sharp as ever as he works the band into an Eric Burdon-ish frenzy.

The song builds, crashes, builds and crashes again, perfect waves for the punk rock surfer. Call-and-response lyrics trade with rockabilly licks that pound to a beat that your feet can't resist. Got the 7" blues? Pick this up for an instant cure-all and a pick-me-up that'll last as long as the damn record plays! Now almost 20 years later the torch has been passed on to Dwid's son Max.

For the second release on the label Max chose to work with The Infamous Gehenna. The result is "Funeral Embrace", a 5 song EP that showcases the most violent, barbaric, drug crazed noise released by the band. Formed on the West Coast in , Gehenna quickly became a name synonymous with violence, hatred and fear.

Their sound blends the genres of Death, Black and Thrash Metal, adding the unrelenting barbarism of Hardcore with the "Fuck Off" attitude of classic Punk. The music of Gehenna is the sound of the unending battles of life and death. The tracks from the original 7" are available here with improvements to the original recordings, re-visited as "Land Of Sodom II. Comes in 7" gatefold package with 14" x 14" poster insert and CD.

As per the band's request, download codes were not included. Black vinyl. Available on Black Vinyl. Now their brandnew single "Shake It Out" follows the tradition of these hit records. The A-side "Shake It Out" is a catchy, infectious tune as it moves a little bit towards a psychedelic hammond Freakbeat-direction. The B-side is an ultimate 60s hammondbeat-piece. Once again, an absolutely danceable smashing hit by these fine gentlemen! Both of the songs are self-composed and won't leave your head that easily.

Warehouse find - has not been in circulation or had distribution for 10 years. Hand-silkscreened covers. Dolly Parton cover tune "Fancy". FANCY Titled Bygones, it features four songs 3 previously unreleased and some killer art from Stefan Beham. Black vinyl! Like a perfect mix of DMZ, Lazy Cowgirls, Ramones and Controllers, dem Goons have concocted four slobbering punk twisters on some total next-level action that we're still trying to wrap our heads around. And you know you can count on America's greatest party band to introduce some new axes to the grind.

Pretty sure that they grabbed a long neck goose and squeezed some honks out of it on "She Was Crushed" - unheard sounds since Mickey Mouse did that shit in "Steamboat Willie. Rock'n'roll forever! Heavy, yet raw, powerful, yet stripped down. Translucent orange vinyl with download codes. High energy, working class attitude and fun! Making rock and roll shine again. A stunning piece of straight-up rock'n'roll with hints of Brit glam rock, bovver rock and a tantalizing taste of Giuda at their finest.

The B-side "Gone For Good" is exclusive to this 7" release. Wesley was also the frontman for Some Girls. Featuring a limited signed and numbered screen printed cover by acclaimed gig poster artist Uncle, who has done work for Dropkick Murphys and Social Distortion.

FF0: Outbreak, Panic. LEAVE Includes digital download coupon. For fans of Infest, Phobia, and Magrudergrind. Comes on black and green vinyl copies with download codes. Ain't no conspiracy whatsoever. Although, we must insist you see them live for max impact. This, however, will no doubt tide you over, with four songs striking a perfect balance between sloppy -party-punk and dive-bar-arena-rock.

Solos that totally rip, drums like a beautiful drunk machine and gritty vox. Don't talk yourself out of this one. Take a chance and sink your teeth into real rock minus the cheese. Spearheaded by founding member and punk zine writer turned Sounds rock scribe Garry Bushell alias Gal Gonad ; the band - inspired by Strummer, Lydon and the Ramones with a subtle hint of Ian Dury and not so subtle hints of Monty Python's Flying Circus continues to churn out punk classics into the 21st century. This will be their first release.

Rodger contacted Todd and hounded him haha until Todd finally broke down and started practicing with him, and the Uprisers were born. The history behind this release is, at the first Tons of TNT fest in , The Gonads were supposed to play but the only person to come over to the states was Garry Bushell. Garry gave the Uprisers the song list and they were able to learn it and perform it in a day, without a hitch. Black Hole Records will have this release on white vinyl and Skinflint Music will have this release on red vinyl.

The EP will also come with an mp3 download card. The original songs are haunting and magical field recordings from Greece and Japan re-worked by Matthew Clark of Flying Hair and performed by a group he assembled called Gongtrain. Limited 7" is packaged in a hand screened sleeve.

One of the most influential bands from the New York straight edge hardcore scene. Now available again on vinyl with newly restored, original cover artwork.

GM2 Comes with a 14" x 21" poster by Alan Hunter and a target, both with characters of the movie. Each target as has been lovingly shot by Mr. Vitriol himself; Justin Smith and in case you don't have Heat's script memorized, there's even an insert with the fuckin lyrics. The first pressing sold out in the time it takes to watch Heat which in movie terms is long but in record sales is about the length of a gunshot.

Dealing with themes of public indecency, intoxication, tracheotomies, and cannibalism, they are truly covering some new lyrical themes here while staying true to their hill country and heavy blues-rock roots.

Mixed by Jack Endino. The band were exhilarated to be in such a fantastic studio and it shows. Seattle's dark blues rockers T-Model Ford's backing band blow a gasket with the two minute punk blues rocker "Monkey With a Wig".

GREEN vinyl, limited to Pelle Versando 4. Essays in the Moonlight Ill: Permanent Low 5. Ghosts 6. The Lowland Leave - Taking 7. Beloved Download Seven epic songs jumping all genres to create glorious electronic soundscapes.

Mammoth riffs, pounding drums, and quiet country interludes. This dynamic record promises to satisfy any fan of innovative, heavy music.

Engineered by Nordsee at June 25, Having played with bands such as Off Minor ex-Saetia , Devotion to Tr ust , In Memory of Me , Gothenborg's When We Fall and with shows scheduled with Cursed in February that were unfortunately cancelled due to a death in the Hope and the Failure family - the Hope and the Failure have been trying to expose people to their unique style of hardcore. Having been compared to Fear Before the March of Flames and City of Caterpillar as well as Interpol and Mono, the band blends musical genres seamlessly, making it hard to pin them into a corner.

This has also helped to extend their fanbase to audiences that would not normally give music with a backbone in artsy hardcore a chance. Lars Garvey was forced to leave Sweden due to the negligent and incapable hands of the Swedish Immigration authorities who had left him unemployed for 7 months despite constant calls and meetings.

Eventually the debts piled up and the dreams died and Lars gave in and flew back to the US. A post-humous recording is being planned by the band - with Ina, Chris and Magnus recording their parts in Sweden and Lars contributing his guitars and vocals while in the US. The future of the band is undecided

We went to university together viagra producer male depression ssri viagra libido Panthers right guard Garry Williams (knee) could be out for a while. The Giants lost Prince Amukamara (concussion) in the first half. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (quadriceps) left the game but returned for two carries.

Susurro Impto - Nahual - Covencraft: The Demos 1996 And 1997

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A Night in the Woods. Split, Dezember , Profane Elite Productions. Lost Dreams Actaeon 2. Under Apollo's Quadriga 4. Triumphant Gleam. A Night in the Woods 8. Demo, Mai , Magistellus Infernal. Blackhearts 3. Moonchants 3. El Castillo Trimensor 4. Ordo Draconis of Blackfire Live 5. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous Live 6. Intro 7. El Castillo Trimensor 8.

El Acto de Apostasi 9. Una Noche en el Bosque. Album, 24 Juli , Magistellus Infernal. Intro 2. El Castillo Trimensor 3. Mask of Some God 4. Karnyna and Aradia Satan's Whores 5. Blackhearts 7. Skeleton of Death 8. Of Fragmented Skies and Weapons 9. Elegy of Devastation and Death Total playing time Split, Dezember , Magistellus Infernal. Tracklist Limited edition to copies. Call from the Demon 2. A Curse for Human's Hopes 4. Etiquetas: black metal , from peruvian hell , metal peruano , Nahual.

Etiquetas: black metal , Diabolous , from peruvian hell , metal peruano. Etiquetas: black death metal , from peruvian hell , Hadez , metal peruano. Etiquetas: black metal , from peruvian hell , metal peruano , Nostalgia. Herodes Sacrifice of Bastard Child 4. Kult of Cibeles 5. Deathstorm 6. Mask of Some God 7.

Lost Dreams Actaeon 8. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous 9. Ordo Draconis of Blackfire El Castillo Trimensor Apostasy Act Tracklist 1. Chainsaw Gutsfuck 4. Susurro Impio 5. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous 8. In the Penumbra 9. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous Total playing time Compilation, Novembro , Old Cemetery Records.

El Acto de Apostasia 4. Una Noche en el Bosque 5. Ordo Draconis of Blackfire 6. Apostasy Act 7. In the Penumbra The Next Dark Millennium Chainsaw Gutsfuck Triumphant Gleam Lost Dreams Actaeon Moonchants El Castillo Trimensor Total playing time The Scaffold of the Dead 3.

Bone - Conjurers 4. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous Total playing time Compilation, Novembre , Old Cemetery Records. El Acto de Apostasia 4. Una Noche en el Bosque 5. Ordo Draconis of Blackfire 6. Apostasy Act 7. In the Penumbra The Next Dark Millennium Chainsaw Gutsfuck Triumphant Gleam Lost Dreams Actaeon Moonchants El Castillo Trimensor Total playing time The Scaffold of the Dead 3. Bone - Conjurers 4.

Agathodemon or Kneph 5. Call from the Grave Bathory Cover 6. Finis Exilii 8. Each Step Is Agony 9. Suicidal Prelude Visions from Suicidal Vortex. Recorded live at Lima, Peru, Antiums Fields 3. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous 6. Call from the Grave Bathory Cover Total playing time HADEZ 1. Averns Goddess 2. Even if You Die a Thousand Times 3. Hadez Attack 4. Antiums Fields 3. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous 6. Call from the Grave Bathory Cover Total playing time HADEZ 1.

Averns Goddess 2. Even if You Die a Thousand Times 3. Hadez Attack 4. A Cult to the Everlasting Badness 5. Dresde 7. Dioses o Demonios 8. Santa Inquisicion 9. Necrolatria Agathodemon or Kneph Karnyna and Aradia Bone Conjurers Sigilla Diaboli. Invocation of Evil One Intro. Under the Shadows of the Cross. Chainsaw Gutsfuck Mayhem Cover. The Next Dark Millennium. El Castillo Trimensor.

Mysteries of the Cosmic Serpent. Lost Dreams Actaeon. Under Apollo's Quadriga. Ordo Draconis of Blackfire Live. Sigilla Diaboli Diabolous Live. El Acto de Apostasi. Karnyna and Aradia Satan's Whores. Of Fragmented Skies and Weapons.

Retour sur la page de Nahual (PER) Demo, Janvier , Auto-Production. Tracklist. Limited to copies. 1. Invocation of Evil One (Intro) 2. Under the Shadows of the Cross: 3. Sigilla Diaboli (Diabolous) En savoir plus. Abomination des Sorciers. Modifier l'album Reporter une erreur. Cassette, Mars , Auto-Production. Tracklist.

Photon Band - Songs To Be Played At 3 AM In Smoke Filled, Drafty, Pre-Apocalyptic End Of Century War

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Visitors entering the exhibition will walk past a series of images relating to the end of the war in Europe. There are pictures of victorious American soldiers, images of the liberation of the concentration camps, VE Day celebrations, and newspaper headlines proclaiming Victory in Europe.

A label will call attention to the fact that Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen had brought the war in Europe to a close by forcing the complete and unconditional surrender of the enemy.

They had won total victory in a just cause. But war continued in the Pacific, where the fighting was increasingly bitter and losses continued to mount. The possibility of an invasion of Japan, and even higher casualties, loomed on the horizon. The main label will prepare visitors for the exhibition by indicating that it is about technology, war and decisions and consequences: the decision to drop the bomb and the consequences of doing so, something that has remained controversial for half a century.

The exhibit will present as objective and balanced a presentation of these issues as possible. Unit 1: A Fight to the Finish. Upon turning the corner after the entrance, visitors will enter the first of four major sections of the exhibit.

The main theme of this unit will be the increasing bitterness and brutality of a war that was also, for Americans, a war of vengeance for Pearl Harbor.

Visitors will encounter, soon after entering the unit, a film that will put them back into the spring of and provide them with some basic historical information. This video will be primarily made from American newsreels, but may include Japanese footage or propaganda films, if these are available and appropriate. This film will set the mood for the unit by giving visitors images of the end of the war in Europe, the fighting in the islands, firebombing, and exhortations to victory on the home front.

The kamikaze attacks expressed and symbolized the bitter resistance of the Japanese forces, which contributed to American racial and cultural perceptions and the assumption that war would end with a fight to the finish on the beaches and in the home islands of Japan.

On the American side, the subunit will discuss, on the one hand, war-weariness at the end of the European war and the desire to get the Pacific war over as quickly as possible, and on the other, the stereotypes and the assumption of fanaticism that characterized American views of the Japanese. These attitudes reinforced and were reinforced by the bitterness of fighting on the islands, the kamikaze campaign and the firebombing campaign.

On the Japanese side, this unit will look at Japanese stereotypes of Americans and Westerners and will discuss the atmosphere in the country and preparations for a last-ditch defense of the home islands.

Posters, magazine images and similar artifacts and photos from both sides will make the atmosphere of the period more vivid. The Okha is actually an artifact of this section. Navy in its entire history. This campaign reinforced the perception among Americans that the invasion of the home islands was inevitable and would be very bloody. Okinawa also played a significant role in the secret deliberations over how to use the atomic bomb.

The most apparently decisive argument is, of course, the poem drafted by Nabokov and attributed to Shade in which the poet claims to have written the index: Nobody will heed my index, I suppose, But through it a gentle wind ex Ponto blows.

Was he not rather playing another of his little mask games, as he did in peppering his books with anagrammatic doubles? Russia has turned away from imperfect liberalism decisively toward autocracy. Of the world 's great powers today, therefore, two of the largest, with over a billion and a half people, have governments that are committed to autocratic rule and seem to have the ability to sustain themselves in power for the foreseeable future with apparent popular approval.

Many assume that Russian and Chinese leaders do not believe in anything, and therefore they cannot be said to represent an ideology, but that is mistaken. The rulers of China and Russia do have a set of beliefs that guide them in both domestic and foreign policy. They believe autocracy is better for their nations than democracy. They believe it offers order and stability and the possibility of prosperity.

They believe that for their large, fractious nations, a strong government is essential to prevent chaos and collapse. They believe democracy is not the answer and that they are serving the best interests of their peoples by holding and wielding power the way they do. This is not a novel or, from a historical perspective, even a disreputable idea.

The European monarchies of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries were thoroughly convinced of the superiority of their form of government. They disdained democracy as the rule of the licentious and greedy mob. Only in the past half-century has liberalism gained widespread popularity around the world, and even today some American thinkers exalt "liberal autocracy" over what they, too, disdain as "illiberal democracy.

The autocratic tradition has a long and distinguished past, and it is not as obvious as it once seemed that it has no future. The foreign policies of such states necessarily reflect the nature and interests of their governments.

In the age of monarchy, foreign policy served the interests of the monarchy. In the age of religious conflict, it served the interests of the church. In the modern era, democracies have pursued foreign policies to make the world safe for democracy.

And autocracies pursue foreign policies aimed at making the world safe, if not for all autocracies, at least for their own continued rule. Today the competition between them, along with the struggle of radical Islamists to make the world safe for their vision of Islamic theocracy, has become a defining feature of the international scene. The differences between the two camps appear on many issues of lesser strategic importance -- China's willingness to provide economic and political support to certain African dictatorships that liberal governments in Europe and the United States find odious, for instance.

But they are also shaping international relations at a more fundamental level. Contrary to expectations at the end of the Cold War, the question of "regime" or "polity" is once again becoming a main subject of international relations.

In Europe and the United States, the liberal world cheered on the "color revolutions" in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan and saw in them the natural unfolding of humanity 's proper political evolution.

In Russia and China, these events were viewed as Western-funded, CIA-inspired coups that furthered the geopolitical hegemony of America and its subservient European allies.

The two autocratic powers responded similarly to NATO's intervention in Kosovo in , and not only because China's embassy was bombed by an American warplane and Russia's slavic orthodox allies in Serbia were on the receiving end of the NATO onslaught.

What the liberal "West" considered a moral act, a "humanitarian" intervention, leaders and analysts in Moscow and Beijing saw as unlawful and self-interested aggression. Indeed, since they do not share the liberal West 's liberalism, how could they have seen it any other way? What is more, the allied intervention in Kosovo was unlawful, at least according to centuries of international law and the UN Charter. It was undertaken without authorization by the UN Security Council and against a sovereign nation that had committed no act of aggression beyond its borders.

Americans and Europeans went to war in service of what they regarded as a "higher law" of liberal morality. For those who do not share this liberal morality, however, such acts are merely lawless, destructive of the traditional safeguards of national sovereignty. Of course, it is precisely toward a less rigid conception of national sovereignty that the liberal world of Europe and the United States would like to go. It is their conception of progress and a beneficial evolution of international legal principles.

Ideas that are becoming common currency in Europe and the United States -- limited sovereignty, "the responsibility to protect," a "voluntary sovereignty waiver" -- all aim to provide liberal nations the right to intervene in the affairs of nonliberal nations.

The Chinese and Russians and the leaders of other autocracies cannot welcome this kind of progress. Nor is it surprising that China and Russia have become the world 's leading defenders of the Westphalian order of states, with its insistence upon the inviolable sovereign equality of all nations.

This is more than a dispute over the niceties of international law. It concerns the fundamental legitimacy of governments, which at the end of the day is a matter of life and death.

Autocrats can hardly be expected to aid in legitimizing an evolution in the international system toward "limited sovereignty" and "the responsibility to protect. China, after all, has been a victim of international sanctions imposed by the U. Nor do China 's rulers forget that if the liberal world had had its way in , they would now be out of office, probably imprisoned, possibly dead.

Because autocratic governments have a vital interest in disputing liberal principles of interventionism, they will often resist efforts by the liberal international community to put pressure on other autocracies around the world. Many in the United States and Europe have begun to complain about Chinese policies that provide unfettered aid to dictatorships in Africa and Asia, thereby undermining American and European efforts to press for reforms in countries such as Zimbabwe and Burma.

To ask one dictatorship to aid in the undermining of another dictatorship, however, is asking a great deal. Chinese leaders will always be extremely reluctant to impose sanctions on autocrats when they themselves remain subject to sanctions for their own autocratic behavior.

They may bend occasionally so as to avoid too-close association with what the West calls "rogue regimes. Neither Russia nor China has any interest in assisting liberal nations in their crusade against autocracies around the world.

Moreover, they can see their comparative advantage over the West when it comes to gaining influence with African, Asian, or Latin American governments that can provide access to oil and other vital natural resources or that, in the case of Burma, are strategically located. Moscow knows it can have more influence with governments in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan because, unlike the liberal West, it can unreservedly support their regimes. And the more autocracies there are in the world, the less isolated Beijing and Moscow will be in international forums such as the United Nations.

The more dictatorships there are, the more global resistance they will offer against the liberal West 's efforts to place limits on sovereignty in the interest of advancing liberalism.

The general effect of the rise of these two large autocratic powers, therefore, will be to increase the likelihood that autocracy will spread in some parts of the world. This is not because Russia and China are evangelists for autocracy or want to set off a worldwide autocratic revolution. It is not the Cold War redux. It is more like the nineteenth century redux. Then, the absolutist rulers of Russia and Austria shored up fellow autocracies -- in France, for instance -- and used force to suppress liberal movements in Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

China and Russia may not go that far, at least not yet. But Ukraine has already been a battleground between forces supported by the liberal West and forces supported by Russia.

The great-power autocracies will inevitably offer support and friendship to those who feel besieged by the United States and other liberal nations. This in itself will strengthen the hand of autocracy in the world. Autocrats and would-be autocrats will know they can again find powerful allies and patrons, something that was not as true in the s. Moreover, China and to a much lesser extent Russia provide a model for successful autocracy, a way to create wealth and stability without political liberalization.

This is hardly novel, of course. Hugo Chavez did not need China to show him the possibilities of successful autocracy, least of all in Latin America. In the s, autocratic regimes such as Pinochet's Chile, the shah's Iran, and Suharto's Indonesia also demonstrated that economic success could come without political liberalization. But through the s and s the autocratic model seemed less attractive as dictatorships of both right and left fell before the liberal tide. That tide has not yet turned in the other direction, but the future may bring a return to a global competition between different forms of government, with the world 's great powers on opposite sides.

This has implications for international institutions and for American foreign policy. It is no longer possible to speak of an "international community.

The idea of such a community took hold in the s, at a time when the general assumption was that the movement of Russia and China toward western liberalism was producing a global commonality of thinking about human affairs.

But by the late s it was already clear that the international community lacked a foundation of common understanding. This was exposed most blatantly in the war over Kosovo, which divided the liberal West from both Russia and China and from many other non-European nations. Today it is apparent on the issue of Sudan and Darfur. In the future, incidents that expose the hollowness of the term "international community" will likely proliferate.

As for the United Nations Security Council, after a brief awakening from the Cold War coma, it has fallen back to its former condition of near-paralysis. The agile diplomacy of France and the tactical caution of China have at times obscured the fact that the Security Council on most major issues is clearly divided between the autocracies and the democracies, with the latter systematically pressing for sanctions and other punitive actions against Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and other autocracies and the former just as systematically resisting and attempting to weaken the effect of such actions.

This is a rut that is likely to deepen in the coming years. It will hinder, as it has already hindered, international efforts to provide assistance in humanitarian crises such as Darfur. It will also obstruct American and allied efforts to impose pressure and punishments on nations seeking nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, as it has already done in the cases of Iran and North Korea.

The problem goes beyond the Security Council. Efforts to achieve any international consensus in any forum are going to be more and more difficult because of the widening gap between liberal and autocratic governments. The current divisions between the United States and its European allies that have garnered so much attention in recent years are going to be overtaken by more fundamental ideological divisions, and especially by growing tensions between the democratic transatlantic alliance and Russia.

The divisions will be all the sharper where ideological fault lines coincide with those caused by competitive national ambitions. It may be largely accidental that two of the world 's more nationalistic powers are also the two leading autocracies, but this fact will have immense geopolitical significance.

Under these circumstances, calls for a new "concert" of nations in which Russia, China, the United States, Europe, and other great powers operate under some kind of international condominium are unlikely to succeed. The early nineteenth-century "Concert of Europe" operated under the umbrella of a common morality and shared principles of government. It aimed not only at the preservation of a European peace but also, and more importantly, at the maintenance of a monarchical and aristocratic order against the liberal and radical challenges presented by the French and American revolutions and their echoes elsewhere in Europe.

The concert gradually broke down under the strains of popular nationalism, fueled in part by the rise of liberalism. Today there is little sense of shared morality and common political principle among the great powers.

Quite the contrary: There is suspicion, growing hostility, and the well-grounded view on the part of the autocracies that the democracies, whatever they say, would welcome their overthrow.

Any concert among them would be built on a shaky foundation likely to collapse at the first serious test. American foreign policy should be attuned to these ideological distinctions and recognize their relevance to the most important strategic questions. It is folly to expect China to help undermine a brutal regime in Khartoum or to be surprised if Russia rattles its saber at pro-Western democratic governments near its borders. There will be a tendency toward solidarity among the world 's autocracies, as well as among the world's democracies.

For all these reasons, the United States should pursue policies designed both to promote democracy and to strengthen cooperation among the democracies. It should join with other democracies to erect new international institutions that both reflect and enhance their shared principles and goals. One possibility might be to establish a global concert or league of democratic states, perhaps informally at first but with the aim of holding regular meetings and consultations on the issues of the day.

Such an institution could bring together Asian nations such as Japan, Australia, and India with the European nations -- two sets of democracies that have comparatively little to do with each other outside the realms of trade and finance.

The institution would complement, not replace, the United Nations, the G-8, and other global forums. But it would at the very least signal a commitment to the democratic idea, and in time it could become a means of pooling the resources of democratic nations to address a number of issues that cannot be addressed at the United Nations.

If successful, it could come to be an organization capable of bestowing legitimacy on actions that liberal nations deem necessary but autocratic nations refuse to countenance -- as NATO conferred legitimacy on the conflict in Kosovo even though Russia was opposed. Some will claim that such an organization will only create divisions in the world. But those divisions are already there. The question now is whether there is any way to pursue American interests and liberal democratic ends despite them.

Others will worry that European democracies are either unwilling or unable to share the burden in pursuing common goals with the United States. That may be true. But there is still reason to hope that an effort to reinvigorate democratic solidarity may increase European willingness to take on such burdens, especially when it coincides with the increasingly autocratic and belligerent behavior of Russia and the continuing rise of autocratic China.

In such an international environment the United States should continue, as it has in the past, to prefer democracy over autocracy and to use its influence to promote the former when opportunities arise. This is more than just a matter of moral preference, although Americans often cannot avoid expressing and acting on that preference. But in a world where autocracies increasingly look for allies in fellow autocracies, the democracies will want to do the same.

The United States should discourage moves toward autocracy in democratic nations, both by punishing steps that undo democratic institutions and by providing support to those institutions and individuals who favor democratic principles.

It should isolate autocratic governments when possible while encouraging internal pressure for democratic reform. History suggests that external influences, especially by the global superpower, have a positive if not determinative influence on the political course nations take.

The United States should express support for democracy in word and deed without expecting immediate success. It should support the development of liberal institutions and practices, understanding that elections alone do not guarantee a steady liberal democratic course.

But neither should Americans lose sight of the centrality of free and fair elections for both democracy and true liberalism. The United States need not engage in a blind crusade on behalf of democracy everywhere at all times, nor need it seek a violent confrontation with the autocratic powers. For one thing, all the world 's great powers share some important common interests, especially in the economic realm.

Nor can an intelligent foreign policy ever be guided solely by one set of principles. Promoting democracy cannot and should not be the only goal of American foreign policy, any more than can producing wealth, fighting terrorism, preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, or any other national goal or ambition.

There will be times when promoting democracy will have to take a back seat to other objectives. The job of statesmen is to determine when. The tune ended up going megaviral back in , becoming a fixture on many mainstream stations' playlists — a story that is truly remarkable considering the overtly Christian lyrics. It was something that Mercy Me never set out to do with the song. After all, the lyrics focus on encountering Jesus Christ in heaven.

I can only imagine. The song's organic spread from Christian radio to secular a few years after its release all started after a dare that was made to play the tune during a shock jock morning show back in January , the band explained. And when they did, something unexpected happened: the phone lines lit up with requests for "I Can Only Imagine" to be played again.

The song had already run its course in Christian radio and the band had moved on, but suddenly Mercy Me was in a fascinating position, as a Christian song that was intended for praise and worship had made its way onto the secular airwaves — and people were loving it. Soon, interest in the song snowballed and the band's record label began sending copies of it to top 40 stations across the country, challenging program managers to play it.

"Which is to be master' in Pale Fire* by Maurice Couturier page two of two. Andrew Field, convinced that in this novel “Nabokov has given us the best and truest allegorical portrait of the ‘literary process’ that we have or are likely ever to get,”18 chooses to consider Shade the primary author, adopting a kind of Cheshire Cat line of reasoning: “There are many compelling logical.

My Fathers House Has Many Rooms - Alistair Crosbie - Wanderlight Falls

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I guess I need a bigger fort. He also said that one day they would come and be with him. I think they felt there might not be enough room for everybody. But Jesus told them not to worry. Do you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States; two million people are diagnosed annually. Skin cancer is. In this scene, all of the Walls family lets out their anger at one another. All of the emotions that Jeannette and her family have accumulated are now being revealed.

In the memoir The Glass Castle written by Jeanette Walls, portrays her dysfunctional family and her difficulties growing up. Jeanette is faced with numerous barriers throughout her life. Despite the many obstacles set forth by her parents during her childhood, Jeanette develops into a successful adult later in life.

One of these obstacles is that Jeanette must cope with the carelessness of her mother, Rose Mary, while also dealing with the destructive nature of her father, Rex. Jeanette Walls uses. Middlesbrough Castle Once upon a time there was a prince who lived in Middlesbrough Castle with his father who was the king.

The prince was about to give up until his father told him to throw a great party for all princesses in the whole world. The prince did what his father demanded and even though. By using these kind of offers, it create a send of increased, a time limited value so that the customer can always come to the store for looking for the new prommotions.

On the other hand a push strategy is also used, White castle promotes its products through advertising. It calls for specialized care from a trained professional. In most of the cases, care givers at home may lack this expertise. The best suited group of people that can deal appropriately. According to her memoir, Walls family is very different from others families. They are free spirited; moving from town. In the novel White Castle, a young Italian scholar has been captured and imprisoned by the Ottoman Empire on his way from Venice to Naples.

Pasha enslaves the Italian scholar, and after a series of events, gives the Italian slave to Hoja. We learn in the story that the two men the Italian slave and Hoja resemble each other in different aspects. Throughout the story, the theme of East verses West is being introduced and hinted out by the author in different parts of the novel.

The theme becomes. Jay Morgan, the operations manager for Castle Restaurants, has approached our consulting firm with a desire to reduce his travel time and days out of his office to visit the eight stores he currently oversees. Listen while you read! Add Comment. A Few Good Men 4. A Place to Stand 5. All the Way to Kingdom Come 7. Alrightokuhhuhamen 8.

Be With You 9. Be With You Live Both Feet On the Ground Bound to Come Some Trouble Brother's Keeper Calling Out Your Name It should not be a matter of grief when we are called to pass from one part of this vast habitation of God to another.

I am indeed about to leave you, but I am going only to another part of the vast dwelling-place of God. I shall still be in the same universal habitation with you; still in the house of the same God; and am going for an important purpose - to fit up another abode for your eternal dwelling.

We see that the death of a Christian is not to be dreaded, nor is it an event over which we should immoderately weep. And especially the removal of the Saviour from the earth was an event over which Christians should rejoice, for he is still in the house of God, and still preparing mansions of rest for His people. You have been cherishing this hope of a future abode with God. Had it been ill founded I would have told you plainly, as I have told you other things.

Had any of you been deceived, as Judas was, I would have made it known to you, as I did to him. I go to prepare a place for you - By his going is meant his death and ascent to heaven. The figure here is taken from one who is on a journey, who goes before his companions to provide a place to lodge in, and to make the necessary preparations for their entertainment.

It evidently means that he, by the work he was yet to perform in heaven, would secure their admission there, and obtain for them the blessings of eternal life.

That work would consist mainly in his intercession, Hebrews , Hebrews ; Hebrews ; Hebrews , Hebrews That where I am - This language could be used by no one who was not then in the place of which he was speaking, and it is just such language as one would naturally use who was both God and man - in reference to his human nature, speaking of his going to his Father; and in reference to his divine nature, speaking as if he was then with God.

Ye may be also - This was language eminently fitted to comfort them. Though about to leave them, yet he would not always be absent. He would come again at the day of judgment and gather all his friends to himself, and they should be ever with him, Hebrews So shall all Christians be with him.

And so, when we part with a beloved Christian friend by death, we may feel assured that the separation will not be eternal. We shall meet again, and dwell in a place where there shall be no more separation and no more tears. Clarke's Notes on the Bible In my Father's house, etc. Many mansions - Though I have said before that whither I am going ye cannot come now, yet do not think that we shall be for ever separated.

I am going to that state of glory where there is not only a place of supreme eminence for myself, but also places for all my disciples; - various degrees of glory, suited to the various capacities and attainments of my followers.

Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! Step 1 - Create an account or log in to start your free trial. Three easy steps to start your free trial subscription to Bible Gateway Plus. You see them struggling but often failing to get it. Like us, the apostles were limited to spacetime categories. That explains much of their confusion. The point in John —3 is not the place, but the person—Jesus Christ. For awhile in heaven or Paradise, but then finally and everlastingly on earth when all is made new.

John —3 is not about heaven. The point in John —3: Not the place. Rather, the Person and the relationship. In the end, Jesus establishes the perfect relationship of shalom between himself, human beings, and the whole creation.

Contextual Overview 1 "Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? 3 And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.

The Tenderfoots - My Confession / Save Me Some Kisses

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Have a question, issue, or suggestion? Want a demonstration of the site? We want to hear from you and we will respond to all inquiries. Blue Moon. The Emanons. Change of Times. Wish I Had My Baby. One Heart. My Confession. Save Me Some Kisses. Those Golden Bells. I'm Yours Anyhow. I Wanna Know. Believe in Me. Roll On. Love, Rock, And Thrill. Write an evaluation. Weitere Artikel von The Lamplighters. Show all "The Lamplighters" articles.

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The Lamplighters kregen een vervolg als The Tenderfoots en later als The Jacks, waarmee ze de 15 jarige Paul Anka backten op diens ‘I Confess’. Wanneer ze later als The Sharps in contact komen met Lee Hazlewood, huurt deze hen in voor de ‘handclaps, whoops, yip-yips and rebel yells’ op Duane Eddy’s millionseller ‘Rebel-Rouser’.

Outro - Manu Key, DJ Mosko - 94 Ghetto

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Some members had big commercial success like and Rohff and Intouchable with Dry , Demon One and Mamad before Mamad's death in just after the collective joint album La cerise sur le ghetto , which marked the release of music videos for "Pour ceux" [1] and "Balance" [2]. The period was marked by the departure of Popa Project and Rohff although keeping some nominal relations with the collective, with Rohff. Mafia K'1 Fry will be releasing a new title in Titles under the name of the collective.

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Whomadewho — dime que somos nosotros.

Ghetto Radio - Kenya's No 1 Radio. Contact: britpop.frostbrewjojolemaverad.infoinfo Park Road Ngara Security Building 4th floor +

Dont Blame Me - Django Reinhardt With The American All Stars*, The Ray McKinley Trio, Mel Powell -

06.02.2020| Doudal

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Ha iniziato a lavorare in orchestre da ballo, in gruppi dixieland ed ha studiato musica classica alla scuola di musica di Cracovia dal al Ha frequentato anche il locale conservatorio dal al Musicista molto melodico, nelle sue composizioni era sempre presente la musica della sua terra.

New York. Concord CCD Aprile New York, Giugno New York, Ottobre San Francisco, Agosto East To Wes. Concord Jazz CJ New York, Maggio New York e San Francisco, New York, San Francisco, This Is Me. Justine JR Sempre nel ha fato parte del gruppo di Giancarlo Trovesi.

E da tutti considerato il miglior violoncellista italiano ed ha partecipato anche a progetti teatrali. Bruxelles, Belgio. Allevato al culto della musica classica, nel ha iniziato a suonare il jazz. Nel ha suonato con i Savoy Orpheans e nel ha messo su la prima big band belga. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nel ha fatto parte del duo e del quintetto di Enrique Villegas, con il quale ha accompagnato i musicisti americani in visita Willie Cook e Pau Gonsalves.

Dal al ha registrato con Jorge Navarro. Nel ha registrato da leader. Londra, Inghilterra. Nello stesso anno ha organizzato un suo gruppo, nel quale ha suonato anche le percussioni ed il vibrafono oltre a cantare, nel quale ha prodotto un esuberante jazz funk. New Orleans, Louisiana. Ha fatto parte di diversi gruppi locali, tra i quali la Magnolia Band di Sam Morgan.

In seguito ha messo su con il fratello un suo gruppo e ha collaborato con Bob Lyons. Circle New Orleans, Fratello minore di Kid. Ha suonato giovanissimo a fianco del fratello. Gruppo svedese fondato nel Ne viene fuori una musica immediata e spontanea.

Boulogne-sur-Seine, Francia. Nel ha suonato con Willie Lewis, ha registrato con Django Reinhardt. Villedieu sur Indre, Francia. Nel ha organizzato un suo gruppo vocale e si trasferisce a Parigi dove ha suonato il piano in un bar. Ha registrato il suo primo disco da leader nel Ha suonato in vari club e nel ha organizzato una sua big band. Tornato in Francia ha diretto diversi gruppi, uno dei quali con Jay Cameron nel Ha accompagnato la cantante June Richmond dal al Ha anche collaborato con diverse riviste specializzate e ha lavorato per la televisione e la radio.

The Complete Legendary Saturne. Milestone n. Parigi, Giugno Gitanes 2 Parigi, New York, If I Had You. Henri Renaud Sextet. Vogue EPL Parigi, Henri Renaud — Al Cohn Quartet. Henri Renaud p Al Cohn st ed altri. Vogue Plymouth, Inghilterra. Ha iniziato a lavorare nel con Duncan Whyte e poi nel con George Evans. Dal al con Oscar Rabin e poi con Frank Weir. Nel ha collaborato con Johnny Dankworth dal al In seguito ha lavorato con Tommy Crombie, poi con Teddy Heath.

Nel ha messo su un suo sestetto, dal ha lavorato con Ian Carr sino al Ha diretto diversi suoi piccoli gruppi con il chitarrista Esmond Selwyn, il bassista Mario Castronari ed il batterista Robin Jones. Shades Of Blues. Columbia SX Londra, Ottobre Live In London. Londra, Marzo Polydor Londra, Phase III. Columbia SCX Londra, Febbraio Phase III-Live.

Columbia SCX Londra, Change Is. Londra, e Spotlite Manchester, Set 2. Spotlite SPJ Ha lasciato la professione del farmacista per dedicarsi alla musica popolare. Ha composto diverse canzoni insieme a Leon T.

Ha anche messo su una sua casa discografica. Cincinnati, Ohio. Ha suonato con Fletcher Henderson nel sia al sax baritono che al sax tenore. Cerignola, Foggia, Italia. Ha iniziato a suonare nella banda del suo paese. The documentary film, Djangomania! The hour-long film was directed and written by Jamie Kastner, who traveled throughout the world to show the influence of Django's music in various countries.

The festival was organized by George Wein. Numerous musicians have written and recorded tributes to Reinhardt. Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland, each year hosts a festival in tribute to Django called "Django sur Lennon" or "Django on the Lennon" the Lennon being the name of the local river that runs through the village.

In coincidence with Django's th birth anniversary, a graphic novel depicting his youth years was published under the title "Django Main de Feu", by writer Salva Rubio and artist Efa through Belgian publisher Dupuis. French recording artist, Serge Krief [51]. Many guitar players and other musicians have expressed admiration for Reinhardt or have cited him as a major influence. Jeff Beck described Reinhardt as "by far the most astonishing guitar player ever" and "quite superhuman".

Grateful Dead 's Jerry Garcia and Black Sabbath 's Tony Iommi , both of whom lost fingers in accidents, were inspired by Reinhardt's example of becoming an accomplished guitar player despite his injuries. Garcia was quoted in June in Frets Magazine :.

His technique is awesome! Even today, nobody has really come to the state that he was playing at. As good as players are, they haven't gotten to where he is. There's a lot of guys that play fast and a lot of guys that play clean, and the guitar has come a long way as far as speed and clarity go, but nobody plays with the whole fullness of expression that Django has.

I mean, the combination of incredible speed — all the speed you could possibly want — but also the thing of every note have a specific personality.

You don't hear it. I really haven't heard it anywhere but with Django. Toots Thielemans [53]. Andrew Latimer , of the band Camel , has stated that he was influenced by Reinhardt. Willie Nelson has been a lifelong Reinhardt fan, stating in his memoir, "This was a man who changed my musical life by giving me a whole new perspective on the guitar and, on an even more profound level, on my relationship with sound During my formative years, as I listened to Django's records, especially songs like 'Nuages' that I would play for the rest of my life, I studied his technique.

Even more, I studied his gentleness. I love the human sound he gave his acoustic guitar. Reinhardt recorded over sides in his recording career, from to , the majority as sides of the then-prevalent RPM records, with the remainder as acetates, transcription discs, private and off-air recordings of radio broadcasts , and part of a film soundtrack. Only one session eight tracks from March was ever recorded specifically for album release by Norman Granz in the then-new LP format, but Reinhardt died before the album could be released.

In his earliest recordings Reinhardt played banjo or, more accurately, banjo-guitar accompanying accordionists and singers on dances and popular tunes of the day, with no jazz content, whereas in the last recordings before his death he played amplified guitar in the bebop idiom with a pool of younger, more modern French musicians.

A full chronological listing of his lifetime recorded output is available from the source cited here, [62] and an index of individual tunes is available from the source cited here. Since his death, Reinhardt's music has been released on many compilations. A small number of waltzes composed by Reinhardt in his youth were never recorded by the composer, but were retained in the repertoire of his associates and several are still played today.

The names "Gagoug" and "Choti" were reportedly conferred by Django's widow Naguine on request from Matelo, who had learned the tunes without names.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from D Reinhardt. Belgian-born Romani French jazz guitarist and composer. In this ["Nuages"] graceful and eloquent melody, Django evoked the woes of the war that weighed on people's souls—and then transcended it all. Main article: Gypsy jazz. The instant I heard Django, I flipped. I chose his style because it spoke to me. He was too far ahead of his time.

He was something else. Django is still one of my main influences, I think, for lyricism. He can make me cry when I hear him. Biography portal Music portal Jazz portal. Eventually, Django would play electric guitar, and become one of the greatest guitar stylists of all time.

Organ begins to play Interview: Announcer: Could you tell me Mr Reinhardt, what has compelled you to write this mass? DR: All the gypsies in the entire world have made use of foreign masses for many centuries. I have written this mass to be interpreted by choir and organ.

A: And in what surroundings do you isolate yourself in order to write — it's not a question of surroundings. For you certainly cannot do it after a jazz concert? DR: I prefer to write in the evening very late or in the morning in my bed.

A: And did you notate the music? DR: No, it's not I who notates the music. I dictate it to him. A: And is today the first recital of your mass? Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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Django Reinhardt was the first hugely influential jazz figure to emerge from Europe -- and he remains the most influential European to this day, with possible competition from Joe Zawinul, George Shearing, John McLaughlin, his old cohort Stephane Grappelli and a bare handful of others. A free-spirited gypsy, Reinhardt wasn't the most reliable person in the world, frequently wandering off into.

Paranoid - Various - Car Classics

04.02.2020| Kigazragore

If so why wait so long to get rid of the witness? As Rachel desperately tries to find out, her increasing paranoia has her jumping out of her skin at every little bump in the night. Or day. At any time really. And the truth? Oh wow! I found Paranoid to be an ingeniously twisty and turny thriller. While I really didn't like our main character Rachel, I don't think I was meant to. Sometimes I just wanted to slap her and tell her to loosen up! I'm sure her kids did too.

While the middle stages of the book tended to get a bit bogged down and long -winded, when the action started up again, boy, I had to hang on tight. And the killer? Not even on my radar. Then when it was all over, yet another twist was revealed View all 15 comments. The group of teenagers were supposed to be shooting pellet guns, no one was supposed to get hurt.

So how did Luke end up dead? His half-sister, Rachel, was initially blamed for the shooting but with no gun shot residue evident on her hands the case never made it far.

Although she was never found guilty, Rachel has lived with the guilt of Luke's death for the last 20 years. With no one held accountable, that 20 years ago a carefree, teenage game in an abandoned cannery warehouse turns deadly. With no one held accountable, that night remains filled with unanswered questions. How did Luke end up shot by a real gun? Who killed him and why? On the 20th anniversary of Luke's death things begin to take an eerie turn for everyone who was in the warehouse on the night of his death.

Witnesses are suddenly found dead, killed in a brutal manner. Rachel's house is vandalized, she receives eerie texts from an unknown number and can't help but feel as if she's being watched all the time. Is she being paranoid or is someone out to even the score for Luke's death all those years ago? Paranoid is a tale of secrets, lies, paranoia, guilt and ultimately revenge.

Although I was fully engaged with the story from the beginning, I was able to figure out the current timeline's culprit very early on. That had me feeling a little disappointed but then Jackson completely threw me with the past timeline's whodunnit! I definitely hadn't figured out the who and why surrounding Luke's death and was pleasantly surprised by that twist! It actually took my rating from 3 to 4 stars!

Thank you to Lisa Jackson, Netgalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review an arc of this thriller! If you're looking for a fast-paced, exciting thriller definitely pick this one up. View all 25 comments. May 14, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: police-procedural , mystery-thrillers.

Into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid. You step out of line, the man come and take you away. Lean back twenty years ago into Edgewater, Oregon. Place your feet on the uneven terrain surrounding the abandoned Sea View Cannery.

Teenage kids looking for a thrill around midnight. They've brought pellet guns to scare the crap out of one another.

But someone is hiding in the pitch black shadows with the real "Paranoia strikes deep. But someone is hiding in the pitch black shadows with the real thing. Real ammo that's gonna do real damage. Rachel Hollander doesn't even have time to call out to her brother Luke who goaded her into coming tonight. Runnin' with the big dogs is what she's always wanted at fifteen.

The sounds are near deafening around her. She returns fire with her pellet gun. But immediately she knows the sound is now ominous. Luke has been hit Twenty years later, Rachel still suffers nightmares after the loss of her brother. She was cleared after the trial, but she lives with the bitter aftermath. It cost her parents their marriage and it cost Rachel her present marriage as well. Her ex-husband, Detective Cade Ryder, moved out leaving her a single mother with two teenagers, Dylan and Harper.

Someone is not letting Rachel find peace after all this time. She receives baffling messages on her phone and a cruel paint smeared word "Killer" on her front door. Within days, two of Rachel's friends are found dead. They were there that night and they testified on her behalf. Is Rachel next? Paranoid is a fast-paced read that is perfectly geared to hold your attention throughout.

There's a bit of character overload happening like a sea of cactus in a desert though. Lisa Jackson threads a connecting needle in which this bunch has quite the ex-husbands and rows of children.

It does settle itself out. Those of you crafty like foxes may figure this one out ahead of time as you sift through characters. But that aside, it's quite the worthy read by the talented Lisa Jackson who has you running to get onboard this train. Don't get left standing alone in the station. I received a copy of Paranoid through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to Kensington Publishers and to Lisa Jackson for the opportunity. View all 11 comments. Jul 01, Luvtoread rated it liked it.

There are noises in the house, or are there? There are footsteps on the stairs, or are there? There are doors left cracked opened or were they ever closed? There are feelings of someone watching you when no-one is around. There are chills running up your neck. Are you really alone or is someone else around you who shouldn't be there. Real vs the unreal. The book centers around divorced mother of two Rachel Ryder, her two teenaged children and her ex-husband Cade Ryder with a slew There are noises in the house, or are there?

The book centers around divorced mother of two Rachel Ryder, her two teenaged children and her ex-husband Cade Ryder with a slew of other characters that they went to high school with twenty years prior. Rachel was accused of shooting her half brother when she was still in high school and she and the small town have never forgotten that fateful night.

The class reunion is being planned on the anniversary of brother Luke's death and now new murders are happening to people who were friends of Rachel and Luke which begins a state of Paranoia for everyone who were friends of the siblings on that fateful night. This was a very creepy and suspenseful story full of mystery, drama and a little romance. I enjoyed the fast pace and there was excitement in every chapter.

The characters were well-defined although there seemed to be untold stories behind all of them that left many holes in the storyline, yet this did not take away from the mystery and suspense.

This book was very entertaining and enjoyable to read, although I felt as if this was a sequel book because I had many questions that weren't answered right from the beginning of the story and and I found that somewhat annoying. Overall a very likable and interesting book that I would definitely recommend to other readers and I would purchase more of Lisa Jackson's books.

View 2 comments. Ugh, it's really hard to rate this one. I'm rounding it up to 3 stars, because maybe the stress of the house renovations are part of the reason of me not enjoying this that much.

It took me a while to get into it and the revelations weren't as exciting as I hoped, but my main issue was the kids. OMG, those kids, they couldn't be stupider. I don't think teenagers are like that, right? Neither the publisher nor any advertiser is liable for typographical errors or misprints.

No warranty of any advertised item or vehicle is implied or given. Responsive Image Slider jQuery. Submit Ad Ads will be online Today! Deadline 5pm CST. Scam Alert Don't be taken in by the fastest growing rip off on the Internet! The locals believe that unlike other ponds, the water in this one is dead. The legends say that under the bottom of the lake there is an ancient Hindu temple — The Temple of Hanuman, a god of monkeys.

In , the admirers of guru Sri Babaji came to the village to build an ashram with a stone credence; and in came the Russian sorcery pagans came here to feed on the energy of the sacred area. Urmannoe lake is in the Novosibirsk region. This is the largest of all five lakes. At the same time, it is the least popular, so it is still clean because the tourists are rare here.

Danilovo lake is at the very border of Novosibirsk and Omsk regions. The lake is m long, m wide, and its max depth is However, there is a legend that the locals tried to measure the depth by lowering the weighted meter-long rope, but it never reached the bottom. The lake has a very clean and clear water, containing a large amount of silver and has medicinal properties: the lake is home to a bacterium that purifies the water, and the water is saturated with oxygen. It is believed that this water successfully treats the gastrointestinal and various skin diseases.

This is a very popular tourist destination. Linyovo lake is located in Omsk region, west of Danilovo lake, near the Tara River.

The lake is m long and m wide. Similar to Danilovo, Linyovo lake is famous due to the legend of the medicinal properties of its water.

This lake has an equipped tourist and recreation area, and dozens of thousands of tourists come here every summer. Schuchye Pike lake is located to the east of Linyovo lake.

It also has legends about the healing properties of its water. But the tourists are attracted to this lake not by its water, but by its fish: perch, bream, tench, pike and roach. The Concealed lake has never been found yet, but the locals are sure it exists.

One of the versions says that it is located on right bank of Tara river, opposite Okunevo village, m from the waterfront. It is ring-shaped, shallow and plant-filled. Znamenky Museum of Local History is located in one of the oldest settlements of the region, Znamenskoe village. It was established in with the main focus on history and nature of Omsk and Omsk region. This is a municipal organization and its main activities are cultural and educational. Founder of the museum is Maria Urlanova.

It is located in a picturesque area, near Chudskaya mountain, which is an outstanding archaeological site. The right part of the area is all taiga and lakes, and the elevated left part is where Novoyagodnoe village located. Znamensky Museum of Local History has a collection of more than items. Museum participated in the regional festival of folk arts. Museum tells about the history of the area, and the exposition presents many objects of folk arts and crafts. The museum is also in charge of the traveling collection of paintings by local artists.

It includes paintings of various genres portraits, still-lifes, landscapes. There are several basic tours. The next excursions are devoted to directly to the residents of Znamensky area and their military exploits during the Great Patriotic War; they show how the area lived and changed in the time of establishment of the Soviet regime.

Proletarskaya str. Opening hours: Sunday to Friday to , lunch break to Saturday is a day off. About km to the north from Omsk, there is an unremarkable village Okunevo. But this is a unique and mystical place, that is full of secrets. Okunevo village stands on the high bank of the river Tara. The houses here are very typical log constructions, and the residents are regular village people, but Okunevo has become a pilgrimage destination due to the completely unexplainable phenomena that happen here.

For many years, the locals have been witnessing the mysterious events such as UFOs, colorful glowing balls flying in the sky, other visions and miracles. The trees in the forest around the village have weird shapes, many of them have their tops broken as if something was flying here and cut them; some trees are also implausibly bent. This water cures diseases and rejuvenates the body. The scientists who worked there confirmed this phenomenon.

They also confirmed the fact that their devices registered the frequency of Hz, which is similar to the frequency of the magnetic field arising during the rites of the Indian magicians falling into the state of ecstasy. Oddly enough, there are a lot of connection between Okunevo and India. The Indians believe that this is the land of their ancestors, which they had to leave due to the climate cooling. This prophet is believed to preach the religion that came to India from Siberia.

Okunevo is an active energy center, a kind of a gateway to a parallel universe, where you can move for some time or even disappear there forever. And that did happen! In the s, near the Shaitan-lake, a group of army researchers has gone missing here, though it was equipped with the most advanced equipment and devices. No traces of the group have ever been found. Also, there is a huge number of registered cases, when people disappeared, whether for a certain period of time or permanently.

Archaeologists have recently discovered perfectly manufactured stone slabs and parts of gigantic buildings under the ground. There is also information about a giant temple located 15 meters under the Shkolnaya mountain. Each year, 21 to 24 of July, people of Okunevo village celebrate the Solstice. This is an amazing, mysterious celebration, which more and more people from around the world are willing to see. Bird Haven is a unique nature park, located right in the city of Omsk.

The park is a protected area. A charming corner of untouched nature, located in the middle of the industrial city, attracts the scientists and environmentalists as well as the general public.

The inhabitants of the Bird Haven include species of birds, 26 of them are listed in the Red Book of Omsk region and Russia, species of insects, about species of plants and 20 species of mammals. Among the feathered inhabitants are ducks, gulls, terns, sandpipers, goldeneyes, geese, gray cranes, and even whooping swans. Besides the birds, there are various rodents, such as mice, hamsters, muskrats. Sometimes, rabbits, ferrets, and foxes can be met.

Also, there are lizards and frogs in the nature park. Due to the dense forest around the lakes, the park residents feel safe and comfortable. The Bird Haven has a long history. The old river bed was separated from the new with sand banks, and due to the remaining springs, there also appeared a long closed duct — small river Zamarayka "Messy river".

It was flowing towards the Irtysh in its new bed. It received such a name because of the stagnant water and piled up decaying residues of the river plants.

Zamarayka performed the function of receiving and gradual loading of waters coming from the waterside terraces. In the process of Omsk development and construction of bridges, the pond of Bird Haven was formed. Water supply was arranged to feed the pond and prevent the Bird Haven from drying even in the driest periods. A comprehensive landscaping was performed, and the adjacent protected area developed. After that, the Bird Haven acquired the status of the natural monument and the national park.

The Bird Haven is the only Russian national park located in the middle of the city and one of the two urban water parks in the world.

It is located next to Omsk airport. Usually, airport staff tries to get rid of the huge number of birds that can cause problems for the planes but in the case of Bird Haven, they have to put up with this neighborhood and even to explore different ways to ensure flight safety which would not disturb the peace of the park residents.

Slightly over km from Omsk, on a steep bank of Irtysh, the Serebryanoe "Silver" village is located. Its history begins in the XVIII century when the Russian cossacks actively developed the territories along the Irtysh and built fortresses on the steep banks of the Siberian river.

The first mention of the Serebryansky tower refers to It is the perfect location for an outpost, with a forest and a swamp on one side, and an inaccessible bank on the other.

The life gradually became more and more peaceful, so the military settlement was turned into a hamlet, which over time has grown into a village with its own parish. The location is incredibly scenic. The village is surrounded by brutal slopes with an old worship cross on the top of one of them. It is the Orthodox guardian of the village. Serebryanka river is flowing nearby, and the Irtysh is a bit further.

There is also one of the natural attractions of the place here, the famous Drop a meter drop in the shore. The 'drop' formed protruding peaks of alumina, called Devil's Fingers. The most famous Devil's finger pointing to the sky is a rock of clay and sand, surprisingly reminiscent of a fist of a giant with a projecting index finger.

But over time, the bizarre rock ledges undergo physical and chemical weathering and gradually get destroyed. This geological drop is chosen by people as a recreation area, and as a place to hold various sporting events.

The lake at the bottom of the drop is the where the fishermen like to gather; the nature park, thick softwood forests and scenic surroundings attract the tourists. Omsk-Central Airport. It is located 5 km to the southwest from the city center. It is the most convenient when traveling to the north of European part of Russia as well as to the northern Siberian regions, such as Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk. The medical center is in the waiting lounge of the international terminal, on the ground floor.

Qualified doctors, working at the airport around the clock, are always ready to help the passengers with disease exacerbations in the medical center, they will provide the first aid and, depending on a situation, will either send the patient to the city hospital or conduct the surgery intervention on their own. Also, you may contact the medical center to receive some medicines against the major illnesses that may be induced by the flight, or a health certificate for the baby care room.

The smoking room is on the ground floor of the terminal, near the third gate. In this room, you can freely smoke a cigarette or two which is prohibited in other areas of the terminal , buy tobacco, alcohol and daily newspapers. The smoking room services are free of charge. Sberbank office is near the main exit from the international terminal. In this office, you can get all kinds of banking services, as well as use an ATM.

The airport complex includes long-term parking, shopping areas, duty-free stores and food courts. The airport offers a service of purchasing the tickets via Internet. Tickets can be booked on the official website.

On the departure day, at least 3 hours before the flight, you wll need to apply to the special counters to redeem the booked boarding passes.

It certainly was a period when a design philosophy was unleashed that saw manufacturers putting overpowered engines into small- to medium-size cars, with an emphasis placed on raw horsepower. For many people, the cars from that golden age are among the most highly prized American production cars ever made, and a lot of those people would like to own one or more of them at some point during their lives.

I can certainly relate, and have owned several classics myself, but there are a few things people should keep in mind before buying an older car. This may seem like a dumb question. After all, most people have a specific model of old car in mind before they go looking for one to buy, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Before you spend what to most people would be significant money on a classic car, it's a good idea to know what you're most likely going to do with it. Sure, most people are planning on driving their new old car, right?

Not necessarily. Or at least they're not all planning on driving them in the same ways. Some people want a meticulously restored vehicle that looks as good as or better than it did when it was new, or they desire a perfectly preserved "survivor" that's never seen the ravages of time.

A lot of other people are looking for a classic that they can take to car shows, local cruise nights and maybe on the occasional drive around town.

Most classic car owners seem to fit that category, and for them, percent originality might not be as important as the overall look and driving experience. Things like paint that's not original or parts upgrades won't necessarily be deal killers, as long as the car looks good and drives well. Knowing what a person wants out of a car helps him find the best candidate for his purpose, and since specialty car work can rapidly get expensive, it's a good idea to know what the end goal is before buying a vehicle.

The second album by Black Sabbath, released in , has long attained classic status. Paranoid not only changed the face of rock music, but also defined the sound and style of heavy metal more than any other record in rock history.

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